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Through these excerpts we have the pleasure of encountering active,probing minds. We can read of humanistic ideas as they break through intohistory for the first time. Often, even the oldest ideas remain fresh and new.The excerpts aim to be of sufficient length to convey anauthor's way of thinking. To facilitate further exploration of any particularline of thought, references to more extensive texts are given. Extracts from individual authors can be accessed alphabetically from the list above. A listing of authors by date of birth can be reached by clicking on Timeline; this provides a list of the time periods covered, with brief biographies of the authors in each time period. For more information about this site, click onSummaryor Background.New chapters are added as they become available.. Dedicated to the memory of Finuala Pay (1972-1995)AcknowledgementsWethank the following publishers and copyright holders for permission to usecopyright material. As Humanistic Texts has no funds for purchase of subsidiaryrights, we are most grateful to the following for their generous support:AmericanMuseum of Natural History, New York, for use of extracts from Peoples ofAsiatic Russia by Waldemar Jochelson.Anvil Press for permission to use extracts from Bilhana: Black Marigolds translated by E. Powys Mathers. Arizona State University for use of extracts from The Humanism of Leonardo Bruni by Gordon Griffiths, James Hankins, David Thompson.BiblicalInstitute Press, Rome, Italy, for use of extracts from The Song of Songs andAncient Tamil Love Poems by Abraham Mariaselvam.J.A. Black, G. Cunningham, E. Fluckiger-Hawker, E. Robson, J. Taylor and G. Zôlyomi of the Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature, Oxford, for use of extracts from Sumerian praise poems, laments, epics, and love poetry.TheConstitution Society for the use of extracts from The Great Binding Law (Gayanashagowa)of the Iroquois Nation.Continuum for permission to use extracts from Reading Sumerian Poetry by Jeremy Black.Jerrold S. Cooper for extracts from Presargonic Inscriptions by Jerrold S. Cooper. The American Oriental Society, New Haven, Connecticut, 1986TheHimalayan Academy for use of extracts from The Holy Kural, translatedunder the guidance of Gurudeva, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami.The Hanover Electronic Texts project for permission to use their HTML text for extracts from Coleman's translation of The Treatise of Lorenzo Valla on the Donation of Constantine and Woodford's translation of Vittorino da Feltre and Other Humanist Educators. The King Center for use of the text of Dr. Martin Luther King's Letter from Birmingham Jail .Bernard G. Murchland for use of extracts from his translations in Two Views of Man: Pope Innocent III—On the Misery of Man; Giannozzo Manetti—On the Dignity of Man.The Journal of Near Eastern Studies, published by the University of Chicago Press, for use of extracts from The Message of Lu-dingir-ra to his Mother. Kevin O'Rourke for use of his translations of the poems of Chong Ch'ol appearing on the Korean Insights website.TheOxford University Press, Oxford, England, for use of extracts from the GilgameshEpic contained in Myths of Mesopotamia translated by Stephanie Dalley.TheOfficial Mahatma Gandhi eArchive Reference Library ( use of extracts from Mahatma Gandhi quotes.ThePolynesian Society (Inc.), Auckland, New Zealand, for use of extracts from NgaMoteatea by A. T. Ngata and Pei Te Hurinui.Theheirs of Knud Rasmussen, Copenhagen, Denmark, for use of extracts from the Reportof the Fifth Thule Expedition 1921-24 by Knud Rasmussen.The Research Center for Translation, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, for use of extracts from Records of the Grand Historian: Qin Dynasty by Sima Qian, translated by Burton Watson.Richard Rutt for use of his translations of poems by Chong Ch'ol appearing in The Bamboo Grove.TheUniversity of California Press, Berkeley, for use of translations of the wordsof Ptahhotep, Amenemope, and Egyptian love poems, contained in AncientEgyptian Literature, by Miriam Lichtheim.TheUniversity of California Press, Berkeley, for use of translations of the poemsby Po Chui and Du Fu contained in The Hundred Names translated by HenryH. Hart.TheUniversity of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, for use of translations of the poemsby Chong Ch'ol contained in The Bamboo Grove translated by Richard Rutt.TheUniversity of Nebraska Press for permission to use use of extracts from the Land of the SpottedEagle by Luther Standing Bear.TheUniversity of Stanford Press for permission to use extracts from Xunzi: ATranslation and Study of the Complete Works, Volume I, Books 1-6, byJohn Knoblock.University of Toronto Press, Toronto, for permission to use extracts from The Royal inscriptions of Mesopotamia. Early periods; v. 3/1 Gudea and His Dynasty by Dietz Otto Edzard.TheUniversity of Washington for permission to use use of extracts from Flower in My Ear byEdwin Grant Burrows. The Writings of Charles Darwin on the Web, Edited by John van Wyhe, for permission to use abstracts from British Library on-line versions of Darwin's books.Yale University Press for permission to use extracts from The Harps That Once . . . by Thorkild Jacobsen.Humanistic Texts is an all-volunteer organization anddoes not accept advertising or fees. The texts at this web site are made available at nofee for non-commercial use. The texts may be down-loaded and printed out insingle copies for individual use only. In deference to the wishes of copyrightholders, making multiple copies without permission is prohibited.

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