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Campus Housing @ UCR:What You Need to Know About the 2020-21 Academic Year   We are excited to confirm that campus housing will be offered for the 2020-21 academic year in a modified, lower density format that prioritizes safety, while providing convenient access to campus resources.  The promotion and expectation of healthy behaviors coupled with evidence-based preparations will be a hallmark of on-campus living as we cross the new frontier created by the coronavirus pandemic.Yes, there will be uncertainties. But there will also be friendship, community, school spirit, and the ideal environment for academic success.No matter your class level, we have a “fit” for you.Our Residence Halls are open to Freshman, Transfer and Continuing UCR students, as well as returning residents. Contracts are now available.UCR Campus Apartments are available for all Continuing, Transfer and Graduate students. Apply now.Family Housing is available for Freshman, Transfer, Graduate  Continuing students with families of their own.  Apply now. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, UCR Housing has implemented a number of interim Student Conduct Policies, based on the recommendations and guidelines set for by the university, local and county officials and the state of California. It is the resident's responsibility to be aware of these policies. Policies may be updated and/or revised at any time, based on local conditions. Residents are required to submit daily online wellness surveys, as well as participate in regular Covid-19 testing as prescribed by the university. Face coverings are required when outside one’s personal apartment and/or room whether remaining inside your building or, if you cannot properly socially distance, in outdoor areas. Guests, including students assigned to other communities or living off-campus, are prohibited from visiting and entering any UCR Residential Community Facility to which they are not contracted and assigned. Additionally, residents are not permitted to host guests in their room, suite, or apartment. It is highly recommended that residents to not travel to and from their permanent homes. If you do return home, you are responsible for monitoring symptoms and ensuring you are healthy to return to campus. Residents must maintain social distancing (a minimum of six feet) from those individuals with whom they do not share an assigned room, suite, or apartment while in common spaces such as bathrooms, lounge areas and pools (if open), laundry rooms, computer labs, waiting in lines, etc. Additionally, residents may not move, remove, or otherwise tamper with any measure to support social distancing. This includes moving furniture, using closed stalls, or other spaces that have been designated as closed by the university. Residents directed by the university to self-isolate must follow any staff directions related to self-isolation, including staying in their assigned space, relocating to a temporary assignment, using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimize the risk of transmission, Students who would like to cancel their 2020-21 Residence Hall Contract and leave on-campus housing are able to do so. To be clear, the University and Owner are not closing housing, but clarifying that students do have an opportunity to leave without financial penalty.The resident may make a quarter-by-quarter decision about whether they want to return to campus housing for the following quarter. If resident notifies university or owner on or before the following dates for each 2020-21 academic quarter, fees that are normally charged for moving out of campus housing will be waived and resident will pay only for days in residence and the portion of any Dining Plan used.For Fall Quarter – August 27, 2020 For Winter Quarter – December 3, 2020 For Spring Quarter – February 25, 2021If Resident notifies University or Owner that they want to move out of the Residence Halls for the following quarter after the applicable date listed above, the University or Owner may assess fees as outlined in the Residence Hall Contract and in the schedule posted below. *Room, board, and activity fees will not be prorated during the first two weeks of any quarter at University or Owner’s discretion. We have a few new daily realities in our collective response to COVID. Learning and sticking to them will help ensure we all stay safe for the 2020-21 academic year. Being on campus means playing it safe. And to help ensure that we are all playing it safe, students, staff and faculty must continue to monitor their health status daily and submit the UCR Daily Wellness Survey each day. If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, it is critical that you note your condition honestly in the Daily Wellness Survey so that UCR Student Health Services can ensure that you have what you need to get well and that your condition does not have an adverse effect on the campus community. If needed, contact Student Health Services for guidance at (951) 827-3031. All students, staff and faculty on campus will likely need to attain a Covid-19 test once or twice a week for the foreseeable future. Luckily, these tests can be conducted on campus, are painless, and the timeline to receive test results is getting very short for some of the newer tests. More information about regular testing will be distributed by the campus shortly. All residents must track their wellness via the UCR Daily Wellness Survey each day. At least six feet of space must be kept between residents while in common spaces such as bathrooms, lounge areas, laundry rooms and in lines for food. Face coverings are required when outside your room and outside your building. Off-campus guests are not permitted within the on-campus communities or Residential Restaurants. Residents cannot visit residential communities outside of their own assigned Hall. Only one person at a time in elevators. Adhere to occupancy limits and physical distancing guidelines in communal spaces. We advise that you NOT return to your permanent homes during the academic year. If you do return home, you must continue to track your wellness via the UCR Daily Wellness Survey each day, and make sure you’re healthy to return to campus.If you do get sick while on campus, we are here for you. We’ve already set aside rooms for you and will take care of your basic needs while you get better and are cleared to return to your room. Given the changing nature of Covid-19, these policies could be strengthened or relaxed based on recommendations from campus, local and state health officials.Remember, protecting yourself means protecting your fellow residents. Let’s all do our parts. We save more than 738,000 gallons annually through retrofitted appliances and 9,000 gallons a week with low-flow toilets. Explore our initiatives for sustainable living. For emergency assistance, Residential Life staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. See more safety services available to residents. Students who live on campus have a 65% better chance to complete a degree in four years than students who live off campus. See how our Residence Halls promote academic success.

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Our three housing options – Residence Halls, UCR Campus Apartments and Family Housing – provide you with a convenient, student-centered environment to complement university education.

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