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Treasure Hunt!Life s a Beach! What will you find on yours? From old Spanish coins to shark teeth to beach glass to seashells, every beach has treasures to make it special. The beach's treasures might even be the gorgeous views or spectacular sunsets! We at Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches love to explore, and we would be thrilled if you would join us on our treasure hunts.Featuring:Monday MiscellaneousTuesday Tallies TipsWednesday WildlifeBeachcombingFriday FindsDisclaimer Links to third-party websites are provided as a convenience to users; Beach Treasures And Treasure does not control or endorse their content. Rescued, Rehabilitated, andReleased Posted by Jody on September 11, 2018 Biloxi, Mississippi Between the Beau Rivage Resort and the I-110 Loop WalkYesterday afternoon, we were excited to be able to attend the release of nine rescued Kemp s ridley sea turtles. Kemp s ridley are the rarest and most critically endangered sea turtles in the world. They are also the smallest of the eight species of sea turtles, growing to about two feet in length and weighing up to about one hundred pounds at maturity. Apparently, they are somewhat common in the northern Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi Sound. We certainly had no idea!Kemp s Ridley Sea TurtleKemp s Ridley Sea TurtleA story on the local news had let the public know that we were invited to attend the release of these nine rescued and rehabilitated critters. The fine folks at The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies (based in Gulfport, Mississippi) had rescued the rare Kemp s ridley sea turtles from fishermen s hooks along the Mississippi Coast. Fish hooks were surgically removed at IMMS by the veterinary staff and the nine patients were treated and monitored until they were deemed healthy enough to be safely returned to their natural habitat.Thank goodness our numerous fishing piers are all signed with instructions and emergency 24-hour hotline phone numbers for those who accidentally hook sea turtles while they are out enjoying a lovely day on the coast. ~ How awful it must be to find a sea turtle has attached itself to your line!Instructions for FishermenThe institute s staff explained that, judging by their their size, these sea turtles were perhaps between two and five years old. The juveniles were not yet old enough for experts to be able to determine if they were males or females. Sadly, two of them had been hooked previously and had already spent some time at the research facility.While we waited, the nine newly healthy sea turtles were brought one by one to the roped off staging area in individual plastic bins. Quite active and raring to go, they were sprayed down to keep them cool until the set release time. At 4:30 sharp, Biloxi s Mayor FoFo Gilich was handed one of the lucky turtles and instructed on how to hold, carry, and then release the first sea turtle back into the Mississippi Sound.Biloxi s Mayor FoFo Gilich Getting InstructionsBiloxi s Mayor Delivering Kemp s Ridley Sea Turtle to the Mississippi SoundOne by one, the turtles were released back into the water.There goes another!And, one by one, they headed straight back into the Mississippi Sound!Last  but not least!The Ninth Turtle is ReleasedSafe and Sound into the Mississippi Sound!We are so grateful that the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies invited the public to witness such a wonderful event! It was a fabulous way to spend the afternoon for us    and most certainly  for the sea turtles!Rescued, Rehabilitated, and Released!Here are a few helpful links if you d like to learn more about Kemp s ridley sea turtles:The Institute for Marine Mammal StudiesSea Turtle Inc.US Fish and Wildlife ServiceNational Wildlife FederationHome Sweet Home for our Kemp s Ridley Sea Turtles~~~~ Good Riddance to T.S.Gordon! Posted by Jody on September 5, 2018 Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best. That s a rather common saying in Southern Mississippi. The traumas of Hurricane Camille and Hurricane Katrina are seared into the memories of our long-term coastal residents. Those were the worst!Yesterday, in Harrison County, we prepared for the worst. Last night we got the best. Tropical Storm Gordon came ashore much farther east than had been expected.  We experienced moderate breezes, no rain, and (as far as we can tell) no measurable storm surge. The storm has already been downgraded to a tropical depression but the rains to come may mean flooding for some up north. Here, we will hope for the best for everyone in its path.Greg and I headed out to the beach this morning as soon as curfew was lifted to see what we could see.To the west, we saw the sunrise through the remaining rain bands:Gordon s Rain BandsThe rain bands had also wrapped around to our east.Gooooood Morning, Gulfport!Morning CloudsThere were a few more seashell fragments on shore than most mornings. Our seashells are generally oyster shells. Univalves found on our shores are almost always perfect homes to hermit crabs.A few more seashell bits than usual.Clearly, more happened over the water than on land in Gulfport, Mississippi. We found this navigational marker in the surf and reported it to the Harbor Master s office.Navigational MarkerAfter the storm in Gulfport, MississippiMany thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts and caring words.We are safe and sound!~~~Share this:FacebookEmailTwitterPinterestLike this:Like Loading... Posted in Gulf of Mexico Beaches, Uncategorized | Tagged: beach, Gulfport Mississippi, Mississippi Gulf Coast, Tropical Storm | 4 Comments You know you re in troublewhen Posted by Jody on September 4, 2018 Hurricane WarningJim Cantore is back in town. Yes siree, his plane landed in Gulfport, Mississippi, last night and within minutes everyone on the coast seemed to know we had this famous visitor on our doorstep again. (Let s just say that sharing  appeared to be near an all time high.) All of us know exactly why he s here. And it s not for a fabulous beach vacation! Don t get me wrong. We like Jim Cantore and the Weather Channel just fine in these parts. Southern hospitality aside, we simply don t want to have Jim Cantore reporting from our front yard.Today s the day the fine folks of the Mississippi Gulf Coast prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Gordon. Gordon is expected to make landfall just down the street somewhere near eight o clock this evening so Greg and I drove along the beach to the Gulfport Harbor and Marina to see post Labor Day weekend activity and just how the storm preparations were coming along.Tropical Storm Gordon or Hurricane Gordon? One thing is certain: the winds had already picked up along the coast this morning.Flying High at the Harbor Master s OfficesThe beachy pink trash cans were already being staged for pick up by the county. Standard operating procedure is that they are rounded up and removed for fear they ll blow away and cause trouble.Staged for PickupTrash Can RemovalThe Gulfport Harbor and Marina had a mandatory evacuation order put in place yesterday in preparation for what was then expected to be Tropical Storm Gordon. Most boatowners had already obeyed the order by this morning. There were just a few sail boats left behind though.Empty Marina at Gulfport HarborThe trailer buildings like the bait shop and fuel dock office were being prepped for removal and transport to a safer place.Moving Operations for the Bait ShopI offhandedly asked Greg if he could imagine how much it must cost to move your trailer/store like that. He quickly pointed out, Cheaper than a new trailer! I m sure he had that right!Moving the Bait ShopThis lovely Great Blue Heron was just hanging out on the beach watching the activity too!SpectatorWe thought he might be waiting to see the fuel dock building carted off next:Watching the ActivityThe water in the Mississippi Sound was already churning up a little darker:Murky WatersBut, for this morning, we still have fabulous sunshiny skies ahead of Hurricane Gordon. It s the calm before the storm that we ve always heard about!Calm Before the StormWe ll be sure to post an update after our unwanted visitor (Gordon, not Jim) heads out of town tomorrow.Please take care and stay safe everyone!Share this:FacebookEmailTwitterPinterestLike this:Like Loading... Posted in Gulf of Mexico Beaches | Tagged: beach, Gulfport Mississippi, hurricane, Hurricane Gordon | 9 Comments Mahogany Bay is the Complete Package! Isla Roatan,Honduras Posted by E.G.D. on May 29, 2018 The Private Carnival Cruise Port/Beach Playground of Mahogany Bay (Photo by E.G.D.)Last week, to celebrate my younger sister s doctoral graduation, the two of us and our parents (Jody and Greg) went on a very nice cruise.  In the first two ports of call, we had some very specific plans that involved shore excursions, which are basically paid day-trips to specific places.  The third port of call was Mahogany Bay, Roatan, Honduras, and I am pleased to report that the port pretty much is the destination, and it is set up with everything a person needs for a fantastic day with no real need for any sort of paid extras.  They offer the paid extras, of course, but they re really quite unnecessary if you happen to be a regular beach-goer who doesn t mind short uphill walks.First things first, the walk from the dock to the beach is short and scenic, and even if you have difficulty walking between things, the path is lined with chairs, benches, and hammocks that are free for anyone to use.  If you want to pay extra, you can take what amounts to a ski-lift down to the beach, but it seems a little silly unless you have difficulty walking or unless you really want to see the walkway from above.  Once you get to the beach, there are tons of beach chairs, and if you like, you can potentially pay for ones that have little canopies.  Again, the paid option seems a little silly, since there are seriously a whole lot of chairs, and you have your pick of sun or shade.Ample Seating at Mahogany Bay (Photo by Jody Diehl)We went with shade, and we had a great view, as well as easy access to the beach and the snorkeling pier.Our Home Base at Mahogany Bay (Photo by E.G.D.)Speaking of which, the beach and the snorkeling pier are delightful!  The facilities are abundant and clean (lots of showers and bathroom stalls), there is a life-guard manning the snorkeling pier, and the swimming area is clearly marked.The Lifeguard at the End of the Snorkeling Pier (Photo by Jody Diehl)It s really the complete package, even without extras!  If you bring your own snorkeling gear, the only place you might find yourself compelled to spend money is in the shops, which I have to admit are seriously awesome.  There s a market that has stalls for local craftsmen, and we all found great, hand-made souvenirs, not to mention local, organic chocolate.The Snorkeling Pier at Mahogany Bay (Photo by Jody Diehl)That being said, I would definitely recommend that if you find yourself in Mahogany Bay, you should leave the ship for the beach fairly early to claim your beach chairs and enjoy the day before the really roasting heat happens.  We went snorkeling three times, enjoyed the sandy beach, and took lots and lots of pictures well before the temperature spiked, and then we went back to the ship for lunch and a shower before we went back to do the above-mentioned souvenir shopping.Yes, the ships really are docked that close! (Photo by Jody Diehl)Also, as you can see, by the time we left that first time, the beach was getting pretty crowded!  It s a big enough beach with enough seating, though, that it wasn t really a problem.I suppose my point is that Mahogany Bay makes for a great day at the beach, and pretty much everything you need (or really, even want in our case) is included in the price of your cruise.  If you find yourself there someday, I strongly recommend that you check the place out and make your buying decisions after you see what is available to you at no extra charge.  It was a great way for us to kick off our summer beach season!I hope your summer kick-off is equally beachy -E.G.D.Share this:FacebookEmailTwitterPinterestLike this:Like Loading... Posted in Beaches of the Caribbean, Snorkeling | Tagged: Carnival Cruise, Honduras, Mahogany Bay, Roatan | 2 Comments

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