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The Transcredible Exploits of Seth Barden Gnome Collection Arthur's Crossing Buddy Relaxing Cair Denbar Imperial City


– The Transcredible Exploits of Seth Barden –

This blog covers my ramblings, thoughts, adventures, mishaps, and follies! There are several blog categories, as well as your standard about and contact pages. I also have pages about my cat and computer collection, and links to my web design business, minecraft website, and even some family genealogy.

In the right column you will find links to all my other online accounts. If you’d like more information about me, click About Seth. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed (if you so dare).

Older posts

Next Project: Haven Harbor

Posted on by Sethen Comment

I was wandering around looking for a smaller project to work on, and I stumbled across the sleep fishing village of Haven. It sits just to the east of Imperial City, and is a pretty small place. Its n…

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Stupid WordPress Plugin

Posted on by Sethen Comment

Words can’t start to describe my anger to one specific WordPress plugin right now.  They went ahead and released an update, and it did away with a portion that I was using EXTENSIVELY on a few w…

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Grand Map of Alpha

Posted on by Sethen Comment

I got bored tonight and did some work on a tedious project Perry & I started a few years ago. In the basement of the Portal Nexus in Alpha, we created an enormous room to house the map of our worl…

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Minecraft Mapping Madness

Posted on by Sethen Comment

I went on a bit of a binge and fed my need for some cartography.  I created a handful of fancy maps of Alpha! The show everything from the Kingdoms & Nations, to Airship Routes, and where the diff…

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Magekeep Overhaul

Posted on by Sethen Comment

I was repairing a hidden staircase in the Magekeep, and started to realize just how old and outdated it was.  It was a very old build, and it hadn’t many updates or changes over the years. It wa…

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Nador is Complete!

Posted on by Sethen Comment

Nador & Arthur’s Crossing are complete!  I finished a week or two ago, but never got around to posting the pics. I did update the page on my Minecraft site, so if anyone wants to see the fin…

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Overdue Buddy Pic Dump

Posted on by Sethen Comment

I just realized its been since September when I last shared some pictures of Buddy!  Here’s all that I could find in my phone.

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Minecraft Website Updated!

Posted on by Sethen Comment

My Minecraft website has been give a much needed update!  Several locations were a year out-of-date, and some other stuff needed to be changed around. Check it out!! Minecraft: Alpha

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Minecraft Website Thoughts

Posted on by Sethen Comment

I sat down tonight to update a few pages on my Minecraft website (, but didn’t get very far.  I wanted to update the site some, and found a few issues.  The theme cu…

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