Nature phenomena and unspoiled scenery around the world

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Nature : what we see, what we hear, what we know

Natural Phenomena : Behind the lens

The Door to Hell

It is a gas fire in Turkmenistan accidentally inflamed by scientists in 1971 and still burning.

Dirty thunderstorms

It is a weather phenomenon that is related to the production of lightning in a volcanic plume.

Great Blue Hole

It is a large submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize, over 300m across and 124m deep.

Big Sur

The area of rugged California coastline and wild mountains is known as Big Sur. It contains many rare and endangered species such as the wild orchid Piperia yadonii…

Green flash

Green flashes and green rays, are a very rare optical phenomenon that occurs at sunrise or sunset, and shows a green dot on its top for several seconds.

Moeraki Boulders

Fossilized dinosaur eggs, eel baskets turned to stone during a mythological shipwreck or an alien meteorite, The New Zealand Moeraki Boulders have long puzzled locals and tourists.

And more undiscovered natural phenomena...

Flammable ice bubblesChristmas Island’s Red CrabsMonarch butterfliesSurreal spiderwebsand many more...

Natural disasters

In a normally predisposed site, a natural disaster is the pernicious effect of a more or less violent and even a paroxysmal natural event on the normal course of a geodynamics phenomenon; earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, landslides, floods, storm , cyclones…When ignored, underestimated and/or not well forcast, their impacts on the arrangements, structures and people of vulnerable human settlements exposed to a « natural » risk whether it’s identified or not, could be very dangerous and even deadly

Nature Photographers

Photography is able to fix, in a split second, an absolutely realistic image, with all the details of the moment and a unbelievable lighting atmosphere, that would be quite different a few minutes later. A good landscape photography is always unique and not reproducible. If it is really good, it can hardly be copied with a better shot! When you intensely care about beautiful cliches that can be admired in exhibitions, galleries or art works, photographing nature with a master’s eye is the best shortcut for you to achieve what you’re aiming for.

Natural law

Speaking of natural law refers to state mechanismsthat govern nature, namely relations of cause and effect that necessarily carry out all the phenomena of the empirical world. It implicates that we recognize the world is subject to an order and cognizable principles. A peculiar order that helps explain the sequence of events.


Have you ever wondered how TV channels get the exact weather forecast? Meteorology is based on the observation of atmospheric gases, their status' changes and their movements. To make weather forecasts, experts have to measure the pressure, raise the temperature, assess humidity levels and study the wind; then give a simplified interpretation of all that.

Nature and travel

Today, we can say that the world we live in is much more accessible then ever before. The websites, blogs, programs and travel magazines are increasingly ubiquitous and are certainly playing a big part in providing knowledge. But why does travel always attract? In addition to discovering or meeting new people and cultures, isn't there a deeper answer?

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