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We, the members of the Film Illogical Society, solemnly swear to watch, review, and discuss films on lists.

Comedies, essentials, and films you've never seen.

Season 1

"Grand Illusions"

S1 E14 | War film? Anti-war film? Listen as Kris and T.C. debate the essential-ness of the Jean Renoir 1937 film, Grand Illusions.

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"Grand Illusions"

S1 E14 | War film? Anti-war film? Listen as Kris and T.C. debate the essential-ness of the Jean Renoir 1937 film, Grand Illusions.

"Night of the Living Dead"

S1 E13 | Zombies, as you know them, weren't really that until a small-budget horror film came out in 1968.

"A Fish Called Wanda"

S1 E12 | Monty Python, the best-known British comedy group, had 2 members in this film, including quasi-director John Clease.

"Lawrence of Arabia"

S1 E11 | Epic. Chilling. One of the greatest films of all time, but is it?

Sullivan's Travels

S1 E10 | A rich movie director can't connect with his depression-era audience, so he gives it all up to live like the people. Does this c...

"La Dolce Vita"

S1 E9 | The sweet life of a tabloid writer and his paparazzo friend is told in this episodic film, considered one of the finest films of...

"A Philadelphia Story"

S1 E8 | Love. Such a complicated thing. In the 1940 film starring Cary Grant, Kathreen Hepborn and James Stewert, love is central. Love...

"To Kill a Mockingbird"

S1 E7 | Banning of books is still a major topic of discussion. To Kill a Mockingbird, the film based on the 1960 novel by Harper Lee, is...

"A Night at the Opera"

S1 E6 | The Marx Brothers - zany, crazy, unpredictable by all standards. But, does their form of comedy stand up in today's world of film?


S1 E5 | In 1932, Howard Hawkes directed a film loosely based on the contemporary, and infamous, gangster Al Capone.

"The Producers"

S1 E4 | Our first Mel Brooks film! Both Chad and Kris are excited, as they've never seen this 1967 version.

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