Custom Designed Apparel

Whether business, team, or family, we at Unitz1 are committed to supplying quality apparel that promotes the strength of your Unit. Our talents and experience are at your disposal to take your idea from concept to reality in the easist and most effective way possible. You think it, you wear it.


It’s our desire that nothing goes out the door if it doesn’t look right. We’ll make sure your project has the perfect design before anything else.


Your design goes wearable. Screen printing and embroidery on tees, sweatshirts, pants, hats, etc.- whatever apparel you need for your unit.

We Get
You a Store

Let us take away the hassle of getting your apparel out there. We’ll make it available online and take care of everything from setup to delivery.


In-House Design

With over 30 years of graphic design experience, we at Unitz1 stress the importance of design on every product we sell. This may mean that we offer to improve upon a customer’s vision for their apparel. We care about how it looks before it ships because design is one of our passions.
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Personal Touch

At Unitz1 we work with you, the customer, to see your vision realized. Whether you have exact ideas for designs and what they’ll go on or have just a vague idea and are not sure where to start, we’re here every step of the way.
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Fundraisers have become one of our specialities at Unitz1. Whether a sports team raising funds for their club or an organization hosting an event – we’ve got you covered. Ask us how our fundraisers work!
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Thousands of Products

We work with a number of suppliers and have access to literally thousands of products. This means we can certainly find apparel or accessories that will be perfect for your needs. Does that number seem overwhelming? That’s why we’re here; let us do the searching for you.
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Unitz1 Gives Back