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....entering a room of a deserted house, suddenly, a strong scent of roses not unlike old fashion rose water surrounds you. Then as quick as it came, it's gone.

....it's summertime in the Central California Valley and walking into a room of a boarded up building with no airconditioning, in broad daylight. The inside temperature is a stagnant 90 degrees and nothing particularly special about this room until the hairs on your arms stand straight up, the "tingle" starts going up and down your spine like an accordian and you would swear the temperature just dropped to 20 below. A quick exit out of the room finds it's 90 degrees again, but only outside of that one room.

....staying in a quaint little Inn, reading in bed one night and the mattress starts to shake, just the mattress, not the bed frame nor anything else. Then you take a picture of your room in that quaint little Inn and a mans face is captured on film in the mirror above the vanity table and it's not your reflection, as you are quite alone or so you thought.

Don't be afraid, it's probably only a ghost!

During the month of October, everything from Hollywood movies, TV, Newspaper articles to everyone's thoughts and energy are focused on things that go bump in the night or day for that matter. But for Paranormal Investigators, we experience ghostly phenomena throughout the year. Some call us Ghost Busters, Ghost Trackers, Spirit Hunters or just plain crazy but they all ask and want to know, "Are there really such things as ghosts?" Well, we want to know too. CCPI has investigated private homes, cemeteries, ships, hotels, national parks and even government buildings to find the answer to that question.

Our primary focus is research and validating the data we collect in the hope that one day we will have proof that ghosts do indeed exist and why. We approach each investigation using scientific methodology which includes location research, eyewitness interviews, electronic video and audio equipment in both analog and digital formats. We conduct each investigation with confidentiality, common sense and a healthy dose of skepticism letting the evidence speak for itself .

Our website is created for those who wish to read about our research, the data we collect, the evidence we find or sometimes don't and for those who want to learn what, where, when, how and why we do what we do.

There are few facts, lots of theories and many more questions if ghosts really do exist but......This is what we do...... investigate, validate and educate.

Welcome to CCPI.

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