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Navajo Arts

Navajo Arts is dedicated to showcasing Authentic Native American Art and Crafts, Navajo Indian Jewelry, Navajo Rugs, and Navajo Pictures from local Artists. Learn about the Navajo nation, history, culture, language, food, hogans, legends, sand paintings, code talker, Navajo tribes and clans.


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Navajo People

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About us

Content for this site is provided by Harold Carey a Navajo Historian from Malad City, Idaho.

Navajoland Inn & Suites

Navajo links

Navajo People - Diné

Navajo Nation Museum

The Navajo Nation

Navajo Calandar
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Self Reliant Living

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Ya'at'eeh (Welcome) - Our purpose is to increase income creation for the local people, since most of the Navajo Artists depend on their art for their livelihood.

Whats New:

Navajo Artists Page

Showcasing Diné (Navajo) Art And Crafts, Including Navajo Jewelry, Rugs, Baskets, Paintings, Sculptures And Pictures.

Navajo Symbols
A fundamental quality of any Navajo religious symbol is the plural character of every spiritual power or elemental force. The hero, who killed the evil monsters, had three brothers with separate abilities and life histories;

Our Navajo People Facebook Page with more Navajo photos and news.

We want to help promote opportunities to Native American artists, craftspeople, and cultural organizations and to promote contemporary Indian arts and crafts.

The Navajo People

The Navajos call themselves "Diné" - "The People." They have been living here for more than four hundred years. When the Spaniards explored this area in the 1600s they used the name "Apache de Navajo," meaning "Apache of the Cultivated Fields."

Today approximately 165,000 people live in Navajo country. The Navajo Nation is governed by an elected tribal council headed by a tribal chairman. The council is made up of representatives of various election districts.

Navajo country is also divided into chapters. Community meetings and activities take place in the many chapter houses you will see in more populated areas. Navajos have traditionally been a democratic society and never had hereditary chiefs as did some other tribes.

Window Rock, Arizona is the capitol of the nation. Many visitors enjoy sketching or photographing the people and the land. Years ago this would have been considered offensive.

Today such activity is common, but permission should be asked before photographing or drawing people or personal property. A fee is often expected.

Navajo Art

The Navajo people have been recognized as extraordinary artists. The Navajo women weave beautiful blankets expressing warmth, earth colors, and unique designs. These designs often depicted earth-like patterns, figures of Navajo spiritual significance

Shonto Trading Post - History with photos

Pictures of Navajo Indians
New Navajo Photo Gallery featuring 370+ photos of Navajo Women, Men, Children, Hogans, Rugs, Pottery, Clothing, sacred mountains, and many other items.

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