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Computational Biology Lab (DLab)


A multiscale approach to the computational modelling of LifeGo toMolecular Modeling

Molecular Modeling

Computer-based modeling and simulations of biomolecules and nanoscale systems



Inference, characterization and dynamics of complex networks



Agent and rule based stochastic modeling of complex biological systems

Go toNeuromorphic Computing

Neuromorphic Computing

Artificial neural networks inspired on human brain architecture

About us

Welcome to the Computational Biology LaboratoryAdvanced research, training and outreach

The Computational Biology Lab (DLab) is a transdisciplinary laboratory for fundamental and applied research belonging to Fundación Ciencia y Vida (FCV), Santiago, Chile.

DLab is associated to the Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia de Valparaíso (CINV), a Millenium Institute housed at the Universidad de Valparaiso.

Scientific papers, books, patents and other contributions in science and technology

Financial support to conduct scientific research

General public lectures, movies and other activities


A transdisciplinary environment composed by people coming form different scientific disciplines

Dr. Tomas Perez-Acle

Head Researcher – DirectorBiologist. PhD in Biotechnology

Dr. Felipe Villanelo

Postdoctoral ResearcherBiochemist. Ph. D

Dr. Sebastian Gutierrez

Postdoctoral ResearcherBiochemist PhD.

Dr. Cesar Ravello

Postdoctoral ResearcherPhD. of Neuroscience

Dr. Alejandro Martinez

Postdoctoral ResearcherPhysicist, PhD. in Mathematics

Alejandro Bernardin

Graduate StudentPhysicist. PhD (c)

Ignacio Fuenzalida

Graduate StudentComputer Scientist

Claudia Pareja

Graduated StudentBioinformatics Engineer. Ph. D (c)

Jorge Carrasco

Graduated StudentGraduate Student

Carlos Yañez

Research AssistantLab Technician

Joaquin Jensen

Research AssistantBioinformatics Student

Rafael Berrios

Research AssistantBioinformatics Student

Rodrigo Santibañez

Research AssistantBiotechnology Engineer. PhD (c)

Sebastian Contreras

Graduate StudentBioinformatics Engineer. Ph. D Student

Jerónimo Barrios

Research AssistantGraduated Student

Paolo Arancibia

Research AssistantLab Technician


Courses, Workshops, Outreach and Jobs

Register for ASTM 2017

Registration closed…

Random Selection of Rules in Gillespie Algorithm

Programador de Interfaces Gráficas

Se busca ingeniera(o) en computación/informática o programador(a) con experiencia en el diseño y programación de interfaces gráficas. Read more about Programador de Interfaces Gráficas

Theses and Internships

We look for highly motivated undergraduate students to perform theses and internships. You can read more here

A novel water pocket in Connnexin 26 hemichannel

We have recently described a novel feature of the 3D structure of the human Connexin 26 hemichannel. Read our work here.

Zombie Science!

Read our work about the modeling of a Zombie epidemic spreading through Chile. It was also highlighted in a chilean Newspaper!

New Technology for Biosensors

Our collaborative work with Prof. Ulrich Volkmann (PUC) was recently highlighted in the media. For more information Click here. To see the Patent Application (U.S. PPA 62/037,027) Click here.

PhD Students Wanted!

We are looking for 2 highly motivated PhD students whom wish to develop their thesis in Computer Based Drug Design and Molecular Simulations. More information click here.


More info?

Send us an email to
Fundación Ciencia & Vida. Parque Tecnológico Zañartu, Av. Zañartu 1482, Santiago, 2 23672023Go to Facebook Zerif Lite powered by WordPress
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