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Addiction Cure Therapeutic Sciences IncBiotech$42B addiction treatment industryAddiction Cure Therapeutic Sciences Inc. (ACTS) is a biotech firm advancing first in class therapeutics aiming to treat and cure the devastating disease of drug and alcohol addiction. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestLincoln Private JetsAviation$24B Global Private Aviation MarketA membership-based subscription service for private jet travel. We serve our customers through a mix of proprietary technology, including a mobile app and human Dedicated Member Advisors to provide a seamless travel experience.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestGenesisAIArtificial Intelligence$2.8T estimated future global AI marketGenesisAI is a global Artificial Intelligence Network that allows companies to buy and sell AI technologies at scale. We believe in shared AI for all.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestBlockchain Laboratoriesweb3$125T ecosystem services marketBlockchain Laboratories is a web3 venture studio developing Impactful DeFi applications and ESG digital assets that have Triple Bottom Line ROI.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestMicroMGx Inc Naturally-produced Chemicals$133B global life science marketNature holds the solutions to many of the world’s biggest problems, but finding and using natural solutions can be hard. MicroMGx aims to make it easier than ever to learn from nature to create new chemical products for agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and more.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestNeurotez Inc.Alzheimer’s disease$9.67B Alzheimer's drugs market size Neurotez Inc. is developing a drug to treat Leptin deficiency and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease patients.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestNetwire Digital payments$88.1B digital payment marketInternet-based payments.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestBNNano, Inc.Advanced Materials$306B Nanomaterial, Additive Manufacturing & Lightweighting MarketBNNano is an advanced manufacturing company that innovates, develops, and produces nanoscale and engineering materials designed to increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and remove environmental contaminants. Helping to change the world through improved and augmented materials.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestSolib Solutions LLCBattery for Electric Vehicle$58M Solid-Sate Battery MarketDriven by research and innovation, our solid-state, low-cost, hybrid batteries aim to revolutionize the battery industry.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestArtificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation Artificial Intelligence $5.5T AI service marketThe Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation (AIEDC) is a 5G - Cloud Mobile App Maker and Service Provider with Machine Learning to help small and midsize businesses create their own (IOS & Android) mobile apps with no-code or low-code so they can engage and service their customer base, as well as provide front & back office digitization services for SMB’s.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestUVISION, Inc.Entertainment, NFTs$400B Global Collectibles MarketUVISION is a pioneer in the Film, Video and NFT space. A platform that gives filmmakers the opportunity to fund their projects through independent investors in exchange for film exclusive NFTs & rewards. UVISION is creating groundbreaking opportunities to give back creative & financial control.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestCust Corp.Digital Assets$26.8B Global Custody MarketCustCorp offers investors a secure place to store all of their digital assets, including equity securities in private investments, NFTs, and cryptocurrency. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestDemand DerivativesFutures Exchange$15 trillion per day traded on global exchangesRevolutionary Futures Exchange and Clearing House — to Trade the World's Major Assets in a Creative New Way* 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestLiquidVineyardsVineyards$417.85B Global Wine MarketLiquidVineyards' exclusive 5G blockchain technology links the vine to Smart Contracts, allowing wine-lovers to become the owners of their own wine4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestPetzey Technology, Inc.Veterinary Telehealth $107B Animal Healthcare SpendPetzey makes pet health care easy. The Petzey app connects pet parents instantly with a credentialed veterinary professional – available 24/7 in all 50 states for just $20 per consultation!4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestNeuEsse Inc.Biopharma Tech$13B U.S. Wound Care Centers MarketCreating a human skin substitute from Soy Protein for clinicians to treat patients with wounds, burns, and other skin injuries. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestAbove & Beyond Studios, Inc.Digital Marketplace$307B US e-Commerce MarketFreedom is a revolutionary new suite of products inspiring people to support small, local and black-owned businesses through shopping, couponing and mobile gaming. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestParentPlaybookParenting Empowerment Platform$977B Global Parenting MarketParentPlaybook’s technology and platform allows parents to connect and communicate with a community of other parents and professionals to solve almost any parenting challenge. They say it takes a village to raise a child, we put that village in your pocket.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestProctor360EdTech$89.49B Global EdTech MarketProctor360 is an emerging EdTech innovation leader that develops solutions for securely monitoring online exams. We're responding to the demand for more advanced tools in the EdTech market projected to exceed $400 Billion by 2025.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestQuants CompeteFinTech$1.8T Robo Advisor MarketRocketTrader Inc. dba Quants Compete actively manages its client's retirement accounts & cash positions with algorithmic trading tools. This makes Quants Compete a highly scalable corporation. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestHiveSkillWe're an A.I. powered database connected to a CRM that engages emotional A.I. and customized data pools that provide our clients with warm leads. This saves the client money on the front end with initial marketing costs and dollars wasted on broad audiences. HiveSkill then makes the client money by driving strong ROIs as campaigns are direct and highly-targeted towards audiences we already know are the most-likely to convert. The results of an initial campaign are then looped back into our...4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestNebulaiBlockchain Marketplace$17T B2B Marketplace MarketTake control of the way you acquire technology solutions and talent. Nebulai is the next-generation Web3 blockchain-based Marketplace for Solutions and Talent with the potential to disrupt a $17T B2B market (IDC) and lead the future of work. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestImmortal DataAerospace$6B Global New Space MarketImmortal Data offers an affordable, patented solution to the data collection and recovery demands of the burgeoning and budget-minded aerospace industry. We provide needed infrastructure to the ever expanding space industry. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestDeskless WorkersMobile Software $180B Mobile Enterprise App MarketThe RemoteForce platform from Deskless Workers provides companies with remote and deskless employees all the tools they need to effectively communicate and stay on top of their workforce.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestCliqRexSocial media app$178B Social Media MarketCLIQREX is an organic digital community powering the discovery, curation, and sharing of digital entertainment within trusted inner circles. It is designed to be a collaborative force for good among social media platforms that enhances users’ emotional, psychological and social well-being.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestSmoove XperienceTravel $150B Global Travel Tours MarketAn AI-powered all-in-one travel app for a simple way to plan, book, and manage your entire journey with unique curated experiences. Awesome experiences, simplified…4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestBerylline CorporationMobility$6.3B Scooter MarketFeel the wind on your face again! Berylline is a technology and manufacturing company specializing in small engine hybrid systems and personal transportation. Berylline’s F2A is the industry’s first Hybrid 3-Wheel Scooter targeting the leisure and local commuting market.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestKazooMobile Technology$285B smartphone subscriptions marketKazoo is a game-changing, live-streaming, personal safety app solving the security concerns you and your family care about most. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestacQyr eXchangeRewards Exchange$160Bn global and video games industryacQyr eXchange is bringing the profit-generating success of personalized offers and rewards from the retail market to the very large and rapidly expanding mobile/video gaming industry.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestSazi Foods, LLCHemp-based Food $4.13B Global Industrial Hemp MarketA purposeful brand, Sazi Foods creates delicious food with hemp seeds. Our products are satisfying, nutritionally-sound, great tasting, and good for you — and a powerhouse of sustainability. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestScanHash Cryptocurrency $1.75B Global Cryptocurrency Market Helping people recover lost crypto.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestReperReputation Analysis $2.6B Global Background Check MarketDelivering premium reputation analysis4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestStraight Teeth SolutionsOrthodontics$1.4B Orthodontic Aligner MarketWe provide affordable, high quality, doctor directed, orthodontic clear aligner treatment direct to the consumer.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestMustWatchSocial120M TV viewing householdsWatch Party brings your friends and favorite shows together all in one place. Our application makes it easy to find new shows, see what your friends are watching, and recommend great shows to each other.Our platform delivers targeted show recommendations based on the TV viewing tastes of your friends and family. It’s not a single streaming platform’s media catalog, but a cross-platform TV guide, crowdsourced from your friends and family!4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestPrime Diversity, IncConsultancy$7.5B Global Diversity & Inclusion MarketA full service Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion solutions provider — connecting small businesses to prime opportunities.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestThermaSat, Inc.Space$152M global CubeSat marketThe ThermaSat propulsion system uses photonic crystals and sunlight to heat water for satellite propulsion in space. Deployment, increased lifetime, and debris avoidance for your small satellites aim to be achievable with an inexpensive and eco-friendly solution for any mission. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestPowerBuye-Commerce$431.6B US e-Commerce marketInvest in one of the hottest social commerce companies disrupting a 5 trillion dollar industry4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestiatrixAir, Inc.Air Quality$25.97B Global Air Purifier MarketiatrixAir® automates indoor air quality in commercial and public restrooms through our patent pending cellular based air sensor gateway and exchanger that detects, removes, and destroys airborne pathogens faster than industry standards.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestCMNTechnology $43B Legal Cannabis MarketTurnkey digital marketing and data collection platforms for the underserved media lifestyle markets, with an initial focus on WeedTV — a content streaming platform for cannabis enthusiasts. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestIT Security Solutions, Inc.Cybersecurity$146.30Bn Global Cybersecurity MarketCybersecurity solutions to protect, detect and respond to attackers already inside the network. The time to level the field against cyber attacks starts now. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestArowana Media Holdings, Inc.Filmed Entertainment$48.9B Intellectual Property Licensing MarketArowana Media Holdings secures rights to undervalued and/or legacy intellectual property (IP). We develop, package, and produce these materials in partnership with studios and production companies for feature film, television series, and more.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestBidaFiHome-improvement$200B total addressable marketHomeowners can get “Real Bids in Real Time” on their home improvement jobs using our proprietary “Automated Bid Chain.” We envision taking a process that typically takes days or even weeks and reducing it to mere minutes.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestNew 3D Technologies, Inc.3D Monitors & TVs$222B Monitor & TV MarketPatented 3D display monitors and TVs without the need for special glasses. US Air Force is a customer. 2D and 3D capability in each device opens the entire market for N3T technology via licensing to current monitor/TV manufacturers. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestTahiti's Breeze, Inc.Theme Park Resort$42B amusement and theme parks marketTahiti’s Breeze plans to develop the next generation of water parks, with a revolutionary technology to keep the public safe from recreational water illnesses, Tahitian-inspired theme, and overwater bungalows. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestRelevntSocial Networking/Media$100B+ Group Messaging MarketRelevnt, known as “The People’s App”, is an ephemeral group messaging app where users instantly connect and interact freely with the people and content they love.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestFanShark, Inc.Fan Connection$717B U.S. Media & Entertainment IndustryFanShark takes Celebrity Connection to the Next Level.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestBrybe®, Inc.Marketplace$42T Freelance MarketBrybe®, Inc. has created a global online marketplace, Brybe® Marketplace, that empowers individuals to trade digital creative services, allowing them to develop, promote, and profit from their expert businesses from the palm of their hand.4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestHospySoftware$3,952.87B global hospitality marketHospy’s “hospitality” hiring platform incorporates multilayered AI technology to allow for low-cost subscriptions, management-level recruiting, and on-demand staffing. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestPodTV Streaming TV$21.2B Connected TV Ad SpendPodTV creates genre based streaming TV channels and networks by sourcing and producing programming from established podcasters, and independent video creators. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestCommunity MusicianEntertainment Technology$142B Global Music MarketMany musicians today are unable to earn a living wage. Community Musician plans to revolutionize the broken music industry from the ground up by introducing patent-pending technology!4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.InvestDigital Direct IR, Inc.Technology$25B automotive sensor marketBreakthrough infrared imaging technology for autonomous vehicles, first responders, safety & security, military, aerospace and healthcare. 4(a)(6) offering provided by Netcapital Funding Portal Inc.Invest View All Offerings

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We chose to work with Netcapital because of its high-touch personalized approach—which is unique in the marketplace—and we’re so glad we did. If you are growing something that you believe is extraordinary, call Jason’s team at Netcapital; they’re exceptional.— Seymour Segnit, Founder and CEO of MAGFASTThe Netcapital platform has been excellent for us. It’s provided us with great exposure. It’s provided us with a mechanism where we can both direct friends and interested investors as well as people we don’t know but are super grateful to have on board as investors.— Thomas Haag, Co-founder and CEO of C-Reveal TherapeuticsThis is a paradigm shift in the dynamics of the capital markets.— David Brown, Former CEO of Techstars

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“I think this is an intriguing story… This company is exciting.”— Jim Cramer, Host of CNBC’s Mad MoneyWatch VideoThe Long and Short of the GameStop BubbleThe recent trading in GameStop stock is a remarkable example of the power of the internet and electronic trading to democratize capital markets—one that offers both hope for small investors and a note of caution for...Read Full ArticleTen Reasons Every Company Should Be Raising Capital Online Right NowRaising capital and selling stock is one of the most important challenges for entrepreneurs of all stages. It also is one of the most difficult, time-consuming and inefficient tasks they face. Fortunately, with the passage of the...Read Full ArticleMeet the Boston-based equity crowdfunding site backed by DraftKings’ CEOEquity crowdfunding, which allows entrepreneurs to sell pieces of their private companies to small-time investors over the internet, is brand new to the U.S. But big names in Boston tech are already lining up behind the idea...Read Full ArticleMore News

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