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RT @THR: Jody Avirgan of Roulette Productions shared this statement: “‘Oprahdemics’ is a journalistic exploration by history… https://t.co/dtZraXdRZp This is Jody’s Twitter proxy. He wanted me to let you know that everything is going according to plan. https://t.co/krMrLuWqx7 Next few months are for reading books, reporting, and eating mangos. Need a twitter break. Giving my password to a… https://t.co/SJIBmKQch2 Really excited for this. Feels like something new. https://t.co/KQYXI2FjNU RT @NPRItsBeenAMin: .@leahrigueur emphasizes how Oprah is the blueprint, the foundation, the cause to the effect of pop culture influen… https://t.co/9awvw3Pjsd Got on a bit of a soapbox and shared some thoughts about the “What about your gaffes” moment and all that’s wrong with modern political journalism. Been waiting to do this episode of @thisdaypod since we launched the show two years ago, and I guess I’ve been sitting on this riff since 2012… This kid is five today! Here’s to another year of incredible outfits and lots of fun. So excited about the arrival of this new show @oprahdemics. Not mention this fantastic animation that the folks at @radiotopia cooked up. Kellie and Leah are having fun, being brilliant, and finally treating Oprah Winfrey like the cultural and societal force that she is. The first season is 15 episodes, and will cover everything from diet shows to Tyler Perry to the remarkable episode in which Oprah took her show to LA during the Rodney King uprising. Shoutout to everyone who has helped make this show -- now it's your turn! Take a listen, share this post, spread the word, let us know what you think. Thanks again. Brooklyn jumble. Bundled and islanded. Overhead of a four year old’s desk. Hard at work. Making moves. Spot the cat. Blanche on couch. Church of basketball.