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ON THE BRINK – ‘Far-right mass #murder plot’ foiled in #Iceland as cops seize stash of weapons in country’s first EVER #terrorism arrests

POLICE in Iceland have arrested four people suspected of preparing a terrorist attack. A stash of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition were seized in the nation’s first terrorism arrests and those detained reportedly have links with Nordic far-right groups. The small nation of 375,000 people has topped the Global Peace Index since it was included in the ranking in 2008 and considered the “most peaceful country in the world”. Police said several semi-automatic weapons, including 3D-printed ones, had been seized at nine different locations. Karl Steinar Valsson, National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police said cops swooped as part of “an investigation into the preparation of a terrorist attack”. Targets are believed to be “various institutions of society” and “citizens of the state”, according to Valsson, possibly including the parliament and the police itself.

via the sun: ON THE BRINK ‘Far-right mass murder plot’ foiled in Iceland as cops seize stash of weapons in country’s first EVER terrorism arrests

siehe auch: Suspected Terrorists Arrested, Plot Reportedly Foiled. Four Icelandic men in their twenties were arrested yesterday, RÚV reports, alleged to have engaged in the production of weapons using 3D printers, the sale of these weapons, and to have conspired to use these weapons against unnamed government offices. Two are currently in police custody. At a press conference held moments ago, police said they reportedly seized dozens of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition. Grímur Grímsson, the chief of the capital area police, said that the matter had been under investigation for weeks before these arrests were made. He said that the police consider the danger posed by these men neutralised. Karl Steinar Valsson, the chief of the national police, said that the case is at a very sensitive stage at the moment, but that 50 law enforcement officers in all took part in the operation. (…) Source close to Stundin say the men are suspected of having ties to Nordic far-right extremist groups. As such, police believe the threat posed by these men has been neutralised, and that their arms have all been seized; Icelandic police arrest four people over alleged terror attack plans Semi-automatic weapons and ‘thousands’ of rounds of ammunition seized in first operation of its kind in the country. An unprecedented investigation into an alleged terrorist plot in Iceland has led to the arrest of four men suspected of targeting “various institutions of society” and “citizens of the state”. Several semi-automatic weapons, including 3D-printed ones, were seized at nine locations, as well as “thousands” of rounds of ammunition, by a large police operation involving 50 officers. Karl Steinar Valsson, the national commissioner of the Icelandic police, declined to expand further on the nature of the targets but suggested they may have included the parliament and police. Local media reported that officers were exploring potential links to Nordic far-right groups and that the police were the central target.