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We Are Digital Decentralised community and creative agency building our own metaverse!About Us Marketplace Digital art, collectibles, avatars, clothing, jewelry, architecture and ...!Coming soon NFT Marketing
Strategy NIFTS is a creative agency that can bring your business into the NFT world!Show more
Creative Agency Get started Our Mission Is to identify physical and digital, to make them equal in the understanding of authors, viewers, collectors and to play role in creation of Metaverse, making it the best place for possiblities for every person inside What we do? We accompany professional artists, who have an active art life with their unique masterpieces along their way to NFT. We help business to create, produce and release digital assets in NFT Who we are? Our team in a big view - is a decentralised community of artists, it-specialsts, PhD and doctors of science (making science-art), marketing-specialists. In a cosy way we create and manage processes dedicated to NFT technology for our community. And we know it expands every moment right as the Universe does :)
Why Us Unique authors &
masterpieces More than 8000
NFT lots sold Digital Assets
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NFT Marketing

NIFTS is a creative agency that can bring your business into the NFT world. Using the blockchain technology as a marketing tool you can reach a lot of goals for the business and your customers. read more

Brands all over the world already testing applying of NFT and searching for their representation in Metaverse.

Culture, fashion, luxury, sports, charity - non-fungible tokens becoming the number one asset of the companies in terms of global communicational digital strategy.

The NFT market is literally exploding and alredy reaches 11 billion dollars by the February 2022.

The creation of NFTs and related projects is a part of new company’s branding in the near future. Brands need to stay on the top of innovative wave presenting digital content and products every day.

NIFTS accompany digital NFT project in the design, production and distribution of creative, to NFTs that reflect your business.

Get in Touch Creative leading creative leading to make a consonant project to the company’s DNA Building building tokens and attendant products in partnership with artists, designers and IT-specialists Curating curating processing and term limits of a production Minting minting on the marketplaces Promotion promotion of releases and special arrangement with the marketplaces
Discover & Collect Artificial Creation X NIFTS Digital Jewelry MOZI_J X NIFTS Play-to-Earn GameFi CockFights X NIFTS Bis Vika The Pics Of Pigs X NIFTS Crypto Vincent Van Gogh@net_streetart AI.Malevich X NIFTS Ether Bros X NIFTS Solar System Set @darkinden
Projects View all MOZI X NIFTS Every brand is thinking about the future, and now it lies in the field of digital strategy.
Jewelry in the digital and physical worlds.
Made by @mishalibertee, @solovyewadim, @uzhve, @northern.friend, @net_streetartComing soon AI.MALEVICH X NIFTS [AI Generated Art] Artifical Intelligence was impressed by the famous avant-garde paintings and made a suprematistic 1/1 collection!Show more 12µm DNA WAVE [Science Art] Irina Martynenko, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, created an image of a wave from DNA molecules Real size of art: 12µmShow more Creation of Chirality [Science Art] Dr. Anvar Baimuratov from LMU Munich, shows the method of creating chirality in originally achiral quantum structures based on the mixing of their energy states. The mixing can be achieved by perturbing of the states with quantum numbers 223 and 312.Show more Bat to ByBit Produce with InftyArt a bat and other clothes to ByBit crypto-platform with Misha Libertee @mishalibertee, Soloviev Vadim @solovyewadim, Alena Lavdovskaya @alenalavdovskaya, Arseny Kotov @northern.friend and Vika Veisbrut @veisbrut_art. Infty.Art COCK FIGHTS X NIFTS [GameFi Play-to-Earn] COCK FIGHTS is a 3D fighting game with different combat modes (manual and automatic, based on a unique algorithm for calculating the outcome of the battle) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)Show more Artificial Creations X NIFTS [AI Generated Art] Its a projection of reality on a digital character. Next time you open your eyes, will you be sure your mind is not in the android body?Show more BTTR OSSETIA It was a great honor to be part of a big graffiti festival with Back to the Roots team in North Ossetia.Show more The Pics Of Pigs X NIFTS Pics of Pigs is a mirror of real life, where owners can influence the plot of Pigs Metaverse.
Made by @faiaz__azizovShow more
Sold Out 1 EditionThe self-propelled house $1750 Sold Out Solovyev Vadim 1 EditionAI.MALEVICH MARSTERPIECE #1666 N $20,139 Resold AI.MALEVICH X NIFTS 1 EditionVenus (Solar system planets set 2/8) $1500 Sold Out Fedotov Alex 25 EditionsJupiter (Solar system planets set 5/8) $1400 Re Sold Fedotov Alex 1 EditionHell $1210 Sold Out Pshenichniy Egor 50 EditionsHeaven $2750 Sold Out Pshenichniy Egor 1 EditionCRYPTO GRIFFIN $350 Sold Out Net Vladimir 1 EditionArtificial Creation #553N $170 Re Sold x NIFTS

10% of every sold work goes to charity. We help charity funds:, Deti-babochki and others.

Blog View all ETHER BROS X NIFTS Unique process of the artist and AI graphics rendering. Find your alterego and choose a funky avatar! The My House #metaverse service, launched by Samsung My House invites users to experience Samsung appliances and furniture in a personalized virtual home that users can decorate to their liking Digital AR / Art artist Pshenichniy Egor @pshegor Digital AR / Art artist Pshenichniy Egor @pshegor exclusively on the Binance NFT marketplace @binancerussian @binance @binancenfts
Mass media Look at a large-scale street art performance in the mountains of North Ossetia - AlaniaSee More Back to the roots: how 10 Russian artists created the largest graffiti gallery on the steep cliffs of the North CaucasusSee More NFT art continues to support the foundation's wardsSee More
Partners Binance Rarible Opensea Crypto Podari Life Deti Bela Mozi J Infty
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