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It was 1885 when Kourindo first opened its doors in the Tochigi prefecture in Japan. Since then, Kourindo has grown, now with 6 shops and over 100 different products using the best quality ingredients from all over Japan throughout the year.

What has not changed is our mission;
‘Provide a sense of gratification to our customers’ everyday lives through crafting high quality Japanese sweets’
Kourindo expresses the distinct four seasons in Japan through the products. We believe Japanese traditional sweets has significant contribution to our overall culture by making people smile through its beautiful flavours, by making people have conversations through quality tea time.



Yasutada Wake 和氣 康匡

‘Be innovative with high respect for the tradition’ is the motto of Yasutada Wake, the 3rd generation Kourindo owner. He is passionate about passing on the beauty of Japanese sweets and the sophisticated skills developed through Japan’s long history and tradition.
While Yasutada runs Kourindo with the mission, he follows through with this passion by being involved with running cooking programs for several primary and high schools.
Now his eyes are set beyond the sea and he is eager to introduce Japanese sweets to the world through Kourindo’s products and his sweets making performance.

1981:Born in Tochigi prefecture 2002:Started 5 year apprenticeship at hachinoya. 2007:Returned to Kourindo
developed a new product ‘Kariman’. It made a record sales of 20,000 a day, orders were made from all over Japan, and many medium reported on the success. 2016:Joined the group of top Japanese sweets pastry chefs called ‘Wakataku’ and participates in various projects.
Succeeded the Kourindo business as the managing director


Smoked Yokan(Yokan: gelled sweet bean paste, agar-agar) 燻製羊羹(燻 × 羹)

This newly created new Yokan is the very first smoked Japanese confectionary stimulated by idea of Sake and Kourindo fusion. It was smoked with whiskey oak and tea. The sweetness from the best quality bean paste and the zest of Yuzu and salt would indulge your senses.


The famous sweet steamed bum created by Yasutada Wake. The sweet bean paste is made from red beans from Hokkaido, the bum pastry is made from Okinawa brown sugar. The unique crisp and crunchy texture is achieved through deep frying in rapeseed oil.


Namagashi is a traditional Japanese confectionary made from sweet bean. Namagashi can be shaped and colored freely, Namagashi often used to express the beauty of nature, and were originally made to be served in the Japanese tea ceremony. People feel a sense of the new season when they see traditional confectionery.

Brown Sugar Dorayaki 黒糖のどらやき

A spin off product of ‘Kariman’, it is a Dorayaki (pancake sandwich with red bean paste) with Okinawa brown sugar. The red bean paste is made from the top quality Azuki.


head office 7-4, Futaaramachi, Utsunomiya-shi,
Tochigi, 320-0804, Japan Telephone +81-28-633-4987 Facsimile +81-28-633-4947 factory 7-4, Futaaramachi, Utsunomiya-shi,
Tochigi, 320-0804, Japan Telephone +81-28-633-4948 Facsimile +81-28-633-4977 Contact mail:yasutada.wake@gmail.com

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