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The World's Strongest Environmental Probiotics

As the strongest probiotic air and surface purifier, New~Gen Biotics leverages the power of good bacteria to create a more balanced environment with cleaner air and surfaces, for a better quality of life.

100% Safe

New~Gen Biotics are comprised of a carefully cultured strain of probiotics, cultured from the soil.


Our environmental probiotics can be safely administered in homes, offices, schools, hotels and hospitals


Our products leverage the power of good bacteria to create a more balanced environment at a fair price.


These products are the best and most loved by our customers.

New-Gen 5000

This machine will continuously and automatically distribute Environmental Probiotics throughout your home or office by the ventilation ducts, or free standing in any building.  This will give a layer of protection by deconstructing bio films, and super saturating the indoor environment, which helps protects from harmful bacteria,  dangerous viruses, even moldmildew and odors

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New-Gen Mini

The Mini is a “on the go” devise that helps give you form of protective bubble around your person, that coats you with probiotics.  This will give you protection from unwanted harmful bacteria and dangerous viruses by breaking down the biofilms that helps protect the bacteria and viruses themselves.  The mini can be taken in your car or airplane for your protection.

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Travel Probiotic Spray

The Travel bottle can be taken on trips, hotels and cruises or any place you don’t know who was there before you, and what they left behind. Simply spray coat on surfaces in the area such as pillows, remote controls and the air conditioning vents.

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The New Gen Probiotics is amazing! We have the probiotics machine in our home. It is connected to our AC vents, so it sends the probiotics through our vents into the air in our home. It reduces allergies tremendously by destroying the allergens and mold in the air. It even cuts down on how often we have to dust our home. The fact it cuts down on dust and allergens is amazing! I could tell a big difference after it was connected. I used to get allergy headaches often. The allergy headaches and issues after it was connected and the probiotics were in the air. I can’t express enough how well it works!  We love our machine! It even helps our pets too! It is not only safe for animals but they reap the benefits from it as well!  It’s a great product!  You will be very happy with it and so glad you have one!  Angela and Bobby AdkinsSt Mary’s, GA
We purchased a home system for our A.C. system, I cannot tell you how much it helped with our families allergies! My oldest son has always had water in his one ear and could never really take a deep breath. This system changed all of that, he can breath and hear perfectly! He can always tell when he’s been out of the house too long. We have used the personal sprays for when we travel and now they have the personal diffuser which is also amazing, it is a great gift for new moms when taking babies out into the germ filled world! Our family has never been so healthy! The sprays have been used on my dog who has collapsing trachea, when she starts getting aggravated with allergies I spray a little of this and she clears up with in minutes! I cannot say enough good things about this product! Our family loves it and will continue to purchase more of their products because they actually work and it is not a bunch of chemicals it is just an amazing probiotic!! Misse LibertyWife, mother, & daughter
We have an outdoor cat who tends to get into fights.  He is always coming home with new battle wounds.   These wounds often lead us to the Veterinarian’s office, where we would leave with messy antibiotic cream, an expensive bill, and a very unhappy cat.  Last week our cat came home with a fresh wound on his ear.  We sprayed Perfect Pet on it, twice a day for 2 days and it was almost completely healed.  No creams, no expensive vet bills! We are so excited that we have Perfect Pet available to us and we will definitely keep it stocked at our house at all times. Chrissy & BrandonStoneville, NC
Research was done to follow EPA and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines on disinfection, indoor air quality and probiotcs for building and workspaces. This project was not programmed to be a building disinfection for COVID-19, but the timing was perfect for workers to return to work to a clean/disinfected building. All the signs of mold growth and dust mites have been eliminated. The product is non-intrusive and environmentally friendly. Building cleaning and disinfection products are constantly reviewed for effectiveness, environmentally friendly, health effects, and cost. Disinfection of an office space can be accomplished with mild bleach solution, but maintaining a clean environment is difficult. That is why we chose this probiotic as a complete building cleaning solution for the long term.United States Marine CorpsBlount Island, Jacksonville, FL
Hi, my name is Mark and I want to tell you that I think, no not think, but KNOW how great New-Gen Biotics products are. I am diabetic and wasn’t taking care of myself and ended up with a quarter size ulcer on the bottom of my foot.  I waited until it got bad before going to the doctor. I had been going to the doctor for treatments twice a week for about 2 months. It was healing up very slowly. I had someone tell me about this New-Gen Biotics spray and to use it on the open wound. Of course, I was a little skeptical. This man was not a doctor, but he swore by this product, so I thought what could it hurt. I used it a few times a day and started seeing results within a week. My doctor couldn’t believe it. It closed the ulcer in just a matter of a few weeks. There are pictures below to illustrate what this product can do. It can do more than just heal open sores, it is great for so many other things that we bought it for our whole family to use. I would recommend it to anyone along with the whole line of products. My wife loves them too.Mark FloydLexington, GA

New-Gen Biotics

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About Us

We are an American company dedicated to improving quality of life by reducing indoor air pollution and resetting to a good micro flora in your home or business with our patented, breakthrough technologies in probiotics.

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