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Mary Tour

Ok, we are not over this yet. We need to cancel all postponed shows for October and November. Sorry! Please, keep safe, and for you nosey peeps out there, here it is, the background story of Mary The Rhino:

[Oct, 9th 2020]


Mary The Rhino video

yes, feel free to enjoy our tale of colonialism, imperialism, tortured animals and enslaved humans...

Click on song title "Mary The Rhino" for link.

[Oct, 5th 2020]



Mary is a rhinoceros, who would have thought, that was brought to Hamburg Zoo by imperialist colonialist business men. These were famous for exhibiting "human shows", that is idigenous people from all oer the world to be stared at. It took many many decades until this was deemed illegal. Why Mary became the protagonist hero in this song? Well, follow me on IG and you'll learn!

This online single is released by Tan U Sound, digitally adminstered by Légère Recordings via Zebralution, saying: yes, it's on Spotfy and itunes... :


[Sept, 4h 2020]


New Single Coming!

Though we did not retreat for another session, we will unleash another track onto you. "Mary The Rhino" was supposed to be part of the album, but we did not get to record it with the rest of the album. Actually a couple of month after the album's recording session I went back to Malmø to work on some vocals with my beautiful friends Linus Lindvall and Mattias Larsson. Instead we started to work on the yet unrecorded Mary. And what a monster it became! Release is scheduled for early September.

[July, 17th 2020]


What Is Happening?

Friends, family, fiends, foes, we are devasted by what soorow this pandemic is bringing over all of us. Please stay healthy, stick to the rules, care for others if not for yourself. Together, we can get through this. And #leavenoonebehind ! Meanwhile I'll work on making things possible. All dates from the winter/spring tour will be postponed to autumn. We will play as many people as there are allowed to join us!

In the meantime, I decided not to do a stream or such. It does not feel right for me and does not portrait the madness and emotion of our live performances. And also, all the band is scattered over the world, it seems impossible to gather them. So please be patient.

[Apr, 15th 2020]


France: "C'est cru, c'est brut..."

J'ai tiutes les raisons d'être content. Merci! Ça fait longtemps que nous ne nous sommes pas vus. Quand?


Tan LeRacoon is the alter ego of Tanju Boerue, who fullfills almost every single aspect of being an underground cult hero. After crossing path with brothers Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks, as well as those of the Slits, we now realise he is capable of almost everything, from toxic and insane ballads fitting in somewhere between Syd Barret, Kevin Ayers and Peter Perrett (the lurching „Your Own Way“ and „Through The Angel’s Gate“), to this proto-discoid bastard of New York Punk, the one the London Cowboys lived, over to nervous Glam Soul, in a powerful song sounding like Gloria Jones-era Marc Bolan („Tanuki Is Back“).
The uncomparable Single „She Said She’s Sad“ and „Prejudice & Injusticies“ give you that unsettling feeling to listen to Beechwood viewed through James Chance and his deviant Funk, blowing out of a subway gate, while „Two Fingers“ resurrects Mo Tucker and takes „Venus In Furs“ out of the grave. And then the twist of „Instant Gratification Society“, as if given a hint of Jonathan Richman and his Modern Lovers.
Tan LeRacoon, who is from Hamburg, became a favorite of Reeperbahn Festival (which is the quarter that is famous for the Beatles and home of the Star Club and Kaiserkeller), and where he sprays his breath of engrossing bordello- poetry, supposably a heritage to Don Van Vliet and Virgin Prunes.
During the course of this album we furthermore hit onto some kind of psycho-Situationist-Dub („Battle Is Over, War Isn’t Won“), electric lightning that reminds on the cavalcades of The Church ca. „Blurred Crusade“ („Killing Windmills“) and Balkan-Reggae reminishing Goran Bregovic („Burning Spear Of Destiny’s Child“, „God’s Own Religion“).
It is raw, it is brutal, and it all shines with this destabalising, addictive charme: signs of an authentic original.

and also one clip of the week/ editors'. choice:

[Jan, 20th 2020]


Here you go: the video for "She Said She's Sad" (click song title for you tube)!


 [Jan, 10th 2020]


New Double A-Side Out Now!

 The next single taken from Tan LeRacoon's state-of-the-art weirdo album "Funeral Parade Of Roses", comes as a Double A-Side!

"She Said She's Sad" is a funked up piece of Rock n Roll, Max's Kansas City meets Studio 54, but all nervous, just as New York City was in the 70s. A classic, already, with full blown percussion and horn section.

"I.G.S." ("Instant Gratification Society") was the secret weapon on the album with its beautiful guitar work, glam rock stomp and riff, pop mayhem bass and socially critic lyrics. Behind every name mentioned here, is a real person Tan LeRacoon met via chat/dating/social apps. Always interested in other people's stories, here they are given a voice. This is the extended single mix!


Out on Légère Recordings, LEGO 190, EAN 4026424010643, Distr. Zebralution.

"She Said She's Sad" will be found here:

Watch Out for the video, again created by Florian Kraus.

 [Jan, 07th 2020]



Today marks the re-release of both, the album "Dangerously Close To Love" (2x12") and just in time for Christmas, my seasonal offering "Just Another Christmas Wish" (7"), both limited vinyl only.

Originally released on Tan U Sound, the brave folks at Légère Recordings bring these back to life. Order directly or through your fave record store. Distribution through Broken Silence (GAS) and Kudo (World).

The album carries 12 tracks from another rock n roll dimension, the single is backed with "Hurt pt.1. (US Radio Mix)" and the instrumental "This River Is Full Of Tears".



[Nov, 15th 2019]


Yes, you already heard and read this:

we are playing Reeperbahn Festival!

Fri Sep 20th at Knust, no excuse. It will be a very special show! The whole band will be there and perform

for you. Be prepared and dress to kill! I want all my favorite peepz to look astonishing, you know what I like.

I hear it's being filmed...

[Sept, 1st 2019]


First quotes and reviews were coming in, see review section... Thanks everyone!

[August, 14th 2019]


"Funeral Parade Of Roses" is the new album. It's out now!

Harsh times sometimes demand harsh words, too. Please find out. Order at your favorite local record store (support them!) or order at bandcamp:

Listen here:[June, 28th 2019]


The new single is out! It's called "Tanuki Is Back"

You can find it here to download, stream, listen, buy, share:

Watch the video as well:

[June, 14th 2019]


Action. Is. Near. The new album will be out very soon! Stay tuned for all details and order info!

[May, 25th 2019]


Wow! The last couple of months saw us recording the new album. The results are making us very happy, even though we still need to mix everything properly. It is a harsh answer to the times we live in, still at the same time we celebrate diversity, egalité, hope and, yes, love. Can't get away from that. First single to be dropped after the summer; more details to follow. Stay tuned! Stay who you are! And don't forget to be optimistic, The Battle Might Be Over, But Their War Isn't Won (to cite one of the new tracks).

In the meantime, that awesome documentary on the only band that matters, The Slits: "Here To Be Heard" went out on theatrical tours in the UK and the US, where there are still some shows coming up. Go and watch it! In case you didn't know, Tan is in there being a footnote in their singer Ari Up's story.

Also, "The Last Bandits In The World" was re-released on Seventeen Records. This is a record Nikki Sudden recorded in Dublin in 1986 with Simon Carmody and Johnny Feann of The Golden Horde and The Horslips, respectively. There's one of the tracks that Nikki and Tan co-wrote back in the day. The vinyl misses that credit though as did the original. Oh, well.

[June, 17th 2018]



We are playing a one off gig at the anniversary of our beloved "Weinladen" (wine vendor that is). Show is Saturday Feb 17th. There will be lot of entertainment like all kind of winerys presenting there good deeds, Gin Tonics, DJs and us. That's pretty suiting as far as I'm concerned. Full band turning up!

[Feb, 06th 2018]


There are only two records you need to know to understand rebellion, attitude and the idea of ‚punk‘ (not that music). Now there is only one documentary on music artists you need to watch: Here to be Heard: The Story of The Slits

Everything told in a beautiful narrative via Tessa's perspective. No famous ex-boyfriends, no "dirty knickers" (well, a few), no bullshit. Everyone talks so much in awe in respect about the band. Q&A are no questions rather full of Thank Yous to the artists for working art and feminism to this extent at a time when it was everything but to being granted for women to do stand up for their own art.
I am so proud of being a foot note on their story (yes, you'll find me in the movie).

Thanks for making this possible William Badgley, Jennifer Shagawat, Tessa Pollitt, Dennis Bovell (Artist), Paloma McLardy, Viv Albertine (I missed you last night at the BFI premiere), and of course my dear Ari, who I miss for many many years now.

[Oct, 15th 2017]


Surprise, surprise, we didn't make the short list for the VIA! Awards. Oh well , being initally nominated as "Best Act" is really nice though. Congrats to those who made it. By the way, writing for the new album is going pretty good. I'll keep you updated.

[July, 19th 2017]


Surprise!  Tan LeRacoon is nominated for VIA VUT Indie Awards, as BEST ACT that is!


VIA  is the annual awards by the German Independent Music Association, and yes, admittedly there is a legion of acts nominated, but cross fingers and we will make the short list...  

[May, 30th 2017]


Back to sort material for the new album, writing as we speak! Stay tuned!

 [May, 10th 2017]


Surprise show: Punk Rock legends Stiff Little Fingers invited us to open for them at S.O.36 in Berlin on April 2nd! What a pairing, I must say!

[April, 1st 2017]


Additional show added: Karlsruhe, April 11th! see show section for details.

 [April, 3rd 2017]


 Live Dates added for March and April!

I am happy announce that our friends, the great XiXa invited us to play some of their European shows with them. Of course we added some shows of our own to coincide.

Please check 'shows' for the dates we play, and go and see Xixa anyhow! Imagine psychedelic Cumbia, sort of. ;



Just Another Christmas Wish

New Single November 25th!


We are proud to announce a seasonal offering, a naive yet meaningful appeal in times of worry, pain, injustice, corruption and yes, war:

3-track 7” Vinyl single and download

0ut on Tan U Sound, Distributed by Cargo Records, Sonic Rendezvous (NL), SRD (UK), Goodfellas (IT), Differant (F) & Légère Recordings via Zebralution (digital), kdigital (Asia), CDBaby (USA).


A  Just Another Christmas Wish

B  Hurt pt1. (alternate Mix)

    This River Is Full Of Tears (intsr.)



Dangerously Close To Love

12 track album on 2x12” Vinyl, including download code

feat members of Golden Kanine, Grant Creon, Gisbert zu Knyphausen's band.

Guest appearances by Kristofer Åström and Ari Up,

Out on Tan U Sound, Distributed by Cargo Records, Sonic Rendezvous (NL), SRD (UK), Goodfellas (IT), Differant (F) & Légère Recordings via Zebralution (digital).

Available at the record store of your trust. Urge them to order it!
Or you just get it here:



A  I Want To Be A Beach Boy But Not Mike Love / Oh Johanna / Perfect Night Almost Out.

B  Grace_Disgrace / Oh Me Oh My Death Is Overrated.

C  Cry Me A River / Mistress Of Ave D / Hurt pt1.

D  Promises Promises / Southern Belles / (It’s A) Beautiful Thought (It Takes To Fly) / Wedding Day.