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We partner with foundations, government agencies, associations, and other funders to deliver a cohort-based and cutting-edge strategic planning program for leaders of nonprofits.

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We run strategic planning training and coaching programs to transform leaders of nonprofits.

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Our process and methods have been architected by Eric Ryan, a 25+ year veteran of nonprofit strategic planning. Our tools, processes, and insights have been perfected by our team of consultants, trainers, and software developers to create a strategic planning ecosystem that will help your nonprofit achieve success.

As the leaders of a small nonprofit, our to-do list is continually long. The strategic planning task was always an item that stayed undone, and near the bottom. But now we are complete and total converts. This type of work makes all the regular days more smooth, pleasant and productive: fewer fires to put out, clearer understanding of what’s important and what can wait, greater funding, smoother relationships, and unexpected respect and status in the community due to our more professional organization.
— Shawn and Laura Sears, Vida Verde Nature Education
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