2022 routes and dates

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2 | 2 to 5 pm | Pleasant Hill
Pursley St. + 3rd Ave. + Ward St.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6 | 2 to 5pm | Walnut/Clayton Street
Walnut St. + Clayton St. + Buford Pl. + Oak Haven Ave.


An initiative of Bike Walk Macon, Open Streets Macon is a free community program that temporarily closes streets to car traffic and invites Maconites to reimagine their streets as places for people, not just cars. Bring your bicycle or just your feet, and get ready to experience your community streets in a safer, healthier, more livable way.


voices of open streets macon

“As people age, many become less comfortable with the driving experience because of high speeds, congestion, and the aggressive nature of other drivers. What better way to promote alternative means of transportation, while also embracing the energy and uniqueness of community, than with Open Streets. As a part of the AARP and World Health Organizations Livable Communities Initiative, we are happy to come alongside the city to support and celebrate the work you do toward promoting safe streets for everybody.”

— Alice Bennett, Esq. | AARP Associate State Director AND Open Streets Macon Sponsor

“Open Streets opens our eyes, our hearts, and our minds to the possibility of true mobility- moving through our city using every form of transportation feet, bikes, cars, and mass transit. Open Streets brings people from all communities, economic and racial demographics together so that we can share what we have in common - our hopes and expectations for the city we love, MACON.”

— Justice Verda Colvin | Georgia Supreme Court and Open Streets Macon Volunteer

“To me, Open Streets is all about connection. Connecting people to different parts of their city, connecting people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds with each other, and connecting people to the idea that streets are public spaces that everyone can enjoy.”

— Amanda O’Rourke | 8 80 Cities Executive Director

“Open Streets Macon provides opportunities for our kids to showcase their talents within selected neighborhoods, in which a few of our members reside. It’s opportunities like Open Streets that brings awareness of social safety, family fun activities, and comradery from various organizations.”


2022 Bike Walk Macon sponsors

Open Streets Macon is an initiative of Bike Walk Macon supported by a diverse range of public, private, and nonprofit stakeholders.

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