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Wildlife Survey & Monitoring

Bat Survey & Monitoring Passive Full Spectrum Bat Detectors Beginners Bat Detectors %20Bat%20Traps%20%26%20Nets">Bat Traps & Nets View All Mammal Survey & Monitoring %20Large%20Mammal%20Nets%20and%20Traps">Large Mammal Traps & Nets %20Small%20Mammal%20Traps">Small Mammal Traps %20Telemetry">Telemetry View All Wildlife Photography %20Trail%20Cameras">Trail Cameras %20Wildlife%20CCTV%20Cameras">Wildlife CCTV Cameras %20TriggerSmart%20Camera%20Triggers">DSLR Camera Triggers View All Microscopes & Hand Lenses %20Hand%20Lenses">Hand Lenses %20Digital%20Microscopes">Digital Microscopes %20Stereo%20Microscopes">Stereo Microscopes View All Aquatic Survey & Monitoring %20Professional%20Hand%20%26%20Kick%20Nets">Professional Hand & Kick Nets %20Water%20Testing">Water Testing %20Waders%20%26%20Aquatic%20Safety">Waders & Aquatic Safety View All Plant Survey %20Tree%20Survey%20Equipment">Tree Survey Equipment %20Quadrats%20%26%20Point%20Frames">Quadrats & Point Frames %20Botanical%20Presses%20%26%20Accessories">Botanical Presses & Accessories View All Optics %20Binoculars">Binoculars %20Endoscopes%20%26%20Accessories">Endoscopes & Accessories %20Thermal%20Imaging">Thermal Imaging Scopes View All Amphibian & Reptile Survey %20Amphibian%20Survey%20%26%20Monitoring">Amphibian Survey & Monitoring %20Reptile%20Survey%20%26%20Monitoring">Reptile Survey & Monitoring %20Scales%2C%20Balances%20%26%20Holding%20Bags">Scales, Balances & Holding Bags View All Entomology %20Insect%20Nets%20%26%20Beating%20Trays">Insect Nets & Beating Trays %20Moth%20Traps">Moth Traps %20Insect%20Rearing%20>%20Insect%20Cages">Insect Rearing Cages View All Ornithology & Bird Ringing %20Sound%20Recording">Sound Recording %20Mist%20Nets">Mist Nets %20Bird%20Survey%20Equipment">Bird Survey Equipment View All Environmental Survey & Monitoring %20Dataloggers">Dataloggers %20Thermometers">Thermometers %20Soil%20Survey">Soil Survey View All Field Study Equipment %20Lamps%20%26%20Torches">Lamps & Torches %20GPS%20%26%20Landscape%20Survey">GPS & Landscape Survey %20Field%20Stationery">Field Stationery View All

Practical Conservation Equipment

Bird Boxes %20Woodcrete%20%26%20WoodStone%20Bird%20Boxes">Woodcrete & WoodStone Bird Boxes %20Bird%20Boxes%20for%20Walls%20%26%20Fences">Bird Boxes for Walls & Fences %20Integrated%20Bird%20Boxes">Integrated Bird Boxes View All Education %20Pond%20Dipping%20%26%20Rock%20Pooling">Pond Dipping & Rock Pooling %20Classroom%20%26%20Laboratory">Classroom & Laboratory %20Field%20Studies%20Essentials">Field Studies Essentials View All Habitat Management Tools %20Saws">Saws %20Measuring%20Equipment">Measuring Equipment %20Marking%20Tape%20%26%20Marking%20Flags">Marking Tape & Marking Flags View All Bat Boxes %20Woodcrete%20%26%20WoodStone%20Bat%20Boxes">Woodcrete & WoodStone Bat Boxes %20Bat%20Boxes%20for%20External%20Walls">Bat Boxes for External Walls %20Integrated%20Bat%20Boxes">Integrated Bat Boxes View All Other Nest Boxes, Habitats & Feeders %20Insect%20Boxes">Insect Boxes %20Mammal%20Boxes">Mammal Boxes %20Frog%20%26%20Toad%20Habitats">Frog & Toad Habitats View All Wildlife Management %20Badger%20Gates%20%26%20Fencing">Badger Gates & Fencing %20Invasive%20Species%20Control">Invasive Species Control %20Amphibian%20%26%20Reptile%20Fencing">Amphibian & Reptile Fencing View All

Field Guides & Natural History

Birds %20Non-Passerines">Non-passerines %20Passerines">Passerines %20World%20Lists%20%26%20Handbooks">World Lists & Handbooks View All Insects & other Invertebrates %20Insects">Insects %20Arthropods%20%28excl.%20insects%29%20>%20Spiders%2C%20Scorpions%2C%20Ticks%20%26%20Mites%20%28Arachnids%29">Spiders %20Other%20Invertebrates">Other Invertebrates View All Marine & Freshwater %20Fishes">Fish Identification Guides %20Marine%20Identification%20Guides">Marine Identification Guides %20Freshwater%20Identification%20Guides">Freshwater Identification Guides View All Habitats & Ecosystems %20Forests%20%26%20Wetlands">Forests & Wetlands %20Coasts%20%26%20Islands">Coasts & Islands %20Urban%20%26%20Built%20Environment">Urban & Built Environment View All Natural History %20Biography%2C%20Exploration%20%26%20Travel">Biography, Exploration & Travel %20General%20Natural%20History">General Natural History %20History%20of%20Science%20%26%20Nature">History of Science View All Mammals %20Bats%20%28Chiroptera%29">Bats %20Marine%20Mammals">Marine Mammals %20Primates">Primates View All Reptiles & Amphibians %20Reptiles">Reptile Field Guides %20Amphibians">Amphibian Field Guides %20Reptiles%20%26%20Amphibians%3A%20General">Herpetology Handbooks View All Plants %20Vascular%20Plants%20>%20Orchids">Orchids %20Vascular%20Plants%20>%20Trees%20%26%20Shrubs">Trees & Shrubs %20Vascular%20Plants%20>%20Grasses%2C%20Sedges%2C%20Rushes%20%26%20Ferns">Grasses, Sedges, Rushes, & Ferns View All %20Parks%20%26%20Protected%20Areas">Parks & Protected Areas %20Parks%20%26%20Protected%20Areas">Americas %20Parks%20%26%20Protected%20Areas">Europe & the Mediterranean %20Parks%20%26%20Protected%20Areas">Asia %20Parks%20%26%20Protected%20Areas">View All

Academic & Professional Books

Mammals %20Mammal%20Monographs">Monographs %20Mammal%20Atlases%20%26%20Faunas">Atlases & Faunas %20Mammal%20Biology%20%26%20Ecology">Biology & Ecology View All Reptiles & Amphibians %20Reptile%20%26%20Amphibian%20Monographs">Monographs %20Reptile%20%26%20Amphibian%20Atlases%20%26%20Faunas">Atlases & Faunas %20Reptile%20%26%20Amphibian%20Biology%20%26%20Ecology">Biology & Ecology View All Evolutionary Biology %20Evolution">Evolution %20Human%20Evolution%20%26%20Anthropology">Human Evolution & Anthropology %20Cladistics%2C%20Phylogeny%2C%20Phenology%20%26%20Taxonomy">Cladistics, Phylogeny & Taxonomy View All Conservation & Biodiversity %20Conservation%20Biology">Conservation Biology %20Species%20Conservation%20%26%20Care">Species Conservation & Care %20Habitat%20Management%20%26%20Care">Habitat Management & Care View All Environmental & Social Studies %20Economics%2C%20Politics%20%26%20Policy">Economics, Politics & Policy %20Natural%20Resource%20Use%20%26%20Depletion">Natural Resource Use & Depletion %20Climate%20Change">Climate Change View All Ornithology %20Biology%2C%20Ecology%20%26%20Behaviour">Biology, Ecology & Behaviour %20Conservation%2C%20Care%20%26%20Monitoring">Conservation, Care & Monitoring %20Taxonomy%20%26%20Nomenclature">Taxonomy & Nomenclature View All Marine & Freshwater Biology %20Fishes">Fishes %20Marine%20Biology">Marine Biology %20Freshwater%20Biology">Freshwater Biology View All Ecology %20Behavioural%20Ecology">Behavioural Ecology %20Population%20%26%20Community%20Ecology">Population & Community Ecology %20Ecosystem%20%26%20Landscape%20Ecology">Ecosystem & Landscape Ecology View All Earth System Sciences %20Lithosphere">Lithosphere %20Hydrosphere">Hydrosphere %20Atmosphere">Atmosphere View All History & other Humanities %20History%20of%20Science%20%26%20Nature">History of Science & Nature %20Environmental%20History">Environmental History %20Philosophy%2C%20Ethics%20%26%20Religion">Philosophy, Ethics & Religion View All Insects & other Invertebrates %20Invertebrate%20Monographs">Monographs %20Invertebrate%20Atlases%20%26%20Faunas">Atlases & Faunas %20Invertebrate%20Biology%20%26%20Ecology">Biology & Ecology View All Botany %20Floras%20%26%20Botanical%20Field%20Guides">Floras & Botanical Field Guides %20Mycology">Mycology %20Economic%20Botany%20%26%20Ethnobotany">Economic Botany & Ethnobotany View All Organismal to Molecular Biology %20Ethology">Ethology %20Genetics">Genetics %20Microbiology">Microbiology View All Palaeontology %20Palaeozoology%20%26%20Extinctions">Palaeozoology & Extinctions %20Palaeobotany">Palaeobotany %20Palaeoclimatology">Palaeoclimatology View All Reference %20Data%20Analysis%20%26%20Modelling">Data Analysis & Modelling %20Editing%20%26%20Writing">Editing & Writing %20Collections%20Management">Collections Management View All

Good Reads

Good Reads on Evolution Richard Dawkins Edward O. Wilson Matt Ridley View All Nature Writing Peter Marren Marianne Taylor Richard Mabey View All Environmental History Brian Fagan Jared Diamond Oliver Rackham View All Nature Writing Classics Gilbert White John Muir Aldo Leopold View All Palaeontology Good Reads Donald R. Prothero Michael J. Benton Richard Fortey View All Conservation Good Reads Michael McCarthy Rachel Carson Dave Goulson View All Popular Science Tim Birkhead Sean B. Carroll Yuval Noah Harari View All Environmental Issues James Lovelock Dieter Helm Mark Lynas View All Biography, Exploration & Travel Alfred Russel Wallace Tim Birkhead Sir David Attenborough View All

British Wildlife

8 issues per year 84 pages per issue Subscription only

British Wildlife is the leading natural history magazine in the UK, providing essential reading for both enthusiast and professional naturalists and wildlife conservationists. Published eight times a year, British Wildlife bridges the gap between popular writing and scientific literature through a combination of long-form articles, regular columns and reports, book reviews and letters.

Subscriptions from £40 per year Go to British Wildlife

Conservation Land Management

4 issues per year 44 pages per issue Subscription only

Conservation Land Management (CLM) is a quarterly magazine that is widely regarded as essential reading for all who are involved in land management for nature conservation, across the British Isles. CLM includes long-form articles, events listings, publication reviews, new product information and updates, reports of conferences and letters.

Subscriptions from £22 per year Go to Conservation Land Management Close 0 items|£0.00View BasketLoading Wildlife Survey & Monitoring Field Guides & Natural History Academic & Professional Books Practical Conservation Equipment Good Reads Gifts
Professional Ecologists Libraries Researchers Supporting Conservation Wildlife Friendly Construction Naturalists Education Manufactured By NHBS Bestsellers in Wildlife Survey & Monitoring Opticron Hand Lens 23mm 10x Magnification £10.79 £12.46 More Info Magenta Bat 5 Bat Detector £80.42 £85.00 More Info Q2 Quadrat £15.42 More Info NHBS Moth Trap £137.50 More Info Echo Meter Touch 2 - Android £154.17 £174.17 More Info Bug Pots (Set of 10) £10.83 More Info Telescopic Insect Net £12.49 More Info Triplet Loupe Hand Lens, 21mm, 10x magnification £29.58 More Info Mammal Footprint Tunnel £12.46 More Info Elekon Batscanner Bat Detector £204.17 More Info Standard Sweep Net £24.96 More Info Peat Probe £83.29 More Info Browse all Bestsellers in Field Guides & Natural History A Field Guide to Grasses, Sedges and Rushes £11.99 More Info Collins Bird Guide £19.99 £29.99 More Info Britain's Insects £24.99 More Info Britain's Habitats £24.99 More Info Gulls of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East £29.99 More Info The Wild Flower Key £24.99 More Info Britain's Butterflies £17.99 More Info Europe and Mediterranean Marine Fish Identification Guide £38.99 More Info A Guide to British Bats £3.75 More Info Felids and Hyenas of the World £24.99 More Info Grassland Fungi £19.99 More Info Habitats of the World £27.99 More Info Browse all Bestsellers in Academic & Professional Books Identification Guide to Birds in the Hand £37.99 More Info The Royal Entomological Society Book of British Insects £54.95 More Info New Flora of the British Isles £59.00 More Info Illustrated Checklist of the Mammals of the World (2-Volume Set) £170.00 £200.00 More Info Grassland Restoration and Management £34.99 More Info Where the Slime Mould Creeps £23.99 More Info Habitat Management for Invertebrates £34.99 More Info The Largest Avian Radiation £79.99 More Info Handbook of the Marine Fauna of North-West Europe £64.99 More Info Bone Building Books, Volume 10: Bone Builder's Notebook £54.99 More Info Kame no Kōra wa Abarabone: Jintai de Arawasu Ugokumonozukan [Turtle Shells Have Ribs: A Picture Book of Animal Anatomy Represented by the Human Body] £24.99 More Info The Princeton Field Guide to Prehistoric Mammals £27.99 More Info Browse all Bestsellers in Practical Conservation Equipment Beaumaris Woodstone Bat Box £26.21 More Info 2F Schwegler Bat Box (General Purpose) £39.99 More Info General Purpose Bat Box £39.99 More Info Vivara Pro WoodStone Swift Nest Box £30.42 More Info Improved Crevice Bat Box £26.25 More Info Dormouse Nest Tube £19.16 £20.83 More Info Echoes Bird Bath £27.49 £36.66 More Info Standard Dormouse Nest Box £14.16 More Info Bee Brick £26.67 More Info Schwegler Cat Tree Deterrent £19.16 More Info Manthorpe Swift Brick £29.16 More Info Exclusion Badger Gate £65.79 More Info Browse all Bestsellers in Good Reads Secrets of a Devon Wood £14.99 More Info Heathland £27.99 £34.99 More Info Trees £27.99 £34.99 More Info Entangled Life £10.99 More Info Silent Earth £19.99 More Info Swifts and Us £16.99 More Info Rebirding £10.99 More Info A Mathematical Nature Walk £16.99 More Info Regenesis £19.99 More Info Beasts Before Us £19.99 More Info The Missing Lynx £10.99 More Info Life Between the Tides / The Sea Is Not Made of Water £19.99 More Info Browse all Bestsellers in Gifts Exquisite Creatures II 1,000-piece Jigsaw Puzzle £12.49 More Info Poo Bingo £14.16 More Info £100 Gift Voucher £100.00 More Info Insects Memory Game £5.42 £8.29 More Info Dinosaur Monopoly £27.08 More Info Orders and Families of the Birds of the World Poster (folded) £12.49 More Info Butterflies Colouring Set £6.28 More Info Brown Long-eared Bat Mug £11.38 More Info Trees Playing Cards £4.99 More Info Tree of Life 500-piece Jigsaw Puzzle £9.99 More Info Secrets of the Rainforest 1,000-piece Jigsaw Puzzle £9.99 £12.49 More Info Mushrooms Playing Cards £2.92 £4.99 More Info Browse all
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