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Economic Inclusion

How can people get access to decent economic opportunities?

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How can education systems keep up with the shifting demands of the 21st century?

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Energy and Climate

How can we make progress on climate change quickly enough?

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Health and Equity

How can we create greater health and equity?

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Natural Resources, Land, and Food

How can we respond adequately to resource challenges?

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Peace, Democracy, and Governance

How can we work with our differences to build and sustain peace and democracy?

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How do we collaborate to transform crisis?

Our 2020 Learning Report shares how to transform crisis into opportunity.

2020 will go down in history as a year of crisis and disruption. The overlapping crises arising from the COVID pandemic, climate change, racial inequity, weaknesses in democracy, and humanitarian emergencies have touched every life across the globe.

In this look back at 2020, we share five learnings on how to collaborate in order to transform crises.

Methods that effect systemic change

We help people make breakthroughs with projects that span days, months, or years. The results range from new understandings and commitments to new initiatives and institutions. A single skillfully organised event can be the genesis of a systemic shift.




Real progress on vital challenges, worldwide

We’ve learned that there is no quick fix: systemic change takes time, energy, resources, and skill. But with these ingredients, our most successful projects take on lives of their own, spawning resilient networks, alliances, and ecologies.


“A diverse, dispersed, resilient, largely renewable electricity future is the key to making the world richer, fairer, cooler, and safer. I think eLab is going to speed up the transition by maybe a decade.”

Amory Lovins Chairman and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute

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