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Osteopathy helps to identify, treat and prevent health issues by moving, stretching and massaging a person’s muscles and joints.

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Chiropractic focuses on the manual adjustment or manipulation of the spine to correct nervous system dysfunction.

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Physiotherapy treatment can help with maintaining and restoring our patient’s mobility, performance and well-being. 

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Spine Clinic is a health center that combines the knowledge and skills of an Osteopath, a Chiropractor, a Physiotherapist and Massage Therapists. The goal is to offer our patients the best possible treatment in order to help them recover, maintain or strengthen their movement ability.

Spine Clinic was founded by Henrik Fagersson, Osteopath D.O. and is operating under License No. 77106000365.

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reviews of spine clinic hua hin

Spine Clinic5.0Based on 106 reviewsSee all reviewsWrite a reviewSpine Clinic5.0Based on 15 reviewsSee all reviewsWrite a review I’ve suffered from stiffness and discomfort of the shoulder blades, neck and areas of my spine gradually getting worse each year which started impacting on my sleep. After only one sessions with Patrick he completely fixed my problems.

I can 100% recommend Patrick and this clinic.
Gary Wiffen05:00 12 Aug 22 Chiropracter Patrick is amazing Chiropracter highly recommended very professional great Great results And only one of many few which is actually license As a Chiropracter in Thailand 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Paul “just Freddie” Wise08:51 08 Aug 22 An excellent team and service. Since my initial visits to Henrik and weekly medical massage with Laksana, my knee and neck pain have disappeared. Malcolm Smith06:24 08 Aug 22 ดีค่ะ ไหล่ติดยกได้ไม่สุด ตอนนี้หายแล้วค่ะ เอาใส่ใจดูแลดี นักกายภาพบำบัดคุณหวันค่ะ Pattarawat Chatree15:32 07 Aug 22 Strongly recommened!! They are professional ❤️😊 Ploypailin Sakdaphetsiri14:54 07 Aug 22 Professional and really helpful with nice staffs. Strongly recommended!! ❤️ Ploy Sakdapheysiri14:52 07 Aug 22 จับเส้นดีมากค่ะ หลังจากนวดเสร็จรู้สึกตัวเบา สบาย ก่อนนี้มีปัญหาปวดต้นคอ ไหล่ และปวดหัว เริ่มคัวเบาขึ้นค่ะ wattanapa singkiwiboon10:25 07 Aug 22 สถานที่ที่รักษและบําบัดได้ถูกทางและดีมาก Raynu Rayya10:24 07 Aug 22 นวดกับหมอcอาการดีขึ้นมากค่ะใส่ใจลูกค้าดีมากๆค่ะใจเย็นละเอียดและสุภาพขอบคุณที่ได้หมอดีๆค่ะ นัชรีพรรณ บรรจงแต้ม09:42 07 Aug 22 หมอS นวดแก้อาการดีมากและตรงจุดกับอาการที่เราบอกเลยคะขอแนะนำ Mo Pharanyaporn Nilpradub07:43 07 Aug 22 A modern clinic and a professional team that offers various types of treatment! Highly recommended. Patrik Wagner04:32 06 Aug 22 My old golfing friend and practitioner invited me down to Spine Clinic after I asked him to help me with my back. I was having stiffness and spasms when picking up heavy objects even while using my legs. I was also sitting around a lot because of Covid isolation. Patrick didnt promise me anything but I decided to try it regardless. He did such a great job identifying areas that were out of balance and my spine was so tight he basically changed my oil. I feel like a new man 5-10 years younger and Im definately going back from now on for routine adjustments. Patrick even noticed that I might have some blood pressure problems and sure enough my diastolic pressure was high. Thanks Dr. Smooth! brycspain13:01 26 Jul 22 Found spine clinic when i was in hua hin by chance, before this i had bad back pain i could hardly walk for 3 weeks. For the past week i had visited 3 chiropractors in bangkok all at different practices but they could not help much.Dr patrick fixed me with 1 session through spinal manipulation. They say there's no substitute for experience and that certainly holds true for Dr patrick as he is the most experienced chiro i have met.Absolutely magic Aaron Lim15:16 21 Jul 22 If I could give Henrik and his team 10 stars, I would! As someone who has seen many practitioners over the past few years to help with the chronic pain I experience, I was fortunate enough to meet someone as skilled, knowledgeable and friendly as Henrik. He helped correct ailments that no one else has been able to correct, giving me a deeply renewed experience of life. I would highly recommend him to everyone! Louise Lee05:32 28 Jun 22 Un cabinet ou un ostheopathe et un chiropracteur vous remettrons sur pied. Cadre agréable personnel compétent. Philippe CLECH22:56 22 May 22 Every time I have back pain I see Henrik, and every tine I leave the office I have no pain.I have gone to chiropractors and osteopaths for 60 yrs., and Henrik is among the best.It's not just his ability to relieve pain but also his kindness and ability to explain what he's doing, all with a sense of humor and humbleness.One caveat; the google map is completely wrong. Going East to West, you turn right, not left, to LotusWell and Big C is on the same road as the way to the clinic, not on the road to the North. George Neidorf11:42 10 May 22 Professional and effective. Henrik is the best . Finley S09:08 10 May 22 Henrik is a great doctor who has lots of patient with his great skills. If you need help on your spine he can be the one who can take care of you and helping you to get better for sure:)) 😊 Chomphu Khoburee05:00 24 Apr 22 I had a fantastic session with Henrik at Spine Clinic, Hua Hin and will definitely be going back. Henrik is welcoming, professional and knowledgeable with years of experience in the field. Even after my first session, I noticed improvements and felt better! I was able to move more freely and with less pain and discomfort and my respiratory health and breathing has also improved considerably. Thanks Henrik and I will happily continue to recommend your services 🙏🙏 Oliver Purvis-Smith03:38 15 Apr 22 I got to know Henrik in 2002 during our service in the Swedish Army.He has always been devoted to his tasks and always gentle and kind to the people around him, always helping and supporting them.He has helped me countless times with my problems with my back.Unfortunately he is far away from Sweden now so I can not get help, but you people who are near and need help from this guy, concider your self lucky.Visit his clinic and enjoy the treatment, eventhough if it's the first time, it may be scary but don't worried, your in good hands! Flamur Gashi12:16 13 Apr 22 Amazing, thank you for your help, i recovered very fast ! Christophe “Mintobal” Boix15:52 29 Mar 22 Read lots of reviews before coming here and found all to be totally true - Henrik really is amazing. I felt so much better and lighter after the session. He gave me some very good and valuable advice on how to take care of my lower back so I could fix my back problems for good. He gave me so much motivation to start treating it seriously and actually take action. Thanks so much Henrik! Elina Boradzova06:23 29 Mar 22 รู้สึกดีขึ้นหลังรักษากับK.wan รักษาอาการตรงตามจุด สถานที่ดี สวย Sura Papun14:35 22 Mar 22 หลังจากรักษาอาการปวดหลังชาร้าวลงขา กับPT K.wan อาการชาร้าวดีขึ้นเรื่อยๆ หายไป มีการบริการที่ดีมาก PT ให้คำแนะนำการดูแลที่ดีมาก Wirada Sramongkhol03:37 22 Mar 22 Henrik and his team are amazing! K. Wan ( his new physiotherapist) has been doing extensive treatment on an arm injury I have had for nearly two years and she has made it so much better to deal with in just five visits! Totally professional and highly recommended. Steve Johnston05:49 14 Mar 22 How Henrik managed to remove my hip pain since several years in only one session is amazing. He is professional and accommodating, and explains the process so you feel comfortable during the treatment.Henrik is also very attentive of the root cause and shares his knowledge of preventive methods for self care.Passionate about his profession, Henrik has a genuine approach towards helping people heal. The clinic's atmosphere is welcoming and the team very friendly and skilled.Highly recommend and happy to have such quality health care in Hua Hin. Dina Soheartme13:57 11 Feb 22 Great stuff. Felt much better afterwards. Thanks Paul Hamon07:51 28 Dec 21 The service is great. Staff very friendly. Henrik know what is doing and I like that he always explain and tell me what is he going to do in every crack. For a first time like me to know what is about to happen is really important. Highly recommended Natt Opasanon06:42 28 Dec 21 I could write a long list of impression but let me keep it simple.Very professional treatments and I'm not talking only about myself. All my family members and many of of our customers getting treatments at spine clinic and every single one was a success. I highly recommend to visit. Klaus Lippert05:03 19 Dec 21 Henrik is talented osteopath with overall care of customer. His intrest in sports, motivation and easy going customer service makes it a great deal.At the session he manipulates problem area muscles. And later he manipulates bones to correct places. All with very good professionalism.Henrik has carefully handpicked his staff and under his supervision he has physiotheraphy services and medical massage.Jarkko SoikkeliGolf professionalTennis enthustiac Jarkko Soikkeli05:16 12 Nov 21 เป็นออฟฟิศซินโดมค่ะ ปวดคอบ่าไหลมาก หลังจากได้ทำการรักษา อาการปวดลดลงอย่างเห็นได้ชัด นักกายภาพบำบัด(คุณหวัน) อธิบายเข้าใจได้ง่าย กระชับ มีการย้ำเตือนอยู่เสมอว่าท่าทางใดผิดปกติให้เราหลีกเลี่ยงท่าทางนั้น รวมถึงมีท่าออกกำลังกายที่จำเพาะไม่ยากเกินความสามารถเราทำได้เองที่บ้านค่ะ อภิญญา กิมติน12:07 10 Nov 21 Henrik is very attentive, kind, easy going. He has a great staff. Everything is very clean and comfortable. I wish I could give this a 10 star review. Henrik knows what he is doing. He doesn't hurt you. He walks you through each step before he does it. A real gem in all of the world. Joy Worley Speights15:21 09 Nov 21 At 65 years old, I've seen numerous chiropractors, osteopaths and physical therapist. Henrik is very attentive, kind, easy going. He has a great staff. Everything is very clean and comfortable. I wish I could give this a 10 star review. Henrik knows what he is doing. He walks you through everything he does before he does it. A real gem in all of the world. Joy Speights11:10 09 Nov 21 We had a very good experience with him and he explains everything to you. Go and check him out, we highly recommend him

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