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Fill The Oceans

Oh nooo! Aliens stole all the water from earth. All the oceans are empty, not a drop is left! We're doomed.

There's only one hope. A crazy scientist claims he invented a way to make water out of nothing. Each time you click the big drop on screen, his machine produces a very little drop of water. Pure, clean, precious water.

The crazy scientist is working around the clock to make his machine faster. But to make it faster he needs water!

We found some technology the aliens left behind and the crazy scientist is trying to figure out how to use it to get more drops.

You've got to fill the oceans drop by drop. Start Clicking the drop and buy helpers and upgrades with drops.

Click "Fill the ocean" to put the drops you produced in the ocean, but watch out, you can't buy stuff with the drops you put into the ocean.

Tip: try to click on these when you see them

Clouds make it rain and storm!When there are quite some drops in the oceans, the sun can evaporate them. Protect your drops from the sun!

If not everything is visible on screen, adjust the zoom of your browser.

You did it!

You filled the oceans, we are saved.

We can drink again without worries, our ecosystems are coming back and humanity will survive!

We can again go for a refreshing swim in a clear blue ocean with nice little fish like the Sarcastic Fringehead.

Help the aliens

The aliens are so impressed they ask for your help. They have hundreds of worlds that are without water and are begging you to help them.

You'll need a lot more drops to fill all those oceans.

You did it!

You filled all the oceans of the aliens.

Now the aliens can enjoy the beauty of the ocean wildlife too, what can be more beautiful than a Humpback Angler Fish?

To infinity!

You should stop now. You really should.

Ok, ok, I know you want to reach infinity, go on then, I dare you, click "To infinity!"

Build 1000 Temples

To build a temple you need to cut wood and stone, and have builders.

To feed builders and other workers you need food, and to house them you need tents or houses.

You can make workers farm, cut wood, cut stone or build.

Food and leather

Food: 0

Leather: 0

Maximum-capacity: 0

Upgrade: max. capacity +100

Cost: 0 wood


Wood: 0

Maximum-capacity: 0

Upgrade: max. capacity +100

Cost: 0 wood


Stone: 0

Maximum-capacity: 0

Upgrade: max. capacity +100

Cost: 0 wood + 0 stone



Tent: 1 person

Cost: 2 leather + 2 wood


Wooden house: 3 persons

Cost: 1 leather + 20 wood

Two builders needed


Stone house: 6 persons

Cost: 1 leather + 10 wood + 30 stone

Five builders needed



Cost: 20 food

Needs food to survive

Maximum number of workers: 0

Workers without a job: 0


Builders not working: 0

Builders at work: 0

Workers that died: 0


Cost: 0 wood + 0 stone

Twenty builders needed.


You built 1000 Temples!This site uses cookies for ads, traffic analysis and to save the game. Learn more


Experience points: 0

Know-how: 0

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Bank level

0 drops

per second: 0

Drops in bank boost: 0%

Helping hordes

0 drops in ocean

0 %

Ocean levelMtn Eew level

Poseidon, God of the seas

How dare you even talk to me after you let those aliens steal my seas!

Show me some respect. Build a 1000 temples, bring sacrifices, pray to me and I will help you fill the seas.

Poseidon, God of the seas

I see you built 1000 temples in my honor. Now sacrifice to me in the temple above me and I will help you when you pray to me.

Sacrifice for Poseidon

Sacrifice in my honor and when you have gained my favor I will help you when you pray to me.

1 million drops

Poseidon will get a little less grumpy.

Upgrade weatherstation

Upgrade the weather station

The weather station is enabled.

1 trillion drops

The weather station clicks on 20% of the clouds for you. After you buy this upgrade the weather station will click on 30% of the clouds for you.

Select a prayer.

Experience points



Drops in ocean: 0 drops / 0 %

Drops in bank: 0 drops

Drops produced this know-how level: 0 drops

Drops produced all know-how levels: 0 drops

Drops per second: 0

Multiplier: 0 %

Drops per click: 0 drops

Hand-made clicks: 0

Hand-made drops: 0 drops

Experience points: 0

Drops to next exp point: 0

Know-how: 0

Cloud clicks: 0

First started: 0

This run started: 0

Next meeting with aliens: 0

Aliens drained: 0


Bought: 0 / 0 (0%)


Unlocked: 0 / 0 (0)

Save / load / reset

Save the game (game saves automatically every minute)

Backup your save

Delete all your progress


Number options: shortened / scientific

Show number of drops on click

Makes a sound when a cloud appears.

Makes a sound when a clickstorm or Wrath starts.

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