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AnytownGarage Sale Monsters isan isometric, single-player role playing & card game upcoming to PC and mobile.

In thisone year full ofheart warming journey, you play as the new kidmoving to Anytown with your divorced mom, sister and dog.You must find your own way while dealing with mundane tasks, struggling with family issues, starting a new school and choosing your best friends.

Meanwhile, there is an absurd card game spread among kids in town which they invented by using the monster cards they have found on the dusty shelves of a garage sale.

Be a nerd, punk or bully... Be the most popular kid in school or spend your whole year just with your dog...Deal with real-life issues or join imaginary card queststo avoid them... In Anytown, each day is a unique adventuretailored by your decisions.

The Gameplay

Create Your Own Living Character

You can fully customize skin color,eye color, hair style & color and clothes when starting a new game.You can change your appearance later by shopping from barber, solarium, opticianand clothing stores or by earning gifts from your Friends, Townsfolk and Family.

In this game, managing your wardrobe is important! You regularly need to change your outfit and wash the dirty ones; unless you want to hang around with the stinky punk kids who wears the same shirt everyday...

Explore Anytown & Beyond

Travel through the downtown, suburbs and outskirts of Anytown and interact with dozens of characters and hundreds of objects. All navigation and interaction are done with just a single tap/click.

One Year in Anytown

Game always endwithin a year cycle and timeis your only critical resource.By each interaction, game time progress...Morning turns to midday, midday turns to evening and evening turns to night. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months. By each three month the season changes and the whole town map alters.

Absurd Card Battles

The kids in Anytown are crazy about theabsurd card game that they invented. This turn based card game is based on 30 monsters of 10 countering elements, which are inspired by everyday objects and household items. Battles are fought with a hand of three cards to earn new monsters and level-up existing ones. The battles are pure skill-based challengeswithout luck factor.

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