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We back bold founders solving Pakistan's biggest problems.

We invest in pre-seed and seed-stage startups and provide hands-on support to take their businesses to the next stage.

Our team has worked with startups in Pakistan for over a decade, and have played a direct role in the ecosystem's growth and evolution. We have a deep understanding of the market, and the needs of early-stage companies.

Pitch us

Our Portfolio


Using digital ledgers to track credit and expenses, CreditBook is working to accelerate digitisation for small businesses in Pakistan.Creditbook


Abhi is Pakistan's first earned wage access and salary on-demand platform, providing different financial solutions for businesses.ABHI


DealCart is a group buying platform that provides underserved communities with access to affordable daily essential products in a gamified and interactive way.dEALCART


Tazah works to improve the lives of producers, businesses and consumers through the use of a tech-enabled operating system for Pakistan's agriculture supply chain.Tazah


Rider is an e-commerce logistics service provider that offers services ranging from delivery operations to online customer insights.Rider


Metric is a financial analytics and insights application geared toward startup founders without experience in finance and/or sufficient resources.Metric


As Pakistan's first domestic messaging service, TelloTalk provides a wide variety of hyperlocalized and end-to-end encrypted communication services for Pakistani netizens.Tellotalk


ezBike is an electric bike-sharing service launched by Roamer Technologies, and allows users to access more sustainable and independent alternatives for transportation.ezBike

Truck It In

Truck It In is an application platform that empowers a wide range of key indsutries by providing vendors with detailed shipment insights.Truck It IN


Edkasa works to reduce disparities in availability of high-quality education by providing online tutoring services for Matric exams.Edkasa


Oraan is Pakistan's first women-led, women-first fintech startup, creating alternative financial solutions to empower the underserved.Oraan

Our Investees Receive

Access to Network

We have a strong global and local network, and help our companies with fundraising, strategy, and partnerships.

Insights Support

Our sister entity’s research arm, i2i Insights, supports our portfolio companies on collecting user insights to accelerate their growth.

Access to Experts

We have a bench of operators & experts that support the growth of our portfolio companies via AMAs, office hours, and hands-on technical support.

Talent Support

We know talent is one of the biggest challenges every startup in Pakistan faces. We help our companies with sourcing, hiring, and optimizing their talent pool.

What Our Founders Say

"For Edkasa, i2i Ventures was the perfect partner as they matched our sense of excitement and purpose for transforming the learning journey of millions of learners in Pakistan."Annum Sadiq, Edkasa Our relationship with  i2i Ventures is founded in extreme candour and has been critical to our growth & reflection. We wouldn't have it any other way & are so happy to share this journey with them!"Hasib Malik, CreditBook"i2i Ventures  is one of the most founder friendly investors out of Pakistan. They know what it's like to be in a founder's shoes. Super glad to be partners with them in this journey."Halima Iqbal, Oraan"We are very lucky to have i2i Ventures as one of our key partners. By virtue of their passion, energy and dedication, they are more co-founders than investors to us.”Abrar Bajwa, Tazah

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Invest2Innovate & i2i Ventures?

Our Co-Founder & General Partner Kalsoom Lakhani founded Invest2Innovate in 2011, which was one of the earliest players in the Pakistan startup ecosystem. i2i Ventures, our early stage VC fund, launched in August 2019, co-founded by both Kalsoom & Misbah Naqvi. They are separate but sister entities -- Invest2Innovate runs ecosystem support programs and houses Insights, which releases comprehensive research on the Pakistan startup space. i2i Ventures is a standalone VC fund, but we get exposure to pipeline via Invest2Innovate and work closely with our Insights team, which helps our investment team make better data-driven decisions and also works with i2i Ventures' portfolio companies on user insights & research.

Is there basic eligibility criteria for i2i Ventures' investments?

We invest in both pre-seed & seed stage companies. We are sector agnostic, but are most excited by companies addressing large market opportunities in Pakistan. If you're pre-seed, we'll focus mostly on the founding team and the market opportunity, and if you're seed-stage, we'll also dig deeper into your initial traction and actual numbers. But most of all, we love & invest in great founders, who are curious, thinking big, know what they don't know, and have what it takes to build big & bold companies.

What is your typical ticket size and do you lead deals?

Our initial check sizes range from $250K - $500K. We do lead deals, but also are collaborative and like to co-invest with friends and other VC funds, and often bring others into deals with us.

What do you do beyond writing a check?

We're really proud of the value we provide our portfolio companies after the deal is done, and our founders are some of our best ambassadors. We support our companies on fundraising, strategy via our bench & network, hiring & talent optimization, and user insights via support from our sister company Invest2Innovate's Insights team.

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