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Weprovide comprehensive legal services toentrepreneurs, partnerships, public institutions and individuals.

Why us? Our legal actions Efficiency FAQ About me Contact

Wiktoria Ronc lawyer

Why us? Our legal actions Efficiency FAQ About me Contact

Why us?

Registered companies

Drafted, verified orreviewed contracts

Negotiations successfully completed for the client

Contact with the client

Company in Poland

From this video, you will find out how simple
it is toset up acompany inPoland.

With our help, the whole process shall be
conducted both profesionally and stressless.

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Our legal actions

Assistance in the acquisition and sale of real estate

Preparation, negotiation and conclusion of purchase, sale, lease and rental agreements

We collect debts

Debt collection, anti-collection and benefits handling

We conduct trials in Polish courts

Conduct of affairs, power of attorney and representation before the authorities

We establish companies in Poland and in other countries

Registration of companies inPoland and abroad, including risk assessment and taking into account the material substrate

We negotiate contracts

Interviews, legal advice and definition of contract terms

We draft and verify contracts

Drafting contracts, providing opinions and undertaking legal negotiations

Lawyers effective to the limit


10 most important facts about cryptocurrencies

20 lipca 2022

Over the past few years, the digital asset industry has become an extremely popular investment direction. Asaresult, an increasing number of countries are choosing toformalizeWięcej »

How tomake electronic signature?

24 czerwca 2022

If you plan torun abusiness inPoland, it is worth getting an electronic signature and atrusted profile. These solutions will make it much easier for youWięcej »

Why is it worth toset up acompany inPoland?

9 maja 2022

Despite appearances, many companies are thinking about developing their business with the consideration of foreign branches. What most often makes them want toset up theirWięcej »

Relocate your business toPoland

2 maja 2022

Relocating abusiness toPoland is an extremely optimal solution. However, changing the business environment inpractice is not assimple asit might seem. Polish regulations are favorable forWięcej »

Webinar – Company relocation – how totransfer your business toPoland

4 kwietnia 2022

Relocating abusiness toPoland is an extremely beneficial solution. However, the change of business environment inpractice is not assimple asit may seem. Polish regulations offer manyWięcej »

What is azoning plan?

16 marca 2022

POLISH-LAWYER – learn more onmyYouTube channel (CLICK HERE) Spatial development plan of atown (MPZP) is alegal act created inadescriptive and graphic form. The documentWięcej »

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What doweneed toset up alimited liability company?

Inorder toset up alimited liability company it is necessary tohave minimum capital of 5 000 PLN. The limited liability company is formed onthe basis of the articles of association of the limited liability company orthe memorandum of association, if you plan tooperate asaone-man limited liability company. This document must beconcluded inaform of notarial deed.

How tosecure your claim for payment?

The easiest way todothis is bylegal means, such asseizure of movable property, wages, bank orother debts, charging the obligor with acompulsory mortgage, prohibition tosell ortransfer real estate, prohibition tosell acooperative ownership right topremises, orestablishing acompulsory administration.

How long can alitigation inPoland take?

It all depends onthe case and its complexity. Some cases take amonth toprocess, but others can take up toseveral months oreven years.

How much does alitigation inPoland cost?

The amount of fee depends onthe type of case. If you sue someone, the court fee you have topay depends onthe amount of the claim being asserted. If the amount claimed exceeds PLN 20,000, the court fee will be5% of that amount.

What should beincluded inthe contract?

The contract should specify the type of contract, indicate the date and place of conclusion of the contract, designate the parties tothe contract, the statements of the parties, the duration of the contract, designate the method of termination of the contract and information onthe liability of the parties. Of course specific types of contracts can require other mandatory provisions, that’s why contracts shall bedrafted bylawyers.

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You have aproblem with communication with abusiness partner, you are afraid of language barriers, contact us, wewill help you with all issues and formalities.

Wiktoria Ronc lawyer


Law Office Wroclaw, Accounting Office Wrocław,
Setting up companies, Serving companies, Selling companies, Virtual office, business incubator.

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