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Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller


SCARM means Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller – software for easy and precise design of model train layouts and railroad track plans.

With SCARM you can easily create the layout of your dreams. Just download the setup package, install it and start editing your first track plan.

In SCARM you can use unlimited number* of tracks and objects from more than 225 libraries and instantly see your design in 3D preview with a single click.

And don't forget: Enjoy the hobby and have fun with the model trains

 * Only in the licensed version

Download Purchase Features Extensions Screenshots Getting Started Online Help & FAQ Included Track Libraries Information, Tutorials & Resources Version History Useful LinksDownload SCARM
Version 1.9.1 Multilingual
for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Model Train Layouts & Track Plans
for your inspiration

Model Trains Simulator
for SCARMTestimonials

To begin I would like to thank you for providing this fantastic program to us, model railroaders. You are truely adding solid value to keeping this hobby alive. Thank you very much.

Robert Kief, Thailand

I do love the software, I have been playing with it for several months and there is no limit of what you can do with SCARM. Best piece of software for that I have ever used.

Gordon Lamb


SCARM 1.9.1 Multilingual 3.72 MB from 12 Apr 2022

System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
OpenGL compatible graphicsInstallation type: Standalone installerLanguages: License: Freeware (limited)

After installing, start the program and select your preferred language from "View" > "Language" menu.

If you are upgrading from a previous beta version, please, read the article Everything About The Transition to SCARM 1.0.0.


What you can do with SCARM software?

You can create complex railroad layouts with many train stations on virtually unlimited areaYou can shape flex-tracks easily, intuitively and most important – in very realistic wayYou can deploy your layout on more than one level, with different heights and slopes for chosen sections of the track routeYou can place tunnels and bridges on the track planYou can draw figures to create buildings of train stations, houses, industries, etc. together with all needed roads and infrastructureYou can use semaphores and color light signals to create the signalling in the layout track routeYou can see a 3D view of your layout - just select "3D" button from the toolbar and review your design from all sides and anglesYou can measure distances and check track sections' lengths using the "Tools" menuYou can export and/or print your layout and share it with other model train fans and enthusiastsYou can view and print a list with the track pieces needed and even use it as a shopping listYou can extend the functionality of the main program with various extensions like the Model Trains SimulatorYou can share your ideas with the author, request new features and report bugs and errors, if you find any

Included Track Libraries

The current version of SCARM software supports more than 225 track and object libraries.*

Accucraft IIm C250American Flyer S American Models SAristo-Craft G EU Brass Aristo-Craft G US Stainless Steel Aristo-Craft G US Brass Arnold N RapidoAtlas HO Snap-Track C100Atlas HO Snap-Track C83Atlas HO True-Track C83Atlas N C80Atlas N True-Track C65Atlas N C55Atlas O 2-rail C148Atlas O 3-railAtlas O IndustrialAtlas Z C55Bachmann G Large ScaleBachmann G Large Scale (brass)Bachmann HO E-Z Nickel-SilverBachmann HO E-Z SteelBachmann N E-Z Nickel-SilverBachmann OO BranchlineBachmann O E-ZBachmann O Williams tubular tracksBachmann O27 Williams tubular tracksBassett Lowke O Hand-made tracks Bemo H0eBemo H0m StandardBemo H0m Model C70Bemo 0m Ferro-FlexBrawa H0 Transfer table British Finescale N FinetraX C40British Finescale 00 FinetraX C75Busch H0f FeldbahnCumberland Model Engineering F C215 (flex-track only)Cumberland Model Engineering F C250 (flex-track only)Egger-Bahn H0e 1966-1967 Eishindo TETS OFaller HO AMS Faller O Hit Train Faller O eTrain Fast Tracks HO Hand laid track templates (short versions, without curved turnouts)Fast Tracks N Hand laid track templates (short versions, without curved turnouts)Fast Tracks S Hand laid track templates (short versions)Fast Tracks TT Hand laid track templates (short versions)Fleischmann H0 Modell Fleischmann H0 Profi Fleischmann N PiccoloFlesichmann NFleischmann ТТ (turntable only)Frateschi HOG. Weller H0 C83GarGraves I flex tracksGarGraves O 3-rail Phantom plastic and wooden ties, tin platedGarGraves O 3-rail Phantom plastic and wooden ties, stainless steelGarGraves S tin plated tracksGarGraves S stainless steel tracksHaskell HOn3.5 flex trackHegob IHeljan H0 TurntablesHeyn IHeyn II C332Hornby OO Hornby OO Dublo 2-rail Hornby OO Dublo 3-rail Hornby O 2-rail Hübner I Ibertren N Ibertren N 3N Jatt ТТ Bima (turntable only) Jouef H0 New rails 1998-2000/01 Jouef H0 1955-1960 Old rails Jouef H0e Narrow gauge tracks Kato HO UnitrackKato N Unitrack Kato N UnitramKleinbahn H0KM1 IKM1 OKuehn TTLenz OLego L 4.5VLego L 9VLego L RCLego L StreetsLGB G Life-Like HO Power-Loc Nickel-SilverLife-Like HO Power-Loc SteelLife-Like N Power-LocLima H0 Lima H0 NEM120 Lima H0 Hobby Line Lionel G Add-on packLionel HO MagnelockLionel OLionel O FasTrackLionel O27Lionel O Super O Lionel O K-Line SuperStreets Lionel RTP Ready-To-PlayLionel S American FlyerLionel S FasTrackLUNA H0 Tram tracksLUNA H0 Tram track system (asphalt)LUNA H0 Tram track system (pavement)LUNA H0m Narrow gauge tram tracksLUNA H0m Narrow gauge tram track system (asphalt)LUNA H0m Narrow gauge tram track system (pavement)Märklin H0 Alpha Märklin H0 C Märklin H0 C Start-upMärklin H0 KMärklin H0 M Märklin H0 My WorldMärklin H0 3600 series Märklin H0 3900 series Märklin IMärklin Z Miniclub Marx O27 Mehano HOMenards O 3-rail tubular tracksMicro Engineering HO C83Micro Engineering HO C70Micro Engineering HO Ladder track systemMicro Engineering HOn3 C70Micro Engineering N C70Micro Engineering N C55Micro Engineering On30 C83Micro Engineering On30 C70Microtrains Z Micro-TrackMillhouse River Studio O TurntablesMinitrains H0eModelPower HO C100MTH O RealTraxMTH O ScaleTraxMTH S S-TraxMTH Standard Gauge Lionel CorpMTH Standard Gauge RealTraxPeco G C250Peco HO/OO Streamline & Set-track C100Peco HO Streamline C83Peco HO/OO Streamline C75Peco HO Streamline C70Peco HOn3 C70Peco HOm C75Peco HOe/OO9 C80Peco I C200Peco N Streamline & Set-track C80 Peco N Finescale C55Peco O Flat-Bottom C143Peco O Bullhead C124Peco Oe/O16.5/On30 C100Peco SM32 C200Peco Z C60 (flex-track only)PIKO GPIKO H0 A-trackPIKO H0 A-track (with roadbed)PIKO H0 A-track (concrete sleepers)PIKO H0 Standard PIKO H0 Modell PIKO N Playmobil G RCPMT H0e Technomodell (2.1mm)PMT H0e Technomodell (2.5mm)PMT H0f TechnomodellProLine G Train Line 45RBS Modellbau TT Transfer tablesRivarossi H0 Roco H0 GeoLineRoco H0 LineRoco H0 Line (with roadbed)Roco H0 2.5mm Nickel Silver Roco H0 2.5mm Brass Roco H0eRoco NRoco Om Fama/Utz/AlpinlineRoco ТТ (turntable only)Rokuhan ZRoss Custom Switches O 3-railScenery Unlimited S TurntablesShinohara N C70Signature Switch O Code 148 (2-rail)Signature Switch O Code 148 (2-rail)Sunset Valley Railroad G C250Tillig H0 EliteTillig H0 StandardTillig H0/H0e 3-rail mixed tracksTillig H0/H0m 3-rail mixed tracksTillig TT Roadbed (concrtete sleepers)Tillig TT Roadbed (wooden sleepers)Tillig TT ModelTillig TT Standard (BTTB/Zeuke) Tomix N Fine Track (without bridges and viaducts)Tri-ang OO Series 3 Tri-ang OO Super 4 Tri-ang TT A Tri-ang TT B Trix HO C Trix HO Express Trix N MinitrixUSA LLC Standard GaugeWalthers HO Cornerstone turntablesWalthers HO WalthersTrack new tracks C100Walthers HO WalthersTrack new tracks C83Walthers HO Shinohara C100Walthers HO Shinohara C83Walthers HOn3 Shinohara C70Walthers N Cornerstone turntablesWeinert H0 Mein GleisWesa 13mm
Signals BG L Signals DE S Signals IT L Signals NL L Signals UK L Signals UK S Signals US L
Roadways Road signs CA Road signs EU Road signs US
Lamps Trees
Compasses Symbols
Additional libraries (not part of the installation package - you can download and install them separately)
Containers Requires downloadCars (sedan) Requires download

* Some of the libraries are not fully completed. Data accuracy is not guaranteed. More libraries will come soon.

Information, Tutorials & Resources

The SCARM Blog is your ultimate source for updated information about the program. It contains many useful articles and resources about SCARM.

SCARM – The Railway Modeller’s Blog

The blog contains the following categories:

General - General information, news and events, related to SCARM softwareBasic Stuff - SCARM basics and main features in detailsAdvanced Techniques - For those who wants to become SCARM expertsTips & Tricks - Getting most productivity in your work with SCARMTutorials & Examples - How-To’s and demos of using various SCARM functions and featuresRailroad Layouts & Design Ideas - Railway track plans, whole SCARM layouts and more for your inspirationProblems & Solutions - Troubleshooting in SCARM and workarounds of potential issues

Do not miss the video tutorials about SCARM created by Ruud Boer and J. B. aka Gilshrat.

SCARM Video Tutorial Series

If you are looking for examples and projects designed in SCARM software, go to the special Layouts & Track Plans website and search by scale, size, track system and more.

SCARM Model Train Layouts & Track Plans

Join us on the social sites, share your comments and stay up-to-date with all news and events, related to SCARM software.





Useful Links

Check out these links to other model train related sites and resources. - The Internet Railroad DirectoryModel Railroads and Freight Cars - List of useful model railroading guides and - Creative model railways TT Scale Model Trains - The Perfect Gauge - Site for the real and model railways ANKA - Hearing aids, blood glucose & lactate meters, speech devices & cannulas, service and consumablesFree Software DownloadsFree Software LibraryFree Links DirectorySoftware Top

Program & Features

DownloadFeaturesScreenshotsIncluded Track LibrariesModel Trains SimulatorVersion History

Help & Resources

Getting StartedOnline Help & FAQVideo Tutorial SeriesThe Railway Modeller’s BlogModel Train Layouts & Track PlansKnown Issues

Info & Feedback


Support SCARM

Languages and Translations

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