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Measurement Regulations That Apply When Selling Landscaping Materials

It should be apparent to everyone that when landscapers undertake a project they will require all kinds of materials to fulfil it. What specific materials they will need, and how much of them they require, will depend on the needs and wants of the client who has hired them and the scale of the landscaping design that is going to be created.

When it comes time for a landscaper to purchase the materials they need, those purchases will be subject to rules, regulations, and standards set out by the Australian government relating to wholesale trade measurements and specifically those which apply to garden landscaping materials. When purchasing garden landscape materials the order can be fulfilled in one of three ways which are:

By weightBy volumeBy lot (e.g. loader bucket, heap, and trailer load)

As for the types of landscaping materials that are subject to wholesale measurement laws, these include:


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3 Common Web Design Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

These Web Design Mistakes Are Common, but Completely Avoidable

When a visitor comes to your website, your first priority should be to engage them and grab their attention in such a way that they convert from prospect to customer. With this aim in mind, you might feel a little overwhelmed and may end up making a few mistakes. While we all live and learn, these mistakes can cost you hundreds of dollars within hours – a luxury you most certainly cannot afford.

Having the not-so-better understanding of your target audience and focusing more on appearance rather than content are some of the common web design mistakes which are made by business owners every day, causing enormous loss of money.

1.     Rushing the Job without Doing Any Research

According to professional web design outfit, Web Design Perth, the first step is to be patient and focus more on web design with respect to the target audience, instead of pondering over the time it is taking to get the website online.

If you define your target market before even starting with the design, you can find out the direction you’ll be heading to. Now, plan your whole design around this research. For example, at this point in time you need to know the age, gender, buying power, problems, needs, etc. of your audience. Do not think about how much time is being spent in the initial phases, your website will be your online identity, your patience will be worth it.


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Your Rights If The Police Stop Or Arrest You For Suspected Drug Offences

Whether you are on a drug rehab program, about to start one, or still in the unfortunate situation where drugs have their iron grip on you, such as an ice addiction, there is the possibility that you may be stopped or arrested by the police. This can happen to those who are known to the police for previous drug offenses, and they may suspect that you are either still using, or worse, dealing drugs.

If you have never been stopped by the police previously, the first time it happens can be a worrying experience. One of the first pieces of advice we will give you is that you should do nothing that gives the police reason to suspect you further. This includes trying to run away, even if you are completely innocent and are not in possession of any drugs.

The first impression you give the police is also a signal to them so there is nothing to be gained by being confrontational or overly aggressive, even if you feel them stopping you is unwarranted. In almost all cases, if you are innocent and are not in possession of drugs, you are likely to be sent on your way.

That being said, it does serve you to know your rights when the police stop you, and more so if they wish to carry out a search if they suspect you are in possession of drugs. Firstly, you have the right to saying nothing to the police, other than to confirm your name and address. If they start asking you questions during the initial stop you have the right to remain silent and not answer them.


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How SEO Helps To Improve Your Business Visibility

Do you think that SEO is highly overrated? Do you think that it is no magic wand that can bring your business around and help you get great traffic on your website at all times? Well then, think again! SEO is just the spell you need to transform a failing business into one attracting huge customer traffic. How? By using SEO to boost the visibility of your business website!

Have you ever wondered why your competition has such a huge market share, while you strive to bring traffic to your site? Has it crossed your mind that since you offer more value at a competitive price, why is it that none of your potential customers become loyal clients? The reason is that you are invisible to your target customers! If they can’t see you online, they can’t reach your website. This translates to no customer traffic, slow sales and low profits. In short, a failing business!

Using SEO to Ensure Visibility

According to research facts released by Google, around 90% of the internet users in the market, use Google search to find the service or company they need. So, if your website or content lacks the relevant keywords to get you a good ranking on the search engine, then you are surely invisible and your customer market is absolutely oblivious to your existence.

In a competitive industry where you are trying to get the attention of your customers, if you don’t have superior SEO and get a good ranking on the first pages of a search engine result, then you can lose all traffic to your site. If this state persists, then you are well on the way to becoming a fast failing business with no customers.

The question is that if you want customers to visit your website in droves, what are you doing to make it happen? Are you going the extra mile to get more customers than your competitors? If not, that means that either you don’t have any SEO or haven’t updated to the latest search engine requirements. In both cases, you either lose customers or don’t attract any in the first place.


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10 Facts You Should Know About The Cannabis Intervention Requirement

The term drug rehab, especially for those who have little knowledge of the subject, can conjure up images of drug fuelled addicts locked in cells, changed to a metal bed frame, and sweating buckets as they go through cold turkey. We say that somewhat tongue in cheek, although the sad fact is that there some unfortunate people who have actually had to endure that kind of treatment in the past.

Thankfully, the rehabilitation of drugs users operates in more enlightened times, and the ways and means of how people are helped to come off drugs has expanded and improved. This has led to many highly effective drug rehab programs that would have been thought of as impossible many years ago, not only due to the view of drugs by society in those times, but also due to how drugs laws stood in many jurisdictions.

Another aspect of drug rehab is that not everyone is a heroin or cocaine user, which are normally classed as ‘hard’ drugs. Some drugs users are caught in possession of what are considered lesser drugs, such as cannabis, which , if you live in certain parts of the world is actually decriminalized.


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Cracking the Code: Drive More Traffic towards your Business Website

Search engine optimisation and social media marketing, when used intelligently and creatively, can indeed be catalysts to your digital marketing success.

People who promote products recognize the potential of the advantages of Social media marketing.  As many as 83% of businesses rely very heavily on social media to market their products and services. Forty percent of all businesses need to know how to calculate the earnings for the investments that they made.

Business personnel are trying to learn more about Google and other search engines to benefit from the power of search engine optimization. While on one hand search engine optimization has the power to boost your online presence, it can prove to be a big liability if not done with perfection.

The concept is all about directing people to your website. Learning the dynamics of search engine optimization and search engine marketing will enable you to design super quality optimized content through which you can not only drive more people to your website and generate leads for your business.

·        Establish your Brand and Enhance Awareness

Millions of people are already familiar with and utilizing the advantages of Social media to improve their brand awareness and brand visibility. Keeping tabs on your competition is one of the advantages of Social media marketing. This will enable you to provide a better service or product to your customers.

Sharing the specs and features of your product or service on social media is one of the quickest ways of attracting customers. If you can offer any incentives or promotion with your product for the online community it will give you more sales in the least possible time.  You can also interact and listen to the advice offered by your customers.


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How Is Money Given To Me From My Parents Dealt With By The Court?

Whenever a divorce occurs one of the primary elements that need to be resolved is the financial settlement, and it is imperative that legal advice is sought from a family lawyer such as Family Lawyers Perth.

One aspect of the financial settlement that often causes the most confusion and angst is in relation to money and property which the couple has received from their respective families, especially their parents.

More often than not, this is money that one set of parents has given the couple, either at the time of their marriage or subsequent to it. When a divorce occurs, how this money is accounted for will play a large role in its division as property, if it is in fact regarded as property at all.

This is due to the fact that in several divorce cases, one of the parties to that divorce has claimed that money given to them by parents or the family is a loan, as it suits their position, while in other circumstances it will be claimed it is a gift by one of them.


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When Should I Use Workplace Lawyers?

You may or may not know that different types of lawyers work in significantly different fields. For example, criminal lawyers are primarily concerned with the criminal offences, family lawyers deal with everything family-related, and workplace lawyers can help with any legal issues arising in the workplace.

But what does a workplace lawyer do? And when should you think about using one?

Well, that’s a question we get asked a lot. And, it’s exactly what we’ve looked at in the rest of this article. You should use a workplace lawyer if you:

Need Help Drafting or Negotiating Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are legally binding documents which are often treated quite carelessly. A lot of people don’t realise how important they are, and a large percentage of employees don’t even consider negotiating new contracts.

However, this is a bad idea. You should always attempt to negotiate a contract to ensure you’re happy with the terms of employment. And a workplace lawyer can help ensure a positive outcome for both parties.

Have to Deal With Messy Contract Terminations

Contract termination could be required for any one of a number of reasons. In most cases, dismissing an employee is as simple as providing the required notice in writing and ensuring you’ve paid out any outstanding entitlements.


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How Will Filing For Bankruptcy Affect My Family?

Filing for bankruptcy in Australia is a huge decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. The consequences can be significant and long lasting, and I’d always recommend speaking with a family lawyer to make sure that you understand them fully.

With this in mind, I’ve put together this article to give you a brief insight into the ways that filing for bankruptcy can affect you and your family in both the short and the long term. But first, let’s have a quick look at what bankruptcy is and why you might consider it.

What is bankruptcy?

Legally, bankruptcy is a process which involves your debts being removed, allowing you to make a fresh start. You can go bankrupt voluntarily under some circumstances, but you can also be forced to go bankrupt if you owe money that you can’t repay.

Before entering bankruptcy you should consult with a legal professional, such as ohfamilylaw.com.au, to determine whether or not it’s actually the best choice for your situation. The consequences of becoming bankrupt are far reaching, and include:

If you go bankrupt you may not be able to travel overseas

This is a very important consideration for those with close family who live in or are from a foreign country. Unfortunately, you will have to request permission to travel overseas if you declare bankruptcy, which can significantly reduce your freedom. It’s important to note that this permission won’t always be granted.

You might not be able to get a loan in the future

Declaring bankruptcy might seem like a good option to free you from your debts, but it has a major consequence that could affect you and your family well into the future.

If you become bankrupt you need will probably have trouble getting loans in the future. This could impact your ability to buy a house,  a car, or even to borrow money to send your children to school.


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Should I Write Guest Posts For Other Law-Related Websites?

Guest posting can be something of a controversial topic which is heavily debated in digital marketing circles. A lot of people would argue that guest posting is an essential part of any high-quality law firm SEO strategy, but a lot of others would heartily disagree.

Ultimately, the decision whether or not to write guest posts rests with you. Some lawyers will write regular guest posts for other, more well known websites with the aim of increasing their exposure and driving more clients to their own site. Others won’t feel that they have the time to waste with regular guest posts, and won’t bother.

Why are guest posts useful?

In the end, a lot of people forget about the real purpose of guest posting – building high quality backlinks to your website. Since backlinks are one of the most important SEO ranking factor, it can never be a bad thing to build more of them.

However, guest posts also have a lot of other useful features. These include:

Linking to your website can have more than just SEO benefits. There’s also the chance that some people will follow your links, ultimately making use of your law services.If your name is visible on your guest posts your exposure will go up exponentially, especially if you’re writing for a well-known website.If possible, you should try and link to your social media pages as well. Doing so will help build your online following, increasing your potential client base.

As you can see, guest posting appears to be quite a useful thing for most lawyers. Judging from the evidence above, you should write regular guest posts for other law-related websites. However, there’s more to it than that.


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Avoid These Financial Mistakes In Your Divorce

Divorce rates among all segments of our population are growing and the explosion of family lawyers is evidence.  Some blame the longevity promised by access to good medical care for the increasing number of “gray divorces” among the elderly.  Others blame societal factors on the overall increase of divorces.

But the data is indisputable; more people are divorcing these days which means that the likelihood you or someone you know may have to endure this painful experience is increasing.  The good news is that with information and knowledge comes power, particularly when it comes to finances.  Misunderstanding the financial impact of divorce is one of the most common mistakes a person can make and can yield very long term and painful consequences.

That is why it’s important to arm yourself with as much information as possible.  Here are some important tips on how to protect yourself financially in your divorce.


Mediation is part of a broader area of the law called “alternative dispute resolution”.  That’s just a fancy way of saying solving your disputes without going to court.  Mediation is where an experienced neutral third party listens to each side and then offers counter-arguments, suggestions, and creative solutions to bring the parties close enough that they can agree on a settlement.  This approach can trim months, even years, off a divorce which means huge savings in legal fees.  Mediators are often lawyers, former judges or legal advisors experienced in divorce law and have a firm grip on what is likely to be the outcome should you go to court.

Mediation also allows the couple the maximum flexibility in crafting their own settlement agreement, rather than having the court impose a resolution.  It’s always better to have control over the outcome, even if you don’t get everything you want.  The only situation where mediation may not be appropriate is if one spouse is hiding assets or refusing to come clean on a particular aspect of the divorce.  It’s important in a mediation that both parties want to come to a fair and equitable solution.

If you’re looking for a list of the best local lawyers, check out Lawyers List.


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Developing A Fire Action Plan For Your Business

Fire safety is an essential consideration for business owners and managers throughout Australia. Things like fire extinguishers and other safety gear can help reduce the risk of a serious fire breaking out in your workplace, but they simply must not be seen as an alternative to a clear fire action plan.

Fire action plans are essential to ensure the safety of your staff and clients in the case of a workplace fire. In some cases, fire safety or action plans are required by law. Make sure that you and your workplace is covered by developing or updating your fire action plan today. Consider the following:

Start with a map of your building:

To begin, it is important to have a clear idea of the layout of your building, to know where all exits are and to know how easy those exits are to access. Identify existing fire exits, and mark them on your map. Make sure that they are accessible to all personnel and are not locked or restricted access. If they are in the form of windows that have to be broken, make sure that there is a fire axe or hammer in the immediate vicinity for this.

Identify existing fire safety gear:

Once you have an idea about the wider layout of your building, you need to identify any existing safety equipment and fire mitigation methods. This will include things such as:


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Making the Right Decisions after Divorce

Seeking Early Legal Advice can help you Plan for Long Term

Long and nasty divorce proceedings are unfortunately the norm rather than the exception. Trained family lawyers are aware that while most divorces are stressful and long-drawn, there are others that are amicable and friendly. The couple’s overall approach to their relationship determines how the divorce will move forward. It’s a good to be aware that a positive approach and a problem-solving attitude goes a long way in reducing steep court costs and saving valuable time. The sooner the partners arrive at mutually beneficial agreements, the sooner they can move on with their lives.

Every marriage breakdown is different depending on the personalities of the people involved and the assets at stake. If you find that your emotions are driving your decision-making abilities, it’s best to hire lawyers who can look out for your best interests. Your lawyer will examine all the attendant circumstances including minor children for child support issues, assets, properties, agreements, monies and investments and so on and advise on your best options. Taking every troublesome issue to court will only end up prolonging the legal battle and costing you hard-earned dollars. By having a trustworthy lawyer by your side, you can exercise greater control over your future especially with regard to your home, how your children will be raised and how your property divided etc. Once these matters are settled by court, the decision handed down may not be to your satisfaction.


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3 Benefits Of Using An Accountant To Do Your Tax Return

Although a lot of people choose to do their tax returns at home or in the office, a lot also choose to use an experienced accountant. Obviously, the option that you choose will depend on how much experience you have when it comes to accounting and tax returns.

According to Accountants Australia, your need for an accountant will also depend on the complexity of your tax reporting obligations. For some people, all that a tax return entails is filling out a short form at the end of the financial year and submitting it to the Australia Tax Office (ATO). However, for others – such as business owners – tax time is a lot more stressful. In some cases, you will be required to report certain aspects of your business’s finances as often as monthly (through a BAS). In this case, an accountant could come in very handy.

How should I choose an accountant?

When it comes to choosing an accountant to look after your finances, you should choose carefully – after all, they are the person who largely controls how much tax you pay each year. Look for an accountant who is reliable and experienced. If you own a complex business or need help on a specific tax matter, look for an accountant who specialises in this field. Always go for someone who has a decent reputation in the community, even if they charge more. It will be worth it in the long run.


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Are your Rights as a Shareholder Being Violated?

Seeking Legal Advice can help you get what you Lawfully deserve

Business and partnership disputes, shareholder disagreement and insolvency can be stressful and expensive to resolve in court. There are usually several factors involved and proper solutions must be worked within the framework of Australian commercial law. By hiring trained commercial lawyers such as Rowe Bristol you can minimise the likelihood of taking the matter to court and wasting valuable time and money. Court battles often involve steep costs, stress and worry.  Seeking legal advice out of court can help reduce strife and conflict within the company. Carefully drafted shareholder agreements and business contracts can pave the way for faster resolution and provide avenues for discussion and communication.

Shareholder and business disputes can arise due to multiple reasons and it’s important to understand the rights and duties of all parties involved. This helps obtain greater clarity regarding options available as well as the consequences that may arise if the situation is left unresolved. If the company is closely held among partners and they are involved in the day-to-day running of the company, there could be potential for further disagreements. The partners may fall out because they disagree about operational decisions or because they resent interference from each other. Regardless of the reason, internal disputes are likely to worsen without legal guidance from experts. Commercial lawyers are trained to examine contracts and agreements and provide insights regarding options, terms and conditions.


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General Overview of Australian Laws on Wills and Estates

Under Australian law, it is possible to discern several legal documents and proceedings that directly pertain to cases of distribution of an individual’s assets in cases of the person’s death. They include wills, powers of attorney, estate plans, testamentary trusts, superannuation death nominations, powers of guardianship, anticipatory direction, legal and financial housekeeping, etc. Thus, an estate plan may be defined under Australian law as a will or any other directions on how an individual desires to have his or her assets allocated after his or her death. An estate plan also involves legal documents that regulate how the person will be treated, both financially and medically, in case of his inability to make his own decisions in the future.

In a nutshell, an estate plan encircles all possible estate related documents and legal acts, such as a will, superannuation death nomination, testamentary trust, powers of attorney, powers of guardianship, and anticipatory direction. If an individual have made a binding nomination in his super or insurance policies, the beneficiaries named in those policies will override anyone specified in the will. If a person has a family trust, the trust will go on and its assets will also be distributed in accordance with the trust deed, irrespective of what has been written in the will.

Wills constitute another major group of estate related documents. A will takes legal effect only in case of a will maker’s death. A will can regulate different issues, such as a manner whereby an individual’s assets will be shared, who will care for the children if they are still young, what trusts will be established, how much money will be donated to charities, as well as instructions regarding a will maker’s funeral. Under Australia’s law, a will may be drafted and amended by solicitors or private trustees, who usually charge a fee. Certain public trustees will not charge a fee to compose and amend a will, but only if they act as the executor of the person’s will. Other public trustees may exempt an individual of a fee for the preparation or amendment of the will if the person a pensioner or aged over sixty.


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Irretrievable Breaking Down of a Marriage

The principle of irretrievable breaking down of a marriage as the only ground for divorce in Australia

Legal experts suggest that the laws that regulate marriage breakdown are subject to constant and substantial changes. Thus, the Family Law Act 1975 came into effect in January 1976, as a result of a protracted debate.[1] The Act repealed the Matrimonial Causes Act 1961, which had rested on fault as the ground for divorce.[2] The court used to consider the spouses as either guilty or innocent of matrimonial misconduct, such as cruelty, adultery and desertion (abandonment). It was incumbent on the applicants to prove that the other party had committed a matrimonial offence in order to succeed in the proceedings. Failure to prove the case would usually result in a court’s refusal to grant the divorce.

In the framework of the old system, the allocation of fault concerned such legal issues as property, spousal maintenance and child custody, while a ‘guilty’ spouse could be punished by being denied contact with his or her children, or losing an entitlement to be financially supported by the other spouse. When the new Family Law Act came into effect in 1975, the number of divorces significantly increased. This is largely because the new legislation enabled a much easier no fault proceeding of divorce. However, the rapid increase in divorce numbers ignited vivid debates on whether the introduction of no fault divorce had degraded the institution of marriage by way of fostering marriage breakdown.

Legislative tenets of no fault divorce in Australia

As a matter of Australian law, marriage and divorce are both subject to federal regulation. Thus, the Australian Constitution clearly prescribes that the federal law governs all matrimonial causes of action, such as marriage and divorce, as well as all cases involving parental rights and the custody and guardianship of infants. To that end, the key legislation regulating marriage and divorce in Australia include the Family Law Act and Marriage Act.[3] The salient features of the Family Law Act 1975 as the legal framework for no fault divorce are the following. First and foremost, the Act defined irretrievable breakdown of marriage as the sole and only ground for divorce and thus adopted the no fault doctrine of dissolution of marriage in Australia. Second, the Act established the Family Court of Australia to handle disputes between married individuals, as well as between the parents of dependent children. Third, the Act constitutes the only legal framework for settling disputes involving financial issues and children. Fourth, the Act sets forth legal safeguards that protect family members in cases of domestic violence.


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How to Keep Out of Trouble with Marketing

If you are a new business owner, whether by simple website or something more complex, you are sure to need some kind of marketing and advertising. However, commercial lawyers will advise you to take care with the wording so that you don’t become liable to litigation.

The problem may not even be your own, but those who pass training or information of any kind on as part of their work for you. Unless there are regular updates to the material and training to keep them up to date on any changes, they may not get it right, but you’ll be the one responsible.

In addition, if you use materials – including music – in your marketing or advertising, or if you compare your product or service to others that are better known, you risk being in breach of copyright. That is why it’s a good idea to look through a directory with the best commercial lawyers, before going ahead with any marketing information including brochures, website copy, YouTube clips, Facebook advertising, direct mail campaigns and even call centre scripts and product disclosure statements.

The three main things to watch out for are:

Copyright infringementDefamationMisleading or deceptive conduct (advertising)


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What You Need To Know About Buying Strata Title Property

Not that long ago, the favourite type of property to purchase was the stand-alone home on a block of ground. These days, several factors have combined to make buying an apartment more popular. But property lawyers agree that most apartments in a complex have Strata Title, which is quite different from the titles of homes on blocks of ground. You need to know what these differences mean for you before going ahead with the purchase.

You will own your apartment, but in the complex there are many areas such as stairways, laundry rooms or social meeting rooms that are deemed to be ‘common property’. The upkeep and maintenance for these areas must be paid for by everyone who owns an apartment in the complex. So you’ll be in for an annual levy to make this possible. If the building has been poorly maintained it is likely to be a high levy due to the amount of maintenance needed. There may also be a second levy for what is known as a ‘sinking fund’ which addresses long term expenditure. You need to inquire about the balance of this fund to get some idea of what you are likely to have to pay, and if it’s enough to do the repairs that are needed.


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The Advantages of a Restraining Order

In cases where there is abuse in a relationship and it falls apart, a restraining order may be necessary. A good family lawyer such as Robinson Family Lawyers will advise you how to take out a restraining order against an abusive ex and what the advantages of it are. They can give you specific advice for your situation that will explain all the legal ramifications of any decisions you make.

A restraining order can be taken out if there is –

Domestic violenceSexual assaultStalkingHarassment

A couple don’t have to be married or in a de facto relationship for a restraining order to be taken out. The relationship may have ended, or it could be taken out against a parent on a child’s behalf.

Taking out a restraining order has several advantages: –

It orders the abuser to stay away from your home, workplace or school.It can prohibit them from contacting you by email, phone, fax, notes or snail mail.In some cases it can prevent them from going to the same social places as you.If the person ignores the restraining order and you call the police, they will know to respond quickly because they realise the situation is more serious.


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