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Lab Coats and Toy Problems

Someone clever once said that modern analytical philosophers would wear lab coats to work if they thought they could get away with it. I think something similar could be said about software engineers.

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Drawing on Top of Subviews

How do you implement a custom UIView class that needs to draw over its contents?A quick tutorial that uses custom CoreGraphics, a customizable content view, and a neat trick to preserve the drawing hierarchy and your sanity.

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How Agile Programming Techniques Saved My Marriage

Most developers think of Agile techniques, (namely development methods based on iterative and incremental development) as pertinent only to software engineering.

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Linking Non-sibling Libraries in an Xcode 5 Workspace

It would be interesting to examine the history of software engineering via solely the history of the process of layering build systems atop each other.

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The Single Most Useful Objective-C Reference

I probably reference this more than any single other Objective-C reference.

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Lab coats and toy problems Drawing on top of subviews How agile programming techniques saved my marriage Linking non-sibling libraries in an Xcode 5 workspace The single most useful Objective-C reference

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