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Agile and innovative solutions
for Customer Relationship
Agile and innovative solutions
for Digital Bill Collection
Agile and innovative solutions
for Service Desk
Agile and innovative solutions
for ICT Management
Agile and innovative solutions
for Backoffice

For 22 years we have been rethinking the experience of your customers and managing your IT environment for your best results.

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Watch the video

Learn about areas that are revolutionizing the digital experience

Manufacturing industry





Communication and ICT








Rethink new forms of relationship between companies and customers

Learn about Algar Tech’s solutions and discover how we are rethinking our results-oriented business model.


Time to rethink the way you relate with your client.

Time to rethink the way you relate with your client. Immerse yourself in Digital Transformation with a complete mapping of the journey, and with a customized solution to serve you on any channel and at any time.

Digital Relationship Digital Bill Digital Back Office Learn more


Innovative solutions to maximize your productivity

Your technology environment has to be always available; we bring innovative solutions to maximize your productivity and let you take care of what really matters: your business.

ICT Infrastructure Management ISD - Intuitive Service Desk Learn more

Our awards

Rethink possibilities and achieve better results with agile and innovative solutions

Rethink how you relate, connect and communicate with agile, innovative, customizable solutions, and empower your business results:

Omnichannel Experience

We enable your client to have a complete and totally digital experience, without having to resort to other relationship channels.

Higher customer satisfaction

Offer your services with the assurance that your customers will be satisfied. We optimize your processes and ease your end-to-end management.

More agility

The modern customer demands more and more agility in the services consumed. Attain speed without losing quality and control over the process.

Improve the experience

Deliver unique experiences to your customers and ensure that every contact with your business is special and, above all, efficient.

Better results

Leverage your results exponentially with Digital Transformation. We have already realized a more than 55% increase in the effectiveness of our customers' collection negotiations.

Cost reduction

Reach the maximum potential of your business success and with 50% less cost. Save on process optimization and maximize results with intelligence.


Join our community and learn how to promote Digital Transformation in your company.

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We are present throughout Latin America

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