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As regulatory environments become increasingly more complex and difficult for oil and gas exploration companies to navigate, it has never been more important to ensure that your company is abiding by all relevant guidelines and best practices determined by corporate and local government policy. This added regulatory pressure is combined with a serious shortage of experienced petroleum engineers with actual rig experience. This sector-wide reality has many companies scrambling to follow all the necessary guidelines, sometimes resulting in sub-par project oversight or extended and unnecessary downtime.

AOI International is ideally positioned to provide oil and gas exploration companies with the necessary expertise and information to keep abreast and in compliance of existing and changing regulations for any sort of rig all around the globe. AOI provides professional inspectors to oversee, assess, and methodically document commissioning of new rigs, midlife refurbishments, supply vessel inspections, compliance audits, shear calculations, well control assessments, systems integrated testing, factory acceptance testing, fit for purpose inspections, and full condition audits.

We at AOI take pride in our ability to provide industry leading service and documentation to many of the largest exploration companies in the oil and gas space. If your company is in need of an expedient inspection solution please contact our offices at:

(512) 237-1240 (main line)