Transforming the lives
of the children of wounded warriors

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to empower America's most vulnerable

military children to live their best lives possible

"Sara needs the opportunity to just have a break from being a child of a wounded warrior and bond with others who understand the demands."

- Parent of a Military Child

2022 Programs for Children and Families

The mission of Camp Corral is to transform the lives of children of wounded, ill, and fallen military heroes by providing camp, advocacy, and enrichment programs.

Support Important Programs for Military Children

More than 50% of children say that no one understands what it's like to be a part of a military family.

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While 30% of parents indicate that their child provides care to the service member, when asked about specific tasks, 69% of parents indicated that their child preformed at least 1 caregiving task in their household.

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Mental Health

10% of parents shared that their child had participated in self harm or had thoughts of suicide 

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70% of parents saw their child's mental health improve after attending Camp Corral

26% of participants have more than one parent who has served in the military

97% of children of wounded warriors make new friends at camp

Serving children of wounded warriors from all 50 states

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