With $650 million invested over three funds, 9 IPOs, and nearly a dozen M&A exits, the Clearstone team has been the early stage lead investor behind great tech companies and great founders and teams. Clearstone has allowed large US institutions to participate as early investors in terrific founders developing innovations into fintech and payments, enterprise technologies, and data-driven marketplaces.

Our Companies

Congrats to our founders and entrepreneurs who achieved great things.

Peter Thiel

Steve Flagg

Max Levchin

Jeffrey Brewer

Mazda Marvasti

Dale Quayle

Rajan Raghavan

Kevin Laws

Naval Ravikant

Ted Meisel

Tristan Harris

TM Ravi

Ron Burr

Prabakar Sundarrajan

Toby Lenk

Muddu Sudhakar

Elon Musk

Mike Abbott

Mark Goldston

Darrell Benatar

Lance Rosenzweig

Frank Addante

John Price

Bill Gross

Srinivasu MN

Jim Green

Scott Painter

Bill Trenchard

Al Easian

Ajay Kaushal

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