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Your Child's Safety is Not a Game

Professional Childproofing in Washington DC, Los Angeles, And Orange County

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About Ouch Proofers

Who is Ouch Proofers? It’s all in the name… We are a team of dads obsessed with making homes safer for babies and children. If we can prevent one “ouch!” — be it a tiny boo boo or a major injury requiring an ER visit — we are doing our job well!

We offer custom baby proofing/childproofing services in Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, as well as Los Angles and Orange County.

Ouch Proofers is family-owned and operated, and we treat all our customers like family. We approach every project with a service heart while assessing each home with an eagle eye of a caring dad.

Check out our Services page to learn more about flexible childproofing services and to see how we make childproofing your home cost-effective. You have enough chores already: no need to add childproofing to the list.

Don’t stress yourself with DIY

Many of injuries sustained by babies and toddlers, such as choking, drowning, falls, poisonings and burns, occur at home.Research shows that more than 4.5 million children are injured in their homes every year.Our mission is to make sure that your home is safe for your child. Give us a call at (213) 302-8890 and let’s find the most efficient and cost-effective way to childproof your home

Baby gates

Fireplace gates

Door knob covers

Cabinet and drawer locks

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Don't Wait for an Accident to Happen!

Almost 80% of all child deaths occur at home due to poisoning, choking, burning, or drowning. Most baby and child injuries are preventable with thorough safety and consultation with babyproofing experts. Thoroughly childproofing your home is a big project. You can wait until you have more time and do it yourself or you can have it done by a trained expert in one afternoon. Spoiler alert: the time of “more time” never comes when you are a parent…

Learn More All children deaths occur at home Parents surveyed say they haven’t secured TVs and furniture Parents say their child has gone to the ER in the last year for an injury at home

Source: Safe Kids Worldwide.

Our Services

We offer custom babyproofing and childproofing solutions for families and small businesses such as vacation rentals (Airbnb and VRBO). The installation day is a culmination of a long process that requires sourcing the highest-quality materials, hiring and training the most knowledgeable associates, and delivering nothing less than peace of mind for our customers.

Childproofing for private residences After the initial consultation, a childproofing expert will come to your home and complete the installation in one visit. Childproofing for adoption and fostering preparation Getting ready for a new family member was never this easy! Don't waste time trying to DIY: let the professionals do the job for you. Childproofing for Vacation Rentals Make your vacation rental child-friendly! The same top-notch childproofing services from consultation to installation now available to Airbnb and VRBO owners. Furniture assembly & More Did you know? We also do miscellaneous furniture assembly, mount TVs, mirrors, pictures, etc. You don't need to hire us for childproofing services to get this other stuff done! Learn More

We service Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia

Not sure if you live within the service area? Give us a call and we will do our best to come to you

DC Customers: Choose a Plan to Get a Quote

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Small/ Best for condos, apartments, and small family homes. Install up to two gates; fireplace gates as an option included. Childproof cabinets, dressers, and drawers throughout the house Install doorknobs, finger guards, toilet safety latches throughout the house. Secure sharp corners. Secure windows with window stops. Get Started Mid-size/ Best for mid-size family homes. Install up to three gates; fireplace gates as an option included. Childproof cabinets, dressers, and drawers throughout the house. Install doorknobs, finger guards, toilet safety latches throughout the house. Secure sharp corners. Secure windows with window stops. Get Started Large/ Best for larger family homes. Install up to four gates; fireplace gates as an option included. Childproof cabinets, dressers, and drawers throughout the house. Install doorknobs, finger guards, toilet safety latches throughout the house. Secure sharp corners. Secure windows with window stops. Get Started

The above plans are for your general reference only. We will adjust and finalize your individual quote during the initial consultation. Prices are subject to adjustments. Please submit a short questionnaire for the most accurate pricing. The cost of Certified KidCo parts and materials is included in all plans.


See what the dads are up to! Below you will find samples of our work, as well as materials and products that we use. No filters, no fancy cameras. We'd be thrilled if the next home we childproof were yours!

EXCELLENT Based on 7 reviews. Scott Waldman 2021-11-06 Great people. Great work. Helpful and attentive. kanga chie 2021-09-20 We have a 5 month old already crawling and little time to think and execute. We wondered if we could outsource childproofing the home and turned to Google. We were impressed with Ouchproofer’s services. They were quick to contact and come out. They came on a weekend which was very convenient. They surveyed the home and suggested hacks where proofing items could not be used. They were professional and immediately trustworthy. We are happy. Now baby can roam with less unsafe obstacles around. Gaya B 2021-09-08 Dedicated guys. Communication was easy: always quick to respond and will speak to you with a peer to peer attitude. I also liked that they work on the weekend, they're the only babyproof company around that I know who do that. They do the first consultation for free, which is also something that most proofers don't do. Most importantly, they did a good thorough job proofing our house! Cyrus Moses Massey 2021-09-01 Professional and quality customer service. Genuine class act folks. Quality job. I'd recommend them rather than doing it yourself. Vaidas 2021-04-14 An awesome founders, higly qualified staff work smoothly, high qualityguarantee. Classic Planning Institute 2021-04-14 These guys are great to work with! Nika Lisauskaite 2021-04-13 Lovely people, quick and reliable service provides more than you could ask! Recommended.
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