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Graphic/web design/development
für soziale und kulturelle Projekte

Kommuniziere mit praktischen, haltbaren & barrierefreien Tools.

Mit einer leistungsfähigen Website kannst du eine gehörige Menge Zeit, Energie und Geld sparen.

Ich beschäftige mich mit den Bedürfnissen sozialer und kultureller Projekte und biete einen Dienst im Bereich Graphic/Web Design/Entwicklung an, indem ich mich auf praktische und haltbare Systeme, sowie auf eine inklusive und barrierefreie Kommunikation konzentriere.

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L-Étagère is a gathering place that wants to destigmatize mental illness by offering a safe and inclusive space. You can meet there for occupational therapy workshops, a coffee-croissant or an exhibition, among other things.

Website: Roxanne Borloz & Fuut
Illustration: Eugenia Mello (ouvre un nouvel onglet)

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Unknown Objects · NewlyToldStories

Unknown Objects · Newly Told Stories is a visual and acoustic digital exhibition curated by Schwules Museum Berlin. In a 3D space, sometimes dark, sometimes light and always colorful, visitors discover unknown objects, which are narrated by artists of Berlin.

Website: Roxanne Borloz & Fuut
Curators: Carina Klugbauer & Birgit Bolsold un nouvel onglet)

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L'égalité au cœur des régions

L'égalité au cœur des régions – Regards sur les enjeux régionaux en condition féminine au Québec is research conducted by Cyntia Lewis and published by Réseau des tables régionales de groupes de femmes du Québec in July 2020.

Layout: Roxanne Borloz
Illustration: Mirion Malle

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Allianz Internationaler Productionszentren für FigurenTheater

FITZ Stuttgart, Schaubude Berlin and Westflügel Leipzig have jointly founded Allianz Internationaler Productionszentren für Figuren Theater. The alliance sees itself as a network for artistic collaboration and aims at a continuous cooperation between the three institutions. Staging projects are co-produced and supported, especially by artists at the beginning of their independent career.

Website: Roxanne Borloz & Fuut
Illustrations: Robert Voss un nouvel onglet)

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Parasismique is a research-action approach that aims to encourage collective and transversal reflection between users, family carers, professionals in care services and future professionals and other psycho-medical-social actors on the transformation brought about by the disease and, more broadly, by all types of contemporary vulnerability, from an individual and collective point of view.

Website: Roxanne Borloz & Fuut
Illustration: Louise Hubinont (ouvre un nouvel onglet)

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Ça suffit les promesses vides!!!

In collaboration with Mépacq (Mouvement d'éducation populaire et d'action communautaire du Québec–Movement of popular education and community action of Quebec), visual and its declinations for the day of actions for social and climate justice of March 19, 2021 Ça suffit les promesses vides!!!Enough of empty promises!!!

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BuildUp is a global non-profit working beside local organizations through participatory interventions, research and training to combine peacebuilding best practices, participatory methodologies and digital technologies to identify and address emergent challenges to peace.

Website: Roxanne Borloz & Fuut
Illustration: Jacob Lefton un nouvel onglet)

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Le Cabaret Littéraire

Le Cabaret Littéraire, it is shows, play readings and in-house formats to bring together literature and performing arts, in a festive spirit of inclusion and discovery. In residence at the theater 2.21 in Lausanne for the 2021-2022 season.

Visuals: Roxanne Borloz
Website: Roxanne Borloz & Fuut (ouvre un nouvel onglet)


Spinnboden Lesbenarchiv &Bibliothek

Spinnboden Archiv & Bibliothek is a Berlin based association and the largest collection of lesbian archives in Europe.

Graphic Design + illustrations : Kaj Reichel
Web developement : Roxanne Borloz & Fuut

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Le Cabaret Littéraire
Posters 2021-2022

Le Cabaret Littéraire, it is a radio station that sets up its studio in a theater to produce a sound piece in a single day, a publisher who opens the first collection in French-speaking Switzerland entirely dedicated to LGBTIQ+ writings, an evening to talk about Afro-descendant literatures of French-speaking Switzerland, a writer with glass bones who is reborn twice, a karaoke like no other which makes discover the the infinite corpus of "queer" literature...

Posters: Roxanne Borloz (ouvre un nouvel onglet)

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JD/JL – Jungdemokrat*innen / Junge Linke is a political association independent of any party, which defines itself by a radical and emancipatory democratic vision.
Prebuilt website, based on the theme Miranda.

Website: Roxanne Borloz (ouvre un nouvel onglet)

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Zusammen für die Demokratie und gegen die Diskriminierung

In cooperation with Demokratie in der Mitte, illustrated map of Berlin-Mitte listing anti-fascist associations in the city center.

The night version was not chosen for practical reasons, but remains my favorite!

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