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Mind-Altering Internet Classics of Real History, Economics, Philosophy and Current EventsAl Jolson is the poster boy for racism.I wonder why no one says anything about a guy whose whole persona wasblackface and a gooney step'n fetch-it profile? Every aspect of hisperformances were tailored for caricatures of the black race. This...prettymuch says it all. I'm not saying anything here because... I don'tknow anything, but I wonder a lot, concerning peculiar anomalies ANDtrends, and I ask myself, who caught the largest rations of shitabout blackface in recent times and WHO... being source and creatorof blackface, and the most relentless practitioners of it, does notcome up on the radar or get any mention?" Has it been the originatorsof blackface who have been most excoriated for this, or... has itbeen others?If you want to know who's running theshow just locate those you are not permitted to criticize.Just as a certain historical event wasfabricated after World War Two, to distract from the killings of tensof millions in Russia, we SEE that similar patterns of psychopathicbehavior have trailed down the centuries and... continued, andcontinue to continue to this day. There IS going to be a summing upfrom Accounts Due, SOON. The Apocalypse is all about EXPOSING andresolving issues that have existed for extended periods of timeBETWEEN apocalypses. It is the time of settled hash. It is a time oftransition and revolution, with the early birds hung on the wire as awarning to the rash and impetuous.The layers of temporal control are likean onion. Every time you peel back a layer there is another layer.Certain figureheads are known to the far and wide, but it is like theman who squats behind the man who squats behind the man who works TheSoft Machine. That is an image from the song; Memo From Turner ,one of Jagger's finest compositions. Though I am not a fan of thosewho play the bad boy leaning on the chain-link fence by the rec yard,I have to give that composer kudos for some inspired lyricism.I wasnot a fan even in the early days, due to the impressions left on meby psychedelics when the music was playing. I could tell, clearenough for my own purposes that they were playing for The Other Side.I was also very close to the bandstand at ALTAMONT and I saw what Isaw.See if you can get a Phrenological takeon Fauci. The Lizard Aspect is noticeable, as is the Cat Factor. Heis a liar and a fraud of the first water. He is part of amulti-pronged attack on your attention. The Fear Factor is intense.The obfuscation and double-speak are off the charts, not to mentionshifting in midstream and constantly reversing and contradictinghimself. NONE of this is accidental. Don't go looking for LizardAspect or Cat Factor. Those are my own labels for personalitydefiners.I got sidetracked for a tad too longand descriptive. Let's go back to the onion. We KNOW who some of thebad guys are; so defined by the truth that by their works, ye shallknow them . However... there are the men behind the men, behind themen in the shadows.Deeper in, there are the discarnate entities, fromwhose impact on the manifest, we learn that we war not against fleshand blood, but against principalities, and powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places. Thatis where the force of evil makes its nest. These are the cabals ofmetaphorical, stolen car rings; it is not cars they steal buthearts and minds and souls. They control the behavior of thosepossessed by infernal designs, which they mistake for their ownobjectives.I cannot say that The Synagogue ofSatan is the primary controller agency. They could be front-men. Theycould be cosmic fall guys. However, HISTORY tells us that whatever itis they get up to, they get up to it with a will. Still... deceptionis the order of the day, and on no account are their genetic kindredof a common mind. Perhaps there are those of EVERY RACE who havebanded together to feed on the rest of us. I've theories, but I willnot go into them in this format.I have realized that it does notmatter, FOR ME, because I am employed by the forces of light. I wouldONLY be concerned if I worked for The Other Side, or only my owninterests, which would make me a default worker for the other side.Gray areas put you in the black; METAPHYSICALLY SPEAKING; becausethere are small minds who will find the statement racist... though itis not.Given the nature of street crimes thesedays, one could say, Black Knives Matter. It is grippingtheater to watch Irony and Hypocrisy working the MMA circuit andgetting into steel cage matches. I think Irony is going to win. Whatused to be called Satire and Sarcasm are also now racist, BUT... mostracist of all is (drum-roll) TRUTH. The Truth is now BOTH racist andAntisemiticThe moonless night is not racist. Oilis not racist. Ebony and Dalbergia Melanoxylon are not racist.Nothing is more futile than seeking to convince a Jacobin that youare not racist, because they are racist, and labeling you a racist istheir primary tactic of defense. They are learning this from the bestand longest-running Victim Industry in town, or most anywhere elsefor that matter.I go to TMZ a couple of times a week tosee what the Infernal Kingdom on Earth is up to. They are now therace war and race hate internet channel; all hate and provocation24/7. It has been startling to watch their transition from internettabloid to full-on Marxist provocateurs. News and information sitesare INCREASINGLY gravitating into weasel country, with a touch ofjellyfish. They are becoming some new alien hybrid. No doubt that islab-grown just like the recent Geriatric Flu.TMZ is owned by HarveyLevin, a gay lawyer from LA. Somehow he is tied in with Andy Cohen,Ryan Seacrest and The Kardashian Coven. They set the intellectual andemotional pace for the fast-growing demographic of The WalkingClueless. They comprise a CONSIDERABLE number of the population. Thisis not racist. Maybe this is a virtual microaggression.Whatever it is that is going on ismoving at a high rate of speed. I suspect if it continues we willsoon see equal rights for practitioners of Pedophilia,Bestiality,Necrophiliaand VampireRights. Do you think I am kidding? Do you think this is notintended? Each of them has organizations already. I spent about 5minutes getting those links. There are MANY others. There are sexualrights organizations for perversion twists that you have NEVER heardof before. It is in times like these that The Avatar appears.I should point out that The Avatar cancome and be unnoticed by the larger mass of humanity. This will IN NOWAY affect The Avatar's effect on those who do notice. For some, thereare to be degrees of whirlwinds of consuming darkness AND SUNDRY. Forsome, there will be corridors and portals into higher states of being.For some, it just goes sideways. You cannot save The World so there isno point in hand-ringing or whining. Yes, terrible things happen hereEVERY DAY. Not a day goes by when I do not see multiple examples andI AM SURE that is the tip of the iceberg. I guess there's no questionwho sunk the Titanic.I trust my intuitive feed FAR MORE thanthe facilities of the mind and the confusions and tortured loyaltiesof the heart. When I need real answers, I go to the Solar Plexus.Often, I avoid speaking here of what the intuition tells me when ithas to do with world events and pending changes. There are severalreasons. The movement of time from the seat of The Divine and themovement of time from the human perspective (even among humans) isvery different. Your aura is your Spiritual Skin andfunctions much like your material skin. Once you know what the colorsare for the different stations of being, you can do wonders throughThe Imagination (3rd Trump). Trump? Trumpet? So manymysteries, so few right answers. At least it seems so by the waypeople behave in this world, and the results harvested.By increments, the madness descends uponthe human mind. The ordinary mind seldom sees past A-C Then there arethe professional chess players who can see from A-G. There are alsostates of perception past that. Because of the LIMITED range that theordinary mind plays in, it does not comprehend the panoramic view much less see in 360. So... Crazy can become full-blown with littlenotice. Take a look at the lawmakers, the hysterical entertainers,the super-rich, and the action in the streets. This should speakvolumes to the Trained Observer.Here are examples of trainedobservers; detectives, mind workers in select fields, scientists, metaphysicians, andsimilar, ALL see far more because they KNOW how to narrow their focusand to concentrate. Concentration is the key secret of the magicalart. You HAVE TO pay attention. It makes the difference between lifeand death, both material and spiritual, and all points between.What I am TRYING to say, in aroundabout way and by indirection is that conditions are going to getMUCH WORSE in liberal-run, urban settings. Count on it! Not onlyexpect the unexpected but also prepare your heart and mind. Never hasthe possibility of losing your mind been so great as it is atpresent. It is a simple matter to train your thoughts and emotions tofocus on Supernal regions. It is less simple to persist at it. If...the awareness of God is activated in you, it sets a resonance betweenyou and ALL LIFE. Falling short of this leaves you with blinders on,or in a dark room. You NEED light!We are in the preliminary stages ofWorld Transformation. There are all sorts of destinies of anindividual and group nature outworking. Your destiny will bedetermined by what you get up to and who you are aligned with. Makeno mistake, you are ALREADY headed somewhere. Where is that? Goodquestion.End Transmission.......Click the button below to readZander Fuerza's illustrated book'Masters of Deception' - proof thatIsrael staged 9/11.The file-size is 5Mb soplease be patient while it loads!Now grab your own Official'Israel did 911' button:Small | Medium | LargeSupersize

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