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Team Match Play Golf, Inc. (TMPG) is a not-for-profit Georgia corporation formally established under the Internal Revenue Service code (501)(c) in December 1995. TMPG is managed and directed by an Executive Board of Directors (Board). The members of this Board are the co-founders Mr. Randy Garner and Mr. Brian Black , CPA.

TMPG was founded out of a perceived need for a competitive amateur golf event that would follow a traditional aspect of golfs match play format. This format tends to lend itself to smaller numbers of players. Under the TMPG format, golfers at any age or sex can participate at their golf club or golf course.

Golf Teams will be comprised of four (4) players which are paired into two, two man teams at various Golf Handicap Index (GHIN) levels. TMPG will offer, in the future, team play for men, women, juniors, seniors, and mixed teams. Each Team will compete against other comparable club teams in the same geographic area (a division) in league play and winners of league play will qualify for the Grand Tournament. The tournament will pit winning teams from all divisions against each other and played at a neutral site. Competition will be conducted and governed by The USGA Rules of Golf pertaining to the Rules of Play and Match Play for the current year. Also, play will be governed by the local Club or Course Rules.

Golf Teams will originally be formed in the major metropolitan cities around the southeast but will rapidly expand into every state in the country. In the future, TMPG has the vision and determination to be international.

TMPG has a philanthropic mission. TMPGs Board has elected to direct a large portion of its proceeds to benefit Junior Golf in Georgia. We believe that in the future as TMPG expands its play into other states that each state chapter of TMPG will also support initiatives to support Junior golf with its proceeds.

TMPG is promoting Golf Club and Golf Course competition. Currently there is no such event that is organized and recognized on a large scale at a state or national level for amateurs. TMPG depends upon the competitive spirit of golfers of all ages and at all levels to desire to compete for their club or course. The ultimate goals are for the local traveling TMPG Cup, the national traveling TMPG Cup, and the prizes and recognition that go along with such level of success.

Based upon the current participation by amateur golfers in local scrambles tournaments, club or course tournaments, and national tournaments such as the Oldsmobile Scramble, TMPG is poised to take a different format of amateur competition to the marketplace.


Golf is one of the fastest growing amateur recreational sports in the world today. In fact, more technical advances have been made in golf equipment than in many other industries in the last five years. As a result, Golf has become an easier sport to learn and to reach a reasonable level of enjoyable proficiency. It is recognized that Ladies Golf and Junior Golf is the fastest growth segment in the industry. The once thought of gentlemans game, with certain financial and social status demographics is quickly becoming a game for everyone. Golf has, since its inception, been a competitive sport and today that has not changed but become has intensified.

Match Play golf events are well recognized at the professional level. Match Play Golf(MPG) events, however, are very few for amateurs. This is especially true for events organized and promoted at the state, region, and national levels. In the past, some limitations have existed that may have created a negative perception about MPG. First, there are rules which are to be followed that are more stringent and limiting than those of the other formats. Second, certified handicaps are generally necessary to determine pairings and level the playing field for the competitors. It is a known fact that a small percentage of golfers receive and maintain a certified golf handicap index. Third, there has been little, if any, effort to organize and promote MPG at any level below the professional level.


Team Match Play Golf, Inc. (TMPG) recognizes a tremendous opportunity in the Match Play Golf (MPG) arena for amateurs at all skill levels, ages, and for both sexes. We are continually seeking mentoring, advice, and guidance from individuals in the industry and continually refining our direction and plan.

In the future, we anticipate TMPG will offer competitive play to not only men but to ladies, juniors, seniors, and mixed teams. We plan to provide a first class newsletter that will develop into a first rate golf magazine revolving around MPG. We also plan to develop the TMPG Foundation to benefit and promote advancement of MPG play. The Foundation will provide scholarships to deserving individuals and expand its philanthropic participation. TMPG plans to promote retail marketing of various TMPG products and to pursue being a global organization that is recognized and sanctioned by the USGA and PGA.

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