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Gmail Backup Software

Save Backup Emails, Contacts, Calendar and Documents in Multiple files on Windows and Mac OS X

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Cost: $29

Size: 29.8 MB Version: 9.0

Backup Gmail Emails, Contacts, Documents, Calendar to PST, MBOX, MSG, EML Software Supports to backup Gmail Email to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 attachments from Gmail account in PDF file formats Take Gmail backup data to the desired destination location Naming Convention feature to save email with different name Download attachments using "Save attachment on disk" in case of PDF Filter option to save selective mailbox during Gmail backup Delete After Download option to save server space after downloading Maintain Folder hierarchy and data integrity of Gmail data downloaded Gmail Backup Tool offers Pause/ Resume Options to save the interruption time Supports the Windows Live Mail (WLM), Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, etc to backup MS Outlook installation not required to backup emails in PST format Software is compatible with all Windows versions

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Product Guide Support: Windows 10 All Below Version.
Processor: 1GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended).
RAM: 2 GB of RAM.
Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free hard disk space required." data-original-title="System Requirements">System Requirements

Free Download the demo version of Gmail Email Backup tool to export 100 Gmail emails 25 other items to PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, PDF file format. Also, export Gmail Documents in all formats.

Exclusive Features of Backup for Gmail Tool

Read the Explained Features of Gmail Account Backup Application Features Security Screenshots Video FAQs Features of Gmail Email Backup Software Single / Multiple User Backup

Gmail Backup utility is used for creating safe and secure back up of any individual user account; enter detail of all credentials including  username and password of Gmail user account with will continue for taking back up of all the data from Google mail account.

Multiple Email File Saving Options

Technically well versed; this application has made it possible for the users to export the backed up copy of their email data as EML, MBOX, MSG or PST formats respectively. All the four files work on entirely different desktop email clients platforms which makes usability of Gmail data wider comparatively.

Google Documents Backup Drive

Documents received in emails or sent through Gmail are maintained within them while when you backup Gmail even those documents are included. The latest revision of your document is downloaded as backup because on the Google Drive you can even edit documents and many revisions of the same file created on the backend.

Backup Google Contacts

Contacts of your Gmail account are backed up successfully. Software makes the backup of your respective account contacts as VCF format files i.e. vCards which is an electronic business card and one of the highly versatile file in its category.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

Tool facilitates a functionality to manage the data integrity of the emails transferred. In addition, the folder structure of the mailbox items are maintained to be same after backup completion. Moreover, all the meta attributes are retained during the backup process along with the HTML formatting.

PauseResume Downloading

Tool provides you an option to hold back or pause the downloading process. This lets you perform uninterrupted downloading of emails even if internet connection is lost or stopped in between. You can resume the process later when internet is connected, it wont affect the download Google data process.

Delete Emails after Download

For security aspect you can delete your emails from the server after creating complete download Google data and saving it into your hard disk drive. This option is useful when you need to completely remove the email data and information from server since you can use the same data from the recently created backup.

Apply Filters

Tool provides you two options; one is Time Interval option to create back up of Gmail data of particular date range. Another, Select folders option to select particular folders which you want to take back up.

Incremental Backup Feature

The Gmail backup software provides an Incremental Backup option to save newly arrived or updated data upon re-backup. In simple words, after taking the backup of the Gmail account once, if you try to backup again, the software will backup only newly arrived data.

Take Backup to Desired Destination

The tool provides an option for its users to save the backup data to the desired destination location on their computer. The user just needs to click on the Browse option to choose the desired location on their desktop computer. You can also save the backup in external media connected to your computer during the backup time.

Backup Gmail Without Outlook

While taking Gmail backup in Outlook PST format, the software doesn’t require Outlook installation. It means, when you choose the backup format as PST, you can take backup of emails, contacts without Outlook installation required.

Download Emails as PDF file

Gmail backup tool provides the option to download all emails in Adobe PDF file format. It also saves all the attachments associated with each email in the PDF file itself. Users can easily save the attachment files from PDF to the desired location whenever needed.

Naming Convention

This Gmail backup tool offers naming convention feature in case of PDF, EML and MSG formats. This features allows user to choose the name-format in which they want to save their emails. By default the tool will save all the emails with the name of Subject, but user can use Naming Convention to save email with different name.

Compatible with All Version

The Software is compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System. Also, the backup file format generated by the tool is compatible with all versions of their relative Email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, etc.

Why Our Gmail Backup is secure?

Gmail Backup is a solid and reliable solution that allows you to securely export Gmail emails and public folders data (including contacts, calendar, documents, sent items, tasks, etc.). We know how important Gmail email account data is, so we have developed this algorithm to help organizations / users comply with their high security standards. Find out how this Gmail email backup tool protects your account data and ensures its availability when needed.

Monitoring Backup Process

Throughout the backup process, the program monitors its progress and generates progress reports that are instantly visible. Well, this tool to backup Gmail email also generates the count of emails, contacts, calendar document.

Backup Performed in Background

This Gmail backup software is totally safe for mailbox contents and its operation is completely invisible to end users. Backup jobs can be performed in the background without any impact on users’ work and Gmail account performance. So that, the user can do their other work without any interruption.

No Data Saved on 3rd Party Server

For security reasons, Gmail data backed up by this utility is exclusively saved on your local storages in file format selected. This eliminates the risk of keeping crucial enterprise data on any 3rd party servers. And can easily be accessed offline.

Solid Secure Backup

Gmail Backup Tool creates solid and secure backup copies of Gmail emails, contacts, calendar, documents, etc. These copies are highly reliable and supported on various email client like MS Outlook, (WLM) Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.

Secure Reliable

The tool gives advanced search capabilities and export options to perform backup process. Gmail email backup solution ensures stability and reliability of the backup copies to guarantee availability in case needed for internal or legal purposes.

Screenshots of Google Mail (Gmail) Backup- How to Use?

Step 1 : Launch Software Fill Credentials of Gmail account

Step 2 : Select Category, Email, Destination Click Start Button

Step 3 : Software will be displayed Live Status.

Step 4 : Tool will be displayed confirmation messages

Watch !! Live Video of Gmail Backup Tool Gmail Backup Frequently Asked Questions

How to use this software to take Gmail Backup?

5 simple steps to backup Gmail account data are: "Download" and "Launch" Gmail Backup Software Enter Gmail Account ID and Password for login Select the Category of Data for Backup and Apply Filters Browse the Destination location for the backup Finally, Click on Start Button to begin the process

Do I need to Install Microsoft Outlook for exporting Gmail Backup to PST?

“I am not having MS Outlook on my system. Do I need to install it as I want my gmail email in PST.” You can download your Gmail emails, contacts documents to Outlook without the installation of MS Outlook.

What is the use of date-filter feature?

"Hi! I am not able to understand the use of your gmail backup tool, date-filter feature." Originally, Date filter is used to reduce the precious time and effort of a user by exporting only the desired range of emails instead backing up all. You only need to mention a timeline in From and To boxes shown in the date filter interface. Afterward, the Gmail Backup tool will download all the messages that lie between the mentioned data range in preferred file on on-premise location.

Will the software work on Mac OS?

“I am a MAC user, I cannot use all the softwares as all are limited. Will this tool work for me?” No, this Gmail Backup utility works only on Windows.

How to take Gmail backup on external hard drive with attachments?

“I can't carry my laptop everywhere, I always need a USB or a hard drive. It's the easiest way of carrying data.So I just wanted to ask whether or not I can backup gmail emails to hard drive?” Gmail data backup expert Utility downloads all Your Emails in to your computer hard drive with all its attached files and the meta properties (to, from, Cc, Bcc). This proficient tool is a trouble free formula to backup complete data.

Does this tool help me to export My Gmail contacts Purchase Now

Product Guide Support: Mac OS 10.10 All Above Version.
Processor: 1GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended).
RAM: 1 GB of RAM (4 GB is recommended).
Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free hard disk space required." data-original-title="System Requirements">System Requirements

Download demo version of the software to save 100 Gmail email to EML.

Exclusive Features of Gmail Backup For Mac

Read the Elaborated Features Mac Gmail Email Account Backup

Features Screenshots Video FAQs Features of GMAIL BACKUP FOR MAC OS X SOFTWARE Single User Gmail Account Id Backup

The robust Mac Gmail Backup tool allows users to save an offline copy of mails from a single user account to Mac machine. Plus, a user is free to save the resultant Gmail backup file in popular file type like PST, EML, EMLX, MBOX, and MSG format. To do all this, one can need to login with Gmail credential and opt for desired options in the tool. After that, rest of the process done by the software.

Pause And Resume Backup

Pause and resume option featured for added user convenience. The software is embedded with a Pause button on the download progress screen. This option enables users to interrupt the process of gmail backup on mac temporarily. A Resume button appears in place of the respective button, which is used to continue a stopped backup.

Delete Email After Download

This option commands gmail backup for mac tool to delete downloaded emails from Google server. After taking backup of selected emails or folders, Gmail email backup tool deletes the respective messages / folders from Gmail server. After enabling this option, tool deletes Gmail emails permanently from the Google account.

Apply Email Filter Option

Google also offers Calendar facility where you can set schedules, appointments, etc and gmail backup for mac Calendar program offers the ability of backing up its items as well. Calendar items of Google mail account is backed up in ICS file format on your local machine.

Maintaining Status Report of Backup

While you backup Gmail on mac, the tool will show complete progress report with details like: Source Path, Destination Path, MailCount, Fail Count Fill Credentials of Gmail account

Step 2 : Select File Format Click Start Button

Step 3 : Apply Date and Email Filters

Step 4 : Mac Gmail Backup Completed

Gmail Backup Tool for Mac - Watch !! Live Video Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my gmail account to eml?

“I want to migrate my standard gmail account to EML format. Can I do that?” Yes, definitely. Gmail Backup Tool for Mac can export Gmail to EML very easily.

How to backup gmail account on mac?

You can Follow these steps for backup gmail account for mac os x: Step 1: "Download" "Install" Mac Gmail Backup tool Step 2: Select PST or other "file formats" to backup on Mac OS X Step3: Browse path to save back up file and Click on “Backup” button Step 4: Backup process starts, Click on View Report to check live status

Once completed successfully visit location to view backup file.

Is it possible to download emails from multiple Gmail users, if I give Admin credentials to the software?

“I am in need for a utility, which provides me solution to create backup from multiple Gmail accounts on Mac simultaneously. I found this product but, throughout the page I did not find any description for multiple accounts backup. So, is there any technician who can help me out in the same?” No, till now, our Gmail Backup tool for Mac os x is capable of downloading messages from one user account at a time. If you are looking for solution to create backup file from several accounts then, you can opt for our Gmail Backup utility for Windows OS.

Is their need to have any supportive email client installation like Outlook to work with your program?

“Many other Gmail Backup for Mac products are requiring one or the other program installation to work. But, I found this tool as an independent backup solution. And it is actually unbelievable point for me. Before purchasing this Mac backup product, I want to confirm that is it really true?” No, our tool offers a standalone solution to download Gmail emails to Mac. You do not have to worry about any supportive application for working of our product.

What is the use of Delete after Download Feature?

“I was going through your software features, I saw delete after download option. What is the use of it?” Delete after download helps in deleting the mails from the server after the download for gmail backup mac os x is complete.

What is the best possible method to get local access of Gmail backup on Mac os x?

“There are a lot of emails stored on my Gmail account that are of great importance due to the contents that they store within. This has caused a security concern, which I am unable to get over. Is there a way to get these emails on my Mac machine in bulk so that they can be cleared off from the online storage? Online storage is risky owing to the possibility of hacking. Also how to download gmail emails to hard drive on mac os x?” With this software, you can backup / download your Gmail email account data and move it to a local storage. This can be done in two ways: You can selectively backup the emails (with attachments) from your Gmail account and support the continuity of data usage. Alternatively, you can download selective emails via folder choice or email filter via date and choose Delete After Download Option to clear them from the Gmail account for continued safety.This way you can gmail backup on mac os x.

Does the software supports to backup Custom Domain Gmail Account?

“I am having Gmail for Business Account with Custom domains. Does your software also supports to take backup of Custom Domain Gmail Account? “ No, This Gmail Backup for mac software does not support "custom domain Gmail account" (other than

How Much Time Does the Software Take to Backup a Gmail Account on Mac os x machine?

The time taken by the software to backup a Gmail email account entirely depends upon the internet speed and amount of data being backed up.

What Our Customer Say?

I need to download just a selection of emails from an ex-employee’s Gmail account. Thankfully, a friend suggested using Gmail backup software for Mac. I am extremely satisfied with the performance and would like to suggest other to use it too!

— Patrick Jason, Netherlands

We reviewed a lot of Gmail backup solutions but none gave a satisfactory output. Finding this tool was the best thing as it is dedicatedly programmed for Mac machines so users could take Gmail email backup in an output format understandable by Mac.

— Jonathan Wilson, Poland

I wanted to download my Gmail emails into PDF file format so that I can easily share emails with others and read mails offline. After using this tool, I am so happy that, now I can easily download any email into PDF file with all attachments inside it. Thanks developers for creating such an amazing tool.

— Robert Williams, UK

Features for Gmail to EML is just Superb. It is really diificult to find software for MAC. But this Team did it! Thanks! Three cheers for the company!

— John, Spain

It seems that the developers who had created this backup tool are very well aware from all data risks associated with Gmail backup procedure. This can be stated without any doubt because the Gmail Backup tool for Mac is the excellent result of their thoughts. Now it is like a game for me to download Gmail emails on hard drive of Mac. It was a great and amazing experience to work with this utility.

— Raj, Belgium

Service from 24x7 support should be really appreciated as I am totally satisfied by their work and helping mentality, as we were in the tight schedule to get the tool from the bulk number of user accounts as a policy in changing email platform to Outlook.

— Ronald, USA

Tool is one tremendous solution, performance above the level what we expected. Easily create backup email, contact, calendar, drive data from Google cloud to a local computer system is possible, Thanks a ton for your great product.

— Smith, England

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