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description:Dedicated to bringing awareness to Jerry's non-fiction books, novels, and management articles.
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Welcome to the Gerald M. Weinberg Fan Site!

Mr. Gerald M. Weinberg was an inspiration to me. Ive read many of his books and loved the quotes he would use on his homepage. His thoughts and writings undoubtedly made my personal and professional life fuller, happier, and more productive. In honor of Jerrys technical teachings and inspirational contributions to readers around the world, I am bringing back his website in hopes that others will discover this author and likewise be inspired by him as I have.

Nancy P.

Dedicated to Helping Smart People Be Happy
The Learning Laboratory

Traversing this web site, youll find out more about the learning laboratory weve created.


You may have discovered Weinberg Weinberg through our books.

Some find this website and join the SHAPE forum.


By participating in the Problem Solving Leadership Workshop, you fully enter the WW Learning Laboratory.

The Nucleus

After PSL, the Congruent Leadership Change Shop takes you deeper into the laboratory experience.

After the Change Shop, you become eligible for the Software Engineering Management Development Group.

SEM is a year-long program that extends indefinitely, and branches out into other SEM-only activities, such as the SEM Writers Workshop and the SEM Camp.

The Web

PSL, Change Shop, and SEM form the nucleus of the learning laboratory, but the lab has many rooms, with many experimenters. Once you have entered, you can explore at your own pace, according to your own interests. You can be a SHAPE member, attend a workshop offered by PSL faculty or Change Shop faculty, read a book, visit your SEM group, or get help with experiments in your own organization. The laboratory continues to grow, and where it stops, nobody knows.

Each person is important and can mean something for the world. You can do more than you think. Feel inspired by this.


Problem solvers make great poker players. Learn more at

Buy Jerry's Books at

Novels by Gerald Weinberg
Where There’s a Will There’s a Murder

What looks like an accident, sounds like an accident, and moves like an accident—is probably a murder. With a $-billion inheritance at stake, it's probably lots more than one. Enter the Residue Class, that diverse team of amateur outcast sleuths—an international team...

Mistress of Molecules

Libra has a hidden fully-equipped chemical lab, built by her father before he was taken away and killed by the Church for the crime of possessing forbidden chemicals. Now she continues her father’s work as she fights for liberty using her extraordinary powers to...

Second Stringers

"To be blind is bad, but worse is to have eyes and not see." - Helen Keller (1880 - 1968) What happens if the physicists' String Theory is correct, and the "real" universe is nothing more than a human mental construct? And what happens to the half-dozen young adults...

MISTRESS OF MOLECULES: sample chapters

Chapter 1. Libra Before the instant I launched my crocus-laden balloon plane, I had never doubted that I was my father's daughter. Now, parked in Clifton Plaza waiting for its return, my body, and my confidence, shook with fear. Nicolas Valois never feared anything....

The Hands of God

How would you live if you lost your hands? Could you feed yourself? Clean yourself? What about opening a door? How would you dress yourself, or tie your shoes? Would everyone you ever loved consider you a freak? A monster? Pamela Ruka knows the answers to these...

Freshman Murders

Freshman Murders is a "Nerder Mystery," which means that the detectives who solve these crimes are nerds-brilliant individuals whose social skills may not equal their skills in mathematics. Josh Rosemont, finds a young woman’s body in the woods. He is paralyzed by her...

First Stringers What happens if the physicists' String Theory is correct, and the "real" universe is nothing more than a human mental construct? And what happens to the half-dozen young adults who, through an accident on their common day of conception, can mentally pull the strings of the universe? And how is eadh affected by his/her "handicap": blind, deaf, crippled, Down's Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, paraplegia, ... eBooks

I'm making some of my novels available for purchase as eBooks, in pdf format that should be readable on your computer, on most hand-held devices, or on printouts. The novels are designed to provide a kind of experiential learning while reading an engaging and...

Earths Endless Effort

LAFE doesn't live in the forest. LAFE is the forest. LAFE's size and thousands of years of experience provide the wisdom to survive. When a pipeline project threatens to slice LAFE's brain, LAFE seeks the aid of Daphne DeFreest. But first they must heal her broken...

Aremac Power: Inventions at Risk Aremac Power: Inventions at Risk
Non-Fiction Books by Gerald Weinberg
Are Your Lights On? Are Your Lights On? How to Figure Out What the Problem Really Is Amplifying Your Effectiveness Amplifying Your Effectiveness
Roundtable on Project Management A SHAPE Forum Dialogue

(co-editors: Marie Benesh and James Bullock) ISBN: 0-932633-48-X 200 pages softcover Dorset House Publishing Sample and/or Buy the ebook through: KINDLE Barnes s Abecedarian: An Entomological Essay for Software Engineers

Gerald M. Weinberg The author comments: Over the years, I've tried to show managers and developers how much serious damage mistakes can cause, but seriousness doesn't seem to carry much weight with software folks. So, instead, I've decided to offer them a lighter view...

New Ways For Managing Software Development Projects: 3. Grassroots Software Management: Simple Things to Do

In the previous two articles we've talked about managing software projects. The first article focused on how traditional project management techniques fall short of addressing the inherent uncertainty in software development. The second article looked at three...

New Ways For Managing Software Development Projects: 2. Adjusting for Reality: Mitigating Uncertainty in Projects

This article is the second in a three-part series exploring how you can keep a better handle on your software development project to ensure it doesn't spin out of control or face cancellation before the product's release. One major reason for having difficulties in...

New Ways For Managing Software Development Projects: 1. A Walk on the Wild Side

Don Willerton This article is the first in a three-part series exploring how you can keep a better handle on your software development project to ensure it doesn't spin out of control or face cancellation before the product's release. Because software development...

Project Management in Haiku Form

Rick Brenner +-+-+ Project management? A complete course requires Ten simple haiku. - Jerry +-+-+ I Our project was late, so we added more people. The problem got worse. II When requirements changed, the schedule did not - were we headed for trouble? III We were doing...

A Guide to Fine Whines

In teaching software process improvement and discipline, I sometimes encounter a phenomenon I describe as "The Tsunami of Whining." (Tsunami is a Japanese word for "Tidal Wave.") Some students complain about certain issues and often do so in a rather demonstrative...

Klingons on the Planet

A few years ago I was having dinner with some Canadian friends. They raised an interesting issue. "You Americans are an incredibly militaristic society! You declare a 'War on Drugs', a 'War on Poverty', a 'War on Crime'. Your language is full of military references....

Giving to Those in Need

As an independent consultant, earning a living by helping organizations improve software development processes, I am blessed with a wonderful life where I get to experience a variety of places with the good and bad behaviors that make each one unique. Something that...

The Magic Delete Key

When consulting with organizations to establish a software process improvement program, one of my initial questions is, "Why do you want to do this?" The responses that I hear most often relate to the issue of software development productivity: "We need to be more...

Courage in the Workplace

An open letter to my friends embarking on a Corporate Change Project: If If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait...

Ora Pro Nobis: Seeking Divine Intercession in Our Divine Comedies

(Through me is the way into the city of woe, through me is the way to eternal sorrow, through me is the way to an abandoned people. Sacred justice moved my creator: I was made by divine omnipotence, the highest wisdom, and the original love. Before me there was...

Reflecting on Aikido and a Workshop Called Problem Solving Leadership

When you first start training in Aikido it is the tricks that hook you. It looks like magic, which it is: consciously executed technique, refined through practice, applying models of human interaction, to manage those interactions. Magic. It becomes more real and...

A Model of Training

I've been reading the discussion on training with some interest. I have a few training models that I find helpful, that have been triggered by recent contributions. In local government we have frequent discussions about the proper use of bonds. The consensus seems to...

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Dedicated to bringing awareness to Jerry's non-fiction books, novels, and management articles.

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