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In an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, ICMR has empanelled CSIR-CSIO for the testing of UV based Systems/ Products. Accordingly, CSIR-CSIO started testing of UV radiation spatial distribution inside various products and furnish test reports for the same to the respective manufacturing/trading industries/agency. The testing procedure is used to verify the UV radiation intensity at various points inside the product/system to allow protection against microorganisms present on the surfaces by disinfecting and decontaminating daily essentials, and office items. CSIR-CSIO test reports pertain to a particular unit from a system/product type and based on the experimental data collected during a testing procedure. The test report is purely confidential communication for the respective manufacturing industry and not for any public dissemination, publication, endorsement, or advertisement.The Institute further notifies that CSIR-CSIO is not a certifying authority for the viral load testing and the institute only certifies the available UV radiation intensity at any point inside the product/system. With this notice, it is clarified that the institute does not take any responsibility for the performance of the products developed by such manufacturers.Merely based on such tests and reports, the institute does not authorise any manufacturing/trading industry/agency to use a replica of any such reports and/or CSIR-CSIO logo on their web portal or product for any kind of public dissemination, publication, endorsement, or advertisement. Under no circumstances, the public display of any such reports or the CSIR-CSIO logo by such manufacturing or trading industry is legal. It is notified that if any industry is resorting to such a practice, they may remove all such occurrences in all products/media handled by themselves and/or their distributors immediately to avoid any further legal actions. Electrostatic Dust Mitigation and Environment Protection Device


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