This More Truth

They claim he caused an insurrection. Now they are trying to falsely impeach him a second time. Never. We Have To Have Peace | Donald J Trump ( Check out this video before the powers-that-be take it down. Truth is truth.

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Some Truth

I rarely agree with Alex Jones, yet this time I do. Watch this video and decide for yourselves what happened. You do still have the right to think, you know.

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Last Page IWrote

Putting this here only because Ive been trying to finish this book for the last few weeks. I cant seem to write now. From Tempting, Just Like Sisters Book Two She stepped toward him, no hint of shyness in her expression now. “You’re my daddy.” Yes, right to the point. Not a question, but a Continue reading Last Page IWrote

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We need to be there to watch the recount. #StoptheSteal I just sent my email to Janet.

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Just passing this on for people who can be Washington, DC to peacefully protest. Wish I could be there. Eventbrite is claiming the event was cancel. It wasnt. Also have local peaceful protest in some states. Check them out here.

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