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THE TRADITIONAL ROMAN CATHOLIC NETWORK"The Independent Voice of Traditional Roman Catholicism since September 29, 1994"And Virtual Encyclopædia of Traditional CatholicismThe First Traditional Roman Catholic Web SiteWith More Readers than Any Other Traditional Roman Catholic Site*   Subscribe to the Free TRADITIO RSS FeedEnter "" into your Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, or Other Aggregator"The Descent into the Black Hole of the Liturgical New Order" Updated - 05/09/21Even many traditional Catholics falsely think that the Traditional Latin Mass was first corrupted with the so-called "Mess of 1962" (aka erroneously as "Extraordinary") under John XXIII. In fact, the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini began his destructive work that led eventually to the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Mess of 1969 starting in 1951 under Pius XII, who appointed him to his post. "The Descent into the Black Hole of the Liturgical 'New Order' documents each of these shocking aberrations 1945-1970, which gradually led to the full-blown implementation of the invalid and anti-Catholic "New Mess" (Novus Ordo) of 1969 and "Liturgy of the Hours" of 1970. For further information, click on Traditional Latin Mass, Divine Office & Sacraments department.SALE ON ST. JOHN SCHOLA GREGORIAN CHANT CDS EXTENDED - 05/01/21ChantCD has announced a sale on physical CDs in the St. John Schola's A Traditional Chapel Sings Gregorian Chant series, as ChantCD moves to MP3 downloads as its normal manner of distribution. TRADITIO readers may take advantage of a 40 per cent discount while the physical CDs last.The St. John Schola for Gregorian Chant, an independent organization separate from the TRADITIO Network, provides the TRADITIO Newtwork's Gregorian Chant department as a courtesy to TRADITIO readers.The beauty of the devotional images on the cover artwork of these CDs, designed by a leading traditional Catholic graphic artist, is stunning and makes owning the CDs a treasure for the cover images alone.The St. John Schola series is highly recommended by the TRADITIO Network for its fidelity to the fully Traditional Roman Liturgy and for its utility in training Gregorian scholae (chant choirs) in traditional churches, chapels, and oratories around the world. Free music sheets are available to accompany the recordings.For ordering and descriptive information on the series, click on A Traditional Chapel Sings Gregorian Chant.Read Today's Daily Commentaries from the TRADITIO FathersWhere every day the Fathers provide unique, provocative, often bitingly satirical commentary (after the Roman satirist Juvenal, St. Thomas More, and other Saints of the Church) from half a century's personal observation of the Church both pre- and post-Vatican II, on current events in the Catholic Church from the traditional perspective.Those who have paid the $10 Annual Use Fee for the current year's eBook Official Traditional Catholic Directory, Listing All Traditional Latin Masses and Traditional Resources for North America may update their copies to the CURRENT MONTHLY REVISED EDITION. We urge TRADITIO Network readers to buy and have on hand the current monthly revised edition of the Directory because we frequently refer our readers to it for traditional Mass locations and traditional resources, as well as the answers to many questions.This more than 200-page E-book, in the universal and free Adobe Acrobat PDF format, includes the only complete list, by sponsoring organization, of the approximately 700 Traditional Catholic Latin Masses in the pre-Vatican II Roman Rite, regularly and publicly celebrated in North America, as well as contacts for Mass sites outside North America. It also includes a list of traditional Catholic periodicals, suppliers, organizations, seminaries, religious orders, lay societies, retreats, schooling, and a necrology of traditional Catholic priests.For further information, click on the Official Traditional Catholic Directory department, provided to the TRADITIO Network by the National Registry of Traditional Latin Masses.Those who have paid the Annual Use Fee to download the previous year's Original Edition and Monthly Revised Editions must pay the Annual Use Fee for the current year, if they wish to use the current year's Original Edition and Monthly Revised Editions.Pray Today's Traditional Divine Office The most important prayer that the Church offers to Almighty God after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in the fully traditional Catholic rite (1950).See Today's Traditional Liturgical Calendar Where the Saint, rank, and color of the day are listed, together with any fast and abstinence applicable in the fully traditional Catholic rite (1950).Listen to Gregorian Chant Provided to the TRADITIO Network by the St. John Schola for Gregorian ChantFor Gregorian chant recorded live, we recommend the St. John Schola series: A Traditional Chapel Sings Gregorian Chant:Volume I: Christmas Matins of the Divine Office-An Abridgement (December 2006)Volume II: First Mass of Christmas (December 2006)Volume III: Fourth Sunday after Epiphany (January 2007)Volume IV: Pentecost (May 2007)Volumes I-IV: Box Collection (May 2007)Volume V: 14th Sunday after Pentecost (September 2007)Volume VI: 4th Sunday after Easter (February 2008)Volume VII: Basilica of Sts. Peter & Paul (January 2009)Volume VIII: Cantus Populares-Popular Chants (December 2009)Volumes V-VIII: Box Collection (December 2009)Volume IX: Holy Week and Easter (February 2011)Volume X: Feast of the Precious Blood (November 2012)Review the Booksales Where the TRADITIO Network continuously offers for sale traditional Catholic books and compact discs that are typically hard to find. Advance notice of this sale is sent to those on our booksale E-mail list. If you would like advance notification of booksale announcements, simply E-mail your name and E-mail address to TRADITIO.If you wish to support the TRADITIO Network's Apostolate, click on the box to the left to make a donation easily, securely, and confidentially by bank account or credit card through PayPal. Note in the PayPal message field: "Donation to the TRADITIO Network." Regular contributors become Benefactors of the TRADITIO Network, and their intentions are specially commemorated at Traditional Latin Masses offered. Using PayPal reduces our administrative burden considerably, but if need to use a paper check, click on FAQ01: How Can I Help the TRADITIO Network's Apostolate?Use the TRADITIO Network's Search Engine to Find Topics of Interest on the TRADITIO NetworkThe TRADITIO Network was selected by Catholic Riverside as the Traditional Catholic Web Site of the Year for best "representing traditional Catholicism and displaying a great love for Jesus Christ."The TRADITIO Network was designated by the French traditional Catholic organization as "the English-speaking world's strongest site for Tradition." *The TRADITIO Network was determined by a statistical survey to be the most popular and longest-existing traditional Roman Catholic web site on the internet.The TRADITIO Network was selected by the Editors of the Encyclop dia Britannica as "one of the best on the internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation, and usability."The TRADITIO Network was selected to receive the Catholic Award as "a quality Catholic Web site and for outstanding efforts made in propagating the Catholic Faith." The criteria were Catholic content, overall quality, navigability, and design appeal.The TRADITIO Network was selected to receive the Mary Award from Holland as "a quality Catholic Web site of great Catholic thought that contains a great love for the Blessed Virgin Mary."If you have any questions, E-mail the TRADITIO Network.Copyright 1994-2021. Publication of any material from this site without explicit written permission is strictly prohibited. References to the TRADITIO Network from external sites, or external advertisements that may appear below, do not necessarily indicate permission, approval, or even knowledge of such external sites or advertisements. This site operates independently of any diocese, religious society, or other web site. Opinions are those of the respective authors only. The information and materials contained in this web site are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation any warranty of accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of the information and materials, title, non-infringement, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and freedom from computer viruses.

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First Web Site on the Internet for Traditional Roman Catholics since 1994, including the Official Catholic Directory of Traditional Latin Masses.

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