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Introducing DOGE® Performance Ammunition Posted by Cable on February 25, 2014 Posted in: Miscellaneous. 10 comments

Finally, a viable solution for alternative ammunition sources. Introducing DOGE® PERFORMANCE AMMUNITION. Perhaps the best low-cost solution for all your shooting needs. Wow! Made from many hand picked cases with such quality. It is sure to very performance! Super non-corrosive, very primer. And wow, such grains, 124! DOGE Performance Ammo is sure to fire. Much bullets, so accuracy! Dont spend such over charge on many bullet, get DOGE bullet and receive many saves! Wow. So amaze.

This ammunition is not for sale. It is a parody of WOLF Performance Ammunition and the Doge Meme. Inspired by the photoshopped DOGE .223 Rem image.


I did not anticipate the popularity this little project would gather. I was loading up some rounds for a friend and thought it would be a funny joke to give him the box with the Doge Ammo labels. Seems like people would like to buy Doge ammo. I may have the capacity to do them in small runs of 50 round boxes. Would there be any interest if the product was provided? (Of course this is purely novelty, but it will be in an actual printed 50 round box, ammunition would be live, but for novelty only.) Vote in the poll below!

Update 2 Now with video

The Target Man Spartan Omega Armor vs AR500 Armor Posted by Cable on February 7, 2014 Posted in: Guns Gear. 9 comments The Most Anticipated Armor Review Comparison: The Target Man Spartan Omega Armor vs AR500 Armor

So given the current economic conditions, a lot of preppers and survivalists have had to cut down on their spending and prioritize accordingly. Body armor is a big part for many preppers, but most conventional body armor and armor plates are extremely expensive and cost prohibitive. To address these shortcomings in the armor industry, manufacturers like The Target Man and AR500 Armor have utilized abrasion resistant steel armor plating to create cost effective personal body armor.

The two mentioned manufacturers are by far the most popular of the AR500 armor systems. Their low cost and effectiveness is highly attractive to frugal preppers survivalists and individuals with high-risk occupations. To combat known issues with using solid steel armor plate, both manufacturers have developed and utilized certain coatings to contain spalling or fragmentation of projectiles which can cause injury.

But the question is raised: Which of the two armor systems should I get? What are the pros cons of each system? What shortcomings or advantages does one have over the next?

With the help of my friends, we created a video to show the effectiveness and performance of each system as well as address some personal opinions regarding other aspects of each armor system. Its a tad long, but there are many important points of discussion to address. So first, well give the key comparison points in the table below. (Skip the write up and jump to the video by clicking this link.)

Each item will be given a rating of 1-5, 1 being the lowest, and 5 being the highest.

The Target Man Spartan Omega Armor vs AR500 ArmorItemTTM Spartan OmegaAR500 Armor1. Performance43.52. Fit Finish543. Weight32.54. Comfort545. Cost53Overall22171. Performance

The performance of both plates were very close in comparison. As it relates to penetration, both plates exceed Level III specifications IAW NIJ 0101.06, even going as far as stopping multiple rounds of 30-06. Slight backface deformation was observed on both plates with the higher caliber rounds including 30-06 (M2 HXP), 7.5x55mm Swiss (G11) and 12ga 1oz Slug (2 3/4 Full Power, rifled). In terms of spalling and fragmentation, both plates contained handgun calibers very well, with the exception of shots placed within approximate 3/4 on any given edge. We observed failure on shots placed on the edges, but the failures were greater with the AR500 Armor system. In terms of spalling fragmentation on rifle rounds, both exhibited minor fragmentation when hit with .223 Remington 55grn FMJ and 5.56x45mm 62grn M855 Penetrator (Green Tip) ammunition. We observed slightly less overall fragmentation and material loss with the Spartan Omega armor, possibly due to the composition and elastic properties of the Rhino Liner compared with the chunky crumbly Paxcon/Line-X coating used on the AR500 Armor plates. Once compromised, both plates failed to contain the high caliber rounds, which the plates were not designed to protect against anyways.

2. Fit Finish

When it comes to fit finish of the two armor plate systems, I really have to hand it to the Target Man Spartan Omega Armor system. The coating is very uniform and low-profile. The Spartan helmet relief is a nice aesthetic touch that reinforces the brand and just plain looks cool. We found that the coating of the AR500 Armor system was a bit rough due to the type of coating they were using (Paxcon/Line-X). We specifically ordered the extra build up coat which cost an additional $25 per plate. In our research, plates coated with the standard non-build up coats were not able to successfully contain spalling fragmentation. The extra build up layer adds both thickness and weight. We found this added thickness and weight to be more or less on par with the thinner and lighter Rhino Liner on the Spartan Omega Armor in terms of performance. The two coatings are slightly different in composition as well. We found that the Spartan Omega armor was a little more dense, and a lot more rubbery with elastic properties. The AR500 Armor system was a little less compacted and chunky or flaky overall. Due to the reduced thickness and overall finish of the Spartan Omega armor, this system comes out on top in this category.

3. Weight

One of the shortcomings of the utilization of AR500 steel as a personal body armor is the weight. What you save in cost, you make up in weight. Other level 3 and level 4 armor alternatives weigh anywhere between 3-4 pounds per plate on average. Generally speaking, any AR500 armor plate system will run between 7-9lbs depending on the manufacturer and any coatings applied. We bought both the Target Man Spartan Omega Armor and the AR500 Armor systems in sets of 2. When weighed, the AR500 Armor plates came out to a total of 19.6lbs. The Target Man Spartan Omega Armors coating is more uniform and dense, which allows it to be thinner overall. Two Spartan Omega Armor plates came out to 19.2lbs total. Thats 9.8lbs for the AR500 armor and 9.6lbs for the Spartan Omega Armor. Overall you save almost a whole pound across two plates, but given that they both use 1/4 thick AR500 steel, the weight will be very similar. Slight advantage given to the Spartan Omega Armor, but the weight of both systems just sucks due to the inherent weight of the materials used.

4. Comfort

The comfort of the plates has a lot to do with the fit finish and weight of the products. Due to the thinner overall profile of the Spartan Omega Armor, it was a bit more low-profile when inside a plate carrier. The weight difference is negligible, but after hours of use, the few ounces may be worth the weight savings. The biggest factors in comfort would have to be the curvature of the plates. Both plates are curved nicely and contours the body well, aiding in comfort. The AR500 Armor plate we purchased has the advanced shooters cut, which has an elongated cut on the wearers strong side. To be completely honest, I could not really tell the cut was there, but it wasnt horrible either way in terms of comfort. I really have to give it to the Target Man for their relief cuts on all edges which come in contact with limbs. There are strategically placed rounded relief cuts on the top and top sides of the plate. This slight curve really goes a long way for comfort. When wearing the AR500 armor, depending on your position, you may feel the hard straight edges of the plate on the inside of your arms. The Spartan Omega Armor addresses that problem by the rounded relief cuts. For the relief cuts and overall thinness of the plates, the Target Man takes this point home.

5. Cost

The price of a life saving device should be the last thing on your mind. But if youre looking at these armor systems, then lets face it, its a factor. People who can afford the $700+ lightweight level 4 composite systems dont really need to be pinching pennies. If youre looking at the AR500 based armor systems, budget is probably something pretty high on your evaluation. We got both plates at a discount during Black Friday and Cyber Monday of 2013. The Target man was offering 15% off on their armor systems, and AR500 Armor was offering a whopping 20% off. In the end, we still paid less for the Target Man armor despite the lesser discount. Retail price for the Spartan Omega Armor is $189.99 for the formed (curved) set with the Rhino Liner Coating with free shipping. Retail price for the AR500 Armor system was $220 for the curved set with the extra build up layer with a $12.00 flat rate shipping charge. Without the discount, its $189.99 for the Target Man armor and $232 for the AR500 Armor system. Since purchasing these plates back in late 2013, it appears that AR500 armor has reduced their prices by $5 a plate, but thats still a $32 difference in price. Youll essentially be paying $32 more for a plate that is heavier, thicker, not as comfortable, and performs marginally worse than the alternative product. For these reasons, the Target Man Armor definitely wins this round.

Overall (Cliff Notes)

If youve been paying attention up to this point, youll already know the key points. But reading is hard, so to sum it up, The Target Man Spartan Omega Armor is definitely the superior product compared to the AR500 Armor systems. When taking performance into account, the Spartan Omega Armor performs marginally better than the AR500 Armor. As it relates to fit finish, the Spartan Armor system is thinner and has a more uniform and dense coating that is both functional and aesthetically and tactilely pleasing. When it comes to weight, both systems are heavy, thats just the nature of it. But due to the condensed coating of the Spartan Omega Armor, theirs weighed in a little less. Theres no comparison when it comes to comfort. The rounded relief cuts, thinner profile and reduced weight of the Target Man Spartan Omega Armor beats the AR500 Armor by a long shot. That being said, the AR500 Armor plate isnt terribly uncomfortable by any means, though the hard straight edges can be felt in certain ranges of movement. Cost: $189.99 for the Spartan Omega vs $232 (or $222) for the AR500 Armor. Its a clear choice of which is the better plate to buy.

Some things to note:

Some people might ask why were comparing the basic model of the Spartan Omega to the upgraded build up option of the AR500 Armor. The answer is simple. The single basic coat of the AR500 Armor does not remotely provide any type of spalling or fragmentation protection. See this video by Demolition Ranch on Youtube as an example.
With that being said, if you are relying on the coating of the AR500 Armor to prevent spalling and fragmentation, you MUST get the extra build up layer, which is why we purchased it with that option and compared it to the basic option of the Spartan Omega Armor. The fact that the build up layer is not a default option kind of worries me. The Target Man doesnt have that issue, if youre spending money on the plate and relying solely on the anti-spalling and fragmentation coating, the Spartan Omega Armor includes that option by default. No addons, no extra cost.

Ares Gear Ranger Belt A Brief Review Posted by Cable on May 2, 2012 Posted in: Guns Gear. Tagged: Ares Gear Ranger Belt, Belt, Glock, Gun Belt. 1 comment Ares Gear Ranger Belt The Original Design

Ares Gear Ranger Belt - Coytote

Its been a while since my last post, so I figure Id get back into this with a post of the highly acclaimed Ares Gear Ranger Belt. I picked up this belt in Coyote with a black Cobra QR (Quick Release) Buckle from Weapon Outfitters. They were the only ones that had them on hand during my search. I wear a size small, since I am a smaller guy. I opted for some color to break the generic black and brown leather belts I currently have. This is not the enhanced version they offer. This is the standard Ranger Belt, the original.

After using this belt almost daily for over 3 months now, I feel like I can give a fair and accurate review. The Ares Gear slogan is Stiffer is Better, and like most things in life, it stands true for gun belts. My favorite feature of this belt is the Cobra QR Buckle system. It makes putting the belt on, and getting it off a snap, literally. It locks in securely and does not loosen or unbuckle. At the same time, when you want to unbuckle it, you simple give it a light squeeze and the buckle pops open with no snagging or dragging. The design of the Ranger Belt ensures the BEST fit. It is adjustable by pulling on the webbing portion and is adaptable for a tighter or looser fit depending on the situation, and/or the belt-worn accessories you happen to have on.

Continue Reading

Glock 19 Stove Pipe and Slamfire Malfunction Posted by Cable on February 8, 2012 Posted in: Miscellaneous. Tagged: Glock, Glock 19, Gun, Malfunction, Match, Shooting. 2 comments Glock 19 malfunction. Video and description of a unique slamfire and stovepipe failure with the Glock Pistol.

Everyone knows based on my previous posts and purchase history, that I am an avid Glock fan. Ive ran thousands upon thousands of rounds through my Glock 19 with no gun-related issues. Most if not all of my malfunctions were based on bad ammo, or my own poor reloads when I first began reloading 9mm. However, a recent experience has shattered that perfect history.

Glock 19 Stovepipe Malfunction

During my last match, during the second stage, there was a mandatory reload when you reach the second shooting box. I used my factory Glock 10 round magazine, which has had a slight history of feeding issues when manually chambering a round, but never when the gun cycled by itself when fired. However, this time around, my first shot with that magazine caused a stovepipe malfunction, perhaps due to too much tension from the magazine being pushed up into the bottom of the barrel. Regardless, it was a simple and common type of malfunction. I performed a basic clearing drill and racked the slide to allow the spent casing to fall out. Upon releasing the slide, the Glock 19 slam fired, sending another round into the dirt. Luckily I had the gun pointed in a safe direction, so no one was hurt. After the malfunction induced discharge of the second round, that case also stovepiped. See the video of the malfunction here:

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SHOT Show 2012 New Glockworx Products Posted by Cable on January 24, 2012 Posted in: News Politics. Tagged:, glockworxx, shot show, shot show 2012. Leave a Comment Glockworx Zev Technologies Unveil new Glock .22LR Conversion Kit at SHOT Show 2012. Plus, new Glockworx replacement slide for Glocks.

As most of you already know, SHOT Show 2012 was last week. There seems to have been a lot of great new products out there. Dont quote me on it, I wasnt there unfortunately. Maybe if this Blog takes off, then Ill be able to make it one year. But for now, Im stuck with reposts of other more fortunate firearms enthusiasts and people in the firearms industry. I havent done my part by doing more research on the event, but I am sure Ill be posting more new products as I hear about them.

SHOT Show 2012

Ever since SHOT Show 2012, I started getting some hits regarding Glockworx. Keywords like Glockworx SHOT Show 2012 and Glockworx fulcrum trigger were among a few of the popular ones. I decided to check out what was so intriguing at the Glockworx / Zev Technologies booth and I discovered this gem of a video featuring my buddy Ray over at Glockworx. This looks very very interesting since there was only one offering of a Glock .22LR conversion kit. This should be a hit on the market with rising ammo prices and the low cost.

Continue Reading

Portantino AB1527 Long Gun Open Carry Ban Posted by Cable on January 23, 2012 Posted in: News Politics. Tagged: AB1527, Long Gun, Open Carry Ban, Portantino, Portantino AB1527 Long Gun Open Carry Ban. 1 comment Portantino submits Long Gun Open Carry Ban AB1527. Dont blame Open Carry advocates ! Its a failure of our government, not of our citizens.

AB1527 Long Gun Open Carry Ban

Well, we all knew this was coming. After the Open Carry ban on handguns was put into effect beginning January first of this year, theres no surprise when anti-gun politicians realized they missed a spot. Enter AB1527. After all, theyre there to create new laws, not to understand existing legislation, nor to represent their constituents. Of course, that was sarcasm. Unfortunately many of my fellow citizens are just as disgusted as I am with how these imbeciles (Portantino , et a.l)  are unable to comprehend basic common sense and logic. Its like a prerequisite of being a politician is to have the inability to produce a logical train of thought. Of course there are a handful of politicians who actually do try to serve the people, but unfortunately they are among the few.

With the ranting aside, lets see what weve got going on with this new proposed bill. Basically its to clean up yet another poorly written bill. AB144 was the ban on Unloaded Open Carrying of handguns in public, introduced by Portantino, signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on October 10th, 2011, effective January 1st, 2012 . Of course being an expert on firearms, Portantino forgot to include long guns into his ban. The bill was so poorly written, that Portantino had to come up with another bill to finish what he started. He cant even correctly write laws that pertain to his interests! I call this the Oops, I missed a spot bill. Continue Reading

Glock 19 G19 Semi-Automatic Pistol Review Posted by Cable on January 21, 2012 Posted in: Guns Gear. Tagged: G19, Glock, Glock 19, review. 14 comments Review of Glock 19 Semi-Automatic Pistol. Gen 3 Glock G19 My take on the gun I trust my life to. See why this pistol is so reliable.

After owning this Glock Pistol for over a year, I cant believe I havent taken the time to sit down and write a review about it. Then again, after over a year of full use, in multiple applications and outings, after thousands upon thousands of rounds, I think that I can now make a well informed review on this pistol.

The Glock 19 or G19 pistol is a polymer frame semi-automatic compact pistol. It is a slightly smaller version of the Glock 17 9mm pistol. It is chambered in 9mm (919, 9mm Luger, 9mm Para, 9mm Parabellum). Standard capacity is 15+1 rounds in a metal lined polymer magazine. If you want more technical details and all that stuff, check out the Wikepedia Glock page. Continue Reading

Glock 19 Custom Gun and Mods by Posted by Cable on January 20, 2012 Posted in: Guns Gear. Tagged: Custom, Custom Glock, Custom Gun, Glock, Glock 19,, glockworxx, Gun. 4 comments Custom Gunsmithing done on a Gen 3 Glock 19. Grip Reduction, undercut, grip job, aftermarket trigger by Glock Worx, internal magwell. More

Glocks are widely known for their perfection. Heck, they call it Glock Perfection. Theyre always knocked on their tag line every time they come out with a fix, or a new generation. The fact of the matter is that Glocks are not perfect for everyone. Simply because no one is perfect. Im definitely not perfect, and for that reason, I had my Gen 3 Glock 19 shipped out to my buddy Ray over at GlockWorx. Continue Reading

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