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A Personalized Adaptive Learning System added to the premium content of Virtual Curriculum. “This is genius.” “It lets me know where I am at and what I have yet to review.” Your personal learning gps Peak guides you to the most relevant content based on your learning needs and helps you engage with content more effectively with tools like highlighting and personal notes. Tracking tools monitor your progress and help you learn more efficiently by decreasing redundancy in the future. Our Bullets* App syncs with Peak so you can learn in small blocks of time in the hospital when you might otherwise not study. Click the PEAK Tracker below to see how you rate mastery of different learning activities. Memorizing topics lays the foundation of knowledge needed to eventually apply knowledge and think critically. Learning topics is best accomplished in layers. As a junior resident you should focus on presentation and nonoperative treatment. As a senior resident you should focus more on operative treatment, techniques, and complications. Target Content: Orthobullets Review Topics. Does not include Technique Guides or Approaches, as that is captured under the Skill component of Peak. Mastery Trigger: Click on the Topic Selfmastery wheel to advance based on the scale below. QUESTIONS Questions are a "poor-mans" version of case-based learning, which is the best way to learn to apply medical knowledge, evidence, and to think critically. Questions work best in repetition, where you see the question over and over again, going deeper into the explanation and references. Target Content: Orthobullets and AAOS SAE Questions. We recognize some of the AAOS SAE questions are dated and need improvement. However, we still think they should be taken as they included valuable tested concepts. Even if the correct answer is outdated, it is important to know that historically a condition was treated differently - a question can still be a great educational tool even though it is a "bad question" from a diagnostic perspective. Mastery Trigger: Click on Selfmastery wheel for EACH OB and SAE Question associated with the topic to advance based on scale below Got question incorrect. Therefore you are at 20% for trying. Do the question at a later date and get it correct to advance to 40%. Got question correct. Therefore, you are at 40%. Now highlight the key tested concept in the explanation and highlight the key clinical findings in the conclusion of the referenced article abstracts to advance to 60%. Got question correct and read the explanation and conclusion of the abstracts. Therefore, you are at 60%. Answer the question correctly 3 times in a row to advance to 80%. Got question correct more than 3 times in a row in the last 60 days. Therefore, you are at 80%. Now type in the correct response and select it from the drop down menu to advance to 100%. In today's world of medicine, having a firm grasp of the evidence is essential to take good care of patients. Unfortunately, there is a "sea" of evidence, and it can be difficult and time-consuming to choose what is important to read. Orthobullets has done the hard work of filtering for the evidence of which you need to be aware. Target Content: Only Orthobullets "Tested" articles count as target content. "Tested Articles" represent a small subset of all the articles and have met specific Orthobullets inclusion criteria. Mastery Trigger: Click on the Selfmastery wheel for EACH "Tested" article to advance based on scale below. Have never seen this article, and therefore you are at b 0% /b . Now, read the the Conclusion of the Abstract and highlight or note something important to advance to 20%. Did read the conclusion of Abstract Bullets and highlighted some parts of it. Therefore, you are at b 20% /b . Now read the Abstract itself and make some highlights there to advance to 40%. TEACHING CASES Teaching cases are the "cadillac" of learning to apply medical knowledge, the latest evidence, and think critically. They are important because they allow residents to make decisions in an algorithmic pathway - e.g., so you got an MRI in the ER and the patient is alert and oriented, so what is your next step in management? Target Content: Currently all cases linked to a topic count as target cases. Shortly, target cases will only include specific "core" cases that have been through a specific editorial process and have a certain teaching objective. Mastery Trigger: Vote on case polls AND add supporting evidence via Pubmed Insert Evidence Tool. While you can learn a lot by reading on your own, didactic lectures from experts always highlights what is most relevant in clinical practice. A series of Core Videos will help residents take what they are reading, and see the relevance in clinical practive. Target Content: Currently all videos linked to a topic count in this counter. Shortly, only "Core Videos" that have a certain educational value and quality control will count in this counter. Mastery Trigger: Click on the Video Selfmastery wheel to advance based on the scale below. You can't expect to do any surgical skill, for instance cutting the femoral neck in a THA, unless you have done your homework. Prepare for surgical skills by reading the basic outline of the skill steps watching select videos, and reading key articles and portions of textbook chapters. Take notes and highlight so you don't forget what you learned. Target Content: Orthobullets has carefully created a series of tasks that we believe a resident should complete in preparation for a skill. They include: 1) STEPS - reading the Orthobullets "Steps" of a skill that have been created by orthobullets. Orthobullets Techniques are largerly incomplete at this time, and will see rapid improvement as they are updated by experts in the field over the coming months. Mastery Trigger: Check the "Mark Skill as Read" under each Step. 2) VIDEOS - only Orthobullets Technique Videos count. Currently we only have videos for one procedure posted. We plan on releasing 1-2 Technique Videos per month. Mastery Trigger: Click on Video Selfmastery Tool of Skill Technique Video per the scale listed above under videos. 3) ARTICLES - we will continue to select several articles, which may be a scientific articles or a section of a Technique textbook, which we feel should be read prior to attempting to do a surgical skill. We will do our best to make sure a PDF is provided. Mastery Trigger: Click on the Article Selfmastery Tool on Skill Articles per the scale listed above under articles. We know surgeons can teach themselves most surgical skills by passive observation and trying on their own. Our selfmastery system allows residents to track their selfmastery on each step of a skill. Highlighting and taking notes allows residents to document what they learned for future reference. Target Content: This includes the Orthobullets "Steps" for each Skill. For each of these "Steps" the surgeon rates his Self-mastery on the scale listed below. Mastery Trigger: Click on the Step Selfmastery Tool to advanced based on the scale below. FACULTY ENGAGEMENT & FEEDBACK Just like you need a "spotter" when benching 20lbs more than ever before, you need to engage faculty so they can "spot" you on your "sweet spot" skills - the skills you can't quite master on your own. By focusing faculty teaching effort on your target "sweet spot" skills, we believe we can greatly accelerate how you move up the learning curve. Target Content: A "sweet spot" skill is one in which the resident has completed all the prerequisite skills (skill of easier complexity level), has completed on the Preparatory Tasks, and has Self-Mastered to 80%. In our opinion, only then is a resident ready to engage a faculy and have the most productive teaching/learning experience in the OR. Mastery Trigger: Faculty MSE Level increase once faculty or resident assess you as a good or excellent on MSE. SKILL COMPLEXITY LEVEL: Our surgical Skills, are broken down into 5 levels of complexity and correlate with the ACGME milestone levels. A resident should reach a Level 4 by the time he graduates from residency. He should have reached a Level 5 by the time he has completed his fellowship. “The single greatest innovation to orthopaedic residency training in the last decade.” Objective and Transparent ACGME Medical Knowledge Levels through testing, not faculty evaluation. A competency based surgical skill training & evaluations system that is mobile, user-friendly, and improved technical training. Implement a structured curriculum including daily emails reviewing 500+ topics, daily key scientific articles, and monthly diagnostic Milestone exams. Track your residents though a Technique Guides & Skillmaster of 150+ procedures with videos, articles, quizzes and self-mastery tracking. Give resident summative faculty feedback on the ACGME core competencies at the end of each rotation using a modern mobile platform. Generate ACGME Medical Knowledge levels through testing rather than time-consuming and expensive faculty evaluations. Competency-based Point-of-Care Competency-based Point-of-Care Evaluations for specific skills with well-defined educational objections. New end-of-rotation summative evaluations that collect ACGME levels AND subjective feedback. Have your CCC review ACGME Medical Knowledge levels virtually with the ability to override values based on other sources of performance data. ACGME Patient Care Levels derived from cumulative Point-of-Care Grades on a 1000+ competency-based skill evaluations. Clearly identify and document residents who have deficiencies. Track and sort subjective comments. Run analytics on your residents individually or as a whole, compare them to national data, and implement improvement plans. Identify surgical skill deficiencies and adjust rotations schedule to ensure all residents meet their ACGME Patient Care Skills by graduation. Identify areas of improvement and track improvement. Track and sort subjective comments from comments by faculty in multiple locations.

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