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Learn More with DreamStop.com You are beginning to enter the world of dreams and interpretations. Dream Stop gives dreamers the tools and resources they need to help interpret their dreams. Whether you are looking to get deep insight into a strange dream or looking for a interesting take on a common dream Dream Stop has it all. We offer an all inclusive Dream Dictionary to help readers look through the the different symbols that they have in their dream to help them determine the meaning of it.Our authors are experts in the subjects of dreams and symbols and provide the most detailed accounts of potential dream interpretations. For those of you who are looking to have a dream shared or interpreted please type in your dream in the comments of Share your Dreams. If requested we can post the dream on our dream bank for other readers to view.We realize that all dreams are unique to the individual dreamer. This is why we offer multiply interpretations for various dream symbols and themes. It is up to you, the dreamer, to determine which meaning best suites your dream. If you are interested in learning about dreams and the history of dreams please visit the learning section to get a better understanding of the biology behind dreams.This website is designed to give you the tools and resources to help understand the meaning of the symbols you are dreaming about and interpret those symbols. The good news about dream interpretation is that there is more than one way to interpret a dream. The bad news about dream interpretation is that there is more than one way to interpret a dream. The interpretations used in this website are inspired from a number of different background and philosophies.If you can use the tools provided by our website and combine them with your own intuition, you will be able to discover the secrets to your dreams. This website should be used to assist you in the interpretation of your dreams, but not be solely looked at. If you feel the meaning of the dream symbols defined in our dictionary does not represent your dream accurately, follow your own instincts. Remember that you are the best person to interpret your dream and should always listen to your own intuition and hunches that you may have.Disclaimer Dreams are subjective in nature and the definitions and views expressed on this website should not be seen as fact. These are opinions and should be taken as such.Contact us If you want to reach us please visit our contact form here and leave a message with your name and email address. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Did You Know . A dream can forewarn you of things to come?Women dream more during PMS?You can control your dreams through lucid dreaming?Dreams can help people solve problems in real life?Animals dreams when they are asleep?Dream Stop is a FREE online dream resource to designed to help dreamers discover the meaning of their dreams. Dream interpretations are highly subjective, which is why it is important for you to determine what your dream means to you. Remember that you always have the final say on the meaning of your dream.

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Dream Stop is a free online dream dictionary and interpretations guide to help you find the meaning of your dream. Submit your dream for interpretation.

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