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The great theorist of disruptive power explains the concept of "dissensus" and how social movements prod elected officials into action by taking controversial stands. by Mark Engler May 5, 2021 Honoring Baker alongside Martin Luther King would highlight the long and patient work of building a social movement. Is Muhammad Yunus selling ''free market'' neoliberalism in the guise of liberal do-gooderism? Having experienced recent mass mobilizations, some community organizers are interested in questioning the old divide between "movements" and "organizations"—and in harnessing the power of both. Talk to Ai-jen Poo about her work and it won't be long before you hear language you don’t often hear in the midst of intense social movement campaigning. Like those of Black Lives Matter activists today, King’s methods were widely criticized—even when they were effective. Where insider politics fails, a transformational approach can turn the impossible into the inevitable. Seventy years old this week, the veteran sage of sustainable agriculture has made a life of stewardship, "staying home," and turning off the computer. A wave of disruptive protest fifty years ago helped put women’s liberation on the map—and showcased a radical feminist vision that remains relevant in the age of Trump. Doesn’t supply and demand dictate that new immigrants will steal jobs and drive down wages for U.S. citizens? A leading immigration economist explains why not. The real question is not whether the government should spend on job creation. It is whether the government has been spending well. The sexist job ads of the 60s are gone, but female-dominated jobs are still vastly undervalued today. How Thomas Friedman gets it wrong about globalization. An excerpt from How to Rule the World: The Coming Battle Over the Global Economy (Nation Books, 2008) Alex Rivera, director of the new film Sleep Dealer, imagines the future of the Global South. Did the 1999 protests against the World Trade Organization actually make a difference? Yes. Here's how. In his new "financial history of the world" a historian famous for celebrating empire turns to praise the wonders of capital. How Dr. King might have responded to current crises of recession, unemployment, and foreclosure. With a new film, the Yes Men carry forth their gonzo brand of anti-corporate activism. Supporting 'clean clothes' campaigns to end the exploitative labour practices that pervade the textile industry is not as simple as just picking the 'right' brand to buy. "How the INS Stole Three Days of My Life." A testimonial from Behrooz Arshadi, as told to Mark Engler. A report from outside the 2002 annual meetings of the IMF/World Bank in Washington, D.C. A consideration of human rights in liberation theology, published in the Journal of Religious Ethics (Vol. 28, Issue 3). The great theorist of disruptive power explains the concept of "dissensus" and how social movements prod elected officials into action by taking controversial stands.

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