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This is something that I spun my wheels on a little bit last week, so I decided I d write a short article to explain the issue in a bit more detail. This is related to the provisioning of a Persistent Volume on the Supervisor cluster of a vSphere with Kubernetes deployment. I had a local VMFS volume on one of my hosts, so I went ahead and tagged the volume using vSphere Tagging. I then built a tag-based storage policy so that when that policy is selected for provisioning, the objects that get provisioned would be placed on that local, Last week I updated my version of VMware Fusion to 11.5.6. If you don t know about VMware Fusion, it is a VMware product that gives Mac users the ability to run guest virtual machines. One of the new features that I noticed was the inclusion of a new vctl utility (IIRC, it became available first in v11.5.5.).  This is a command line utility for the Nautilus Container Engine which is now part of VMware Fusion. It allows you to work on OCI (Open Container Initiative) containers from your desktop. I decided to take a closer look, and do a few VMworld 2020 is only a few short weeks away, and since the Content Catalog is now available, I decided to pick some sessions to add to my conference agenda. In the past, I have made similar posts, and these were usually entitled See you at VMworld , but unfortunately that s not going to happen this year. But even though we won t be able to get together at one location this year, the fact that the event is online and free should mean that there are lots more opportunities for people to get to see what they really want to see. The After recently presenting on the topic of the vSphere CSI driver, I received feedback from a number of different people that the current install mechanism is a little long-winder and prone to error. The request was for a Helm Chart to make things a little easier. I spoke to a few people about this internally, and while we have some long term plans to make this process easier, we didn t have any plans in the short term. At that point, I reached out to my colleague and good pal, Myles Gray, and we decided we would try to create our For those of us in the VMware community, you will know of Alan Renouf. He used to be our Mr. PowerCLI, but most recently he is our Virtual and Augmented Reality guy. If you know Alan, you ll know that he is one of the nicest and kindest guys you could meet. A number of years back, Alan and his family moved to the Bay Area and found a beautiful home in the hills over looking Santa Cruz. I had the pleasure of visiting him and Elizabeth on a few occasions he always invited me down to visit when I I added a few enhancements to vTopology recently, notably the ability to display the details about the version and status of the vSphere CSI driver that is being used in a Kubernetes (K8s) deployment. I tested this on native K8s, vSphere with Tanzu TKG (Tanzu Kubernetes Grid) guest clusters, standalone TKG clusters as well as TKGI (formerly Enterprise PKS). Using the -csi option, you can now get details regarding the image versions, and also checks on the ready state of the CSI controller and CSI nodes. This is the example take from a standalone TKG deployment. simply ensure that your In this video, we look at how to create a Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) with the VM Encryption feature which can be used with vSphere CSI/CNS to create a Kubernetes Storage Class that encrypts Persistent Volumes. This feature is only available with the CSI 2.0 driver for native, upstream Kubernetes deployed on vSphere 7.0 (at the time of writing). You will also need to have a Key Management Server available to the vSphere host to create a policy that allows encryption. Finally, encrypted Persistent Volumes can only be attached to encrypted virtual machines, meaning that at least one of Search Search for: SearchAbout the AuthorCormac Hogan is a Director and Chief Technologist in the Office of the CTO in the Cloud Platform Business Unit (CPBU) at VMware. He is the co-author of the "Essential Virtual SAN" and "vSAN 6.7 U1 Deep Dive" books. This is his personal blog related to (mostly) storage in virtualization and container orchestration environments. LinkedIn

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Storage, Virtualization, Container Orchestration

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