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You have decided to buy a new car and are now looking for a cheap financing option.Then you will certainly come across the offer of title loans, because in the context of a car title financing, the rates are first of all low.

What’s a Car Title Loan?

But in order to really be able to judge what a new car- or motorcyclepurchase financed by a title loan actually costs, one should first become clear about the nature of automobile title loans financing.

With the final instalment loan, the initial instalments are remarkably low. At the end of the term, a thick instalment, the balloon, is due, which often overtaxes one’s own economic performance, usually over 40% of the new car price.

Title car loanscan best be described as a mixture of instalment credit and leasing. Similar to a leasing contract, a down payment is sometimes expected, as the first large instalment, so to speak.

The car motorcycle title loan appears in different guises – For example, as a simple final instalment loan or as so-called “three-way financing”. The different forms differ according to the treatment of the loan at the end of the credit period.

Simple final instalment credit

The high final moneyinstalment must be repaid by a cash payment. The borrower can pay cash from his or her own resources. However, repayment can also be made through a new loan.

This credit, in turn, can be borrowed from a third bank. Then the borrower is practically a cash payer compared to the original bank that granted thebest title loans.

However, the final instalment loan can also be repaid by a new secured loan from the same bank. Some car banks offer such solutions. The risk for the borrower lies in the terms of the new loan, which can be either better or worse than the terms of the balloon loan. This applies to both credit solutions.

If new title loans have to be taken out, this solution can be compared economically with an extension of the term.

The borrower has not only paid the interest on the balloonoffer, which is not repaid during the term of the loan, over the entire term of the loan. He must now also bear the credit costs for the de facto extension of credit by the new loan.

Three ways of financingauto title loans

The "three-way financing" is the more modern form of the auto title loans. The buyer can choose between three options:

He gives the car back to the dealer like a tenant, he pays the final instalment, i.e. the "balloon", or he finances the final instalment with a (further) loan from the bank and takes over the car.

Almost exclusively manufacturer-dependent car banks offer the 3-way financing. Other banks as the lender usually have little to do with a returned used car.

Similar to residual value leasing or kilometre contracts, there are often problems with the valuation of the residual value at the end of the credit period when the return of the vehicle is chosen.

On the other hand, a three-way financing with the car dealer from the manufacturer bank can also have advantages because it is often used to promote certain car models and the conditions are therefore particularly favourable and can be also available as car title loans online.

It is said that the Three Way Financing is the most widely chosen form of external financing of vehicles through a car dealer in times of urgent cash need.

What is the difference to leasing?

Even if the low monthly instalment fee reminds you of a leasing contract, there are still a few essential differences. In the case of car title loans financing, if the amount of the final instalmentcost is calculated on the basis of the residual value of the car, in the case of leasing the amount of the monthly instalments is based on the loss in value of the car. The leasing contract has no final instalment. At the end of the lease term, the vehicle is returned to the dealer. You have to conclude a new contract or stand without a car. In financing with a final instalment, the car belongs to you as soon as you have paid the final payment. Another difference is that the monthly instalments are not subject to VAT on the final instalment loan.


The real advantage of the Car title loans lies in the low initial monthly charge. However, this only pays off if you actually want to return the car later.

In all other cases, the consumer has to raise the capital for the repayment of the balloon somehow and pay interest on the loan during the entire term. With the same term and the same loan amount, normal instalment loans are always cheaper from an economic point of view alone.


Rarely are the car title loans raised with funds from private assets, but mostly with a relatively expensive follow-up loan. And this is also the biggest disadvantage of balloon financing.

Interest rates are often quite high over the entire term. Above all, follow-up financing via an automobile bank is a tough proposition.

When is a car title finance worthwhile?

The biggest advantage of the financing variant lies in the low monthly instalments, which can be arranged with car title loans completely online. During the term of the loan, the monthly burden for the borrower is relatively low, but the car – unlike a leasing – belongs to its owner.

Of course, a high final instalment has to be paid at the end of the term, so the total burden is not less than with conventional car loans, it does not just shift. Nevertheless, this can bring advantages:

Career starters: Career starters often need a car with easy title loans, but have hardly any savings and still quite a low income. In addition, they are faced with additional costs from relocations or new furniture. However, because experience shows that the financial situation improves in subsequent years, it makes sense to “shift” the burden of the balloon loan.

Young families: The same applies to young families. New clothes, toys and furniture for the children cost a lot of money, at the same time the income after the birth of the children is still relatively low. If the second partner starts his job again, the situation improves and the final instalment can be financed.

Tip: Financing the final instalment of a title secured loan

If the financial burden of the last instalment is too high, borrowers can use follow-up financing. However, the interest rates for this are usually not exactly low. Drivers can continue to use their vehicle, even if the household budget does not permit direct repayment of the loan.

How can car buyers find inexpensive best title loans

If you want to finance your new car as cheaply as possible, you are better off with a bank than with a dealer. Because the car loan is very popular with the final instalment, it can now be applied for at almost any bank. Which credit institution offers the favourablecashcredit, borrowers always recognize by the so-called effective interest rate. In addition to the actual credit costs, it also includes possible processing fees or other credit costs.

Borrowers then always find favourable conditions with a credit comparison for best title loans:

First of all, car buyers themselves define the basic conditions of financing: What term should the loan have? How high should the loan amount be? Do I contribute equity capital to car financing?Can cash be added during the loan period?

Subsequently borrowers call up an independent and free comparison computer. In the provided fields running time, financing needs and intended purpose are entered – therefore, car title loans completely online are an option.

By clicking on the link, the comparison is started. Automatically, the onlinesoftware lists the most favourable banks for the own financing desire.

For the desire financing, the monthly rates are also displayed, which are to be paid to the bank, are computed. Here, borrowers can and should vary maturities and loan sums to get a better overview of car financing. Once car buyers have decided on a financing, the loan can be applied for directly online at the bank.

Tip: Leasing & instalment credit as an alternative

Balloon financing is not the only way to tackle vehicle financing. Borrowers should also inform themselves about the classic instalment credit, the three-way financing and the leasing before the car loan is taken out.

Conclusion on the topic of Car Title Loans

Become a self-payer - with a cheap car loan

You can save yourself all this, because: If you take the loan for the purchase price of your new or used car from an independent bank, you are considered to be a cash payer vis-à-vis the car dealer - and can thus negotiate far higher discounts or other bonuses and make use of people not having enough money to buy their own cars in cash.

By cash payment with the dealer, you drive always more cheaply. If you start with the favourable passenger car credit on your current account to buy a car, usually cash discounts of 10% and more lure. In addition, service, winter tyres or one or two equipment packages are often included free of charge. Cheap instalment credit with low interest rates of the bank plus dealer discount - so you save twice when buying a car.

Clever financing: Via best title loans online

You can save money on car financing if you decide to take outbetter title loansvia a computer with a direct bank. With such a special online car loan, you will become a cash payer in just a few days thanks to the flexible loan amount and low monthly instalments. Thanks to the high level of security provided by the value of the financed vehicle, online banks in particular can pass on tailor-made offers with very attractive interest rates and flexible terms to their customers. Of course, these loans via the Internet are also flexible in terms of redemption and repayment. Online car loans offer you all the advantages of classic online and instant loans or flexible personal loans: fast decisions, rapid processing and disbursement, free unscheduled repayments or instalment breaks - A fair small loanwithout unnecessary additional costs or fees. Before you make up your mind and make a decision, it is best to read and get all the best information on car title loans.

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What’s a Car Title Loan? Simple final instalment credit What is the difference to leasing? Advantages Disadvantages When is a car title finance worthwhile? How can car buyers find inexpensive best title loans Become a self-payer - with a cheap car loan

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