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Become A Virtual Dealmaker Like JT Foxx & Steve Mandell

Do Deals with JT!

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Our Vision is
Doing it Together!

We want to do deals with you! We want to fund your deals, we want to send you deals, we want you to get more clients and we want you to start monetizing your relationships. Welcome to the network. We are not here to sell you courses, but we are here to provide you with access and opportunity.

Ask Yourself...

If you had a deal right now, do you have a global network that can fund your deal, ideas, or opportunities in a matter of days? If someone brought you a great deal or opportunity that didn't work for you, do you have a database of people you can pass along the deal to while you both get paid? Are you monetizing your relationships and using them to your advantage? Do you have access to a huge pipeline of insider deals that you get to see before anyone else or before it's listed on the market or before its sent out to other angel investors?

So Here's How The Network Works

There Are Four Levels:


The Founders

An exclusive group of entrepreneurs, investors and property investor. They have money, connections and expertise in the Medical, IT and Legal fields. Every week, they discuss deals they are doing, deals they are looking for, and relationships they can introduce to the group.


The Insiders

This group listens in on the Founders meetings so they can hear about the deals and get involved if they choose. All Insiders have JT's 'Proof of Funds letter' that they use to put offers on properties. The proof of funds has become a standard practice to get in on some of the greatest deals first and close fast.


Virtual Dealmaker

This group brings deals to the Founders or Insiders as well as other fellow Virtual Dealmakers. If they don't have a deal to bring, they find out what other Founders are looking for and partner with them.


Steve Mandell Factor

Steve Mandell is an agent for some of the biggest celebrities and athletes in the world. He is connected globally and has one of the most impressive Rolodex of clients. If you have an idea or invention, he is the man who can bring it to life through his vast network. He is part of this network and is helping members daily on their deals.

Who is This Network For?

If you don't have deals or capital to invest, we will show you how to find them for yourself. The saying goes, if you give a man a fish, he eats once, but if you teach him how to fish, he eats a lifetime.

Entrepreneurs Investors, Property Investors or Angel Investors Executives People looking for more clients People looking for more income People who are looking for passive investments or active investments People who want to work with JT Foxx and Steve Mandell Investors with a product or ideas (Steve loves those deals) People who need more deal flow People who want to network and be associated with successful dealmakers

The Network Levels

Virtual Dealmaker

Weekly training

Be part of a private Facebook group to get feedback on your deals, potential bottlenecks and share your successes

Find Out More

The Insiders
with Proof of Funds!

EVERYTHING in the Virtual Dealmaker Package

Deals will be looked at before being submitted to the Founders, Steve Mandell and/or JT Foxx

Proof of funds letter included

Sit on the founders call and have deals vetted before they are submitted

Find Out More

The Founders

Weekly training

Private Facebook group to get feedback on your deals and share your successes

Included in the Pitch to the Founder's Facebook group

Group calls with other Founders to talks deals, ideas and ways to work together

Find Out More

Who is JT Foxx & Steve Mandell

JT Foxx

Serial Entrepreneur, investor in properties and businesses, best-selling author and formerly known as the world’s #1 wealth and business coach, recently retired to focus solely on doing deals and running his private equity. He is also the founder of MillionaireFlix, which is the Netflix for wealth & success. JT Foxx does business in 54 countries and has clients in over 400 cities.

Steve Mandell

Super Agent for celebrities, sports athletes and media personalities, Steve Mandell is known as one the best dealmakers in the world having business interest in over 50 companies, done over 200 properties deals and he is still a licensed attorney. He is a creative master at making deals happen and he wants to work with you. JT and Steve have had a friendship for 10 years now.

Check This Video Out!

Tycoons of Deals with George Ross & Steve Mandell

So, You Want To Join The Network?

In order to get approved to be a part of the network, to do business with JT, to get JT's proof of funds letter, to get capital from JT Foxx & the Founders or to partner on deals with JT Foxx & partners, please fill out the form below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of deals are you looking for or that the community can do?

It can be anything from a real estate deal, a loan, a business, a partnership, an equity deal in a company, EVERYTHING is on the table. It can even be two people being introduced and if you do business together you get a percentage. It’s time to monetize your relationships, your network and our network.

What does the weekly coaching entail?

The weekly coaching is live. Steve Mandell, JT Foxx and the Founders will do the weekly coaching and there will be a Q&A about the lesson of the day. It will be about 1 hour each week but we could go over it.

What will be covered during the coaching?

Everything from finding the deals (every kind), negotiating them, putting together an offer term sheet, being creative, funding and presenting to the community or to others you want to introduce the deal. There will be a lot of case studies shown and optional challenges we will present to you after each coaching. It’s unlike anything you have ever witnessed.

Is JT Foxx, Steve Mandell or the Founders, guaranteed to do your deals?

Even if it is a great deal there is no guarantee we will do your deal. But maybe myself, Steve or the Founders will know someone who can outside the community do the deal. This part of the offer is a bonus but in the spirit of our vision, the idea is to do a lot of deals. This is not some biz opportunity or get rich scheme, the idea is do more deals to get more cash flow. We are in the business to do deals but not every deal is right. But when you have the Founders, Steve Myself from all over the world the odds are good.

When does it start?

Soon after you purchase, we will send you all the details but in terms of a deal, it starts the moment you are in.

Can I upgrade to Steve Mandell or Founders?

As of now, there will be no upgrade opportunity for Founders but you can put yourself on a waiting list and when we decide to open another group or add them to the group, you will be notified. Only the founders can agree to add to the existing group.

Can I bring Deals or Capital to JT Foxx’s Private Equity?

Whether it is to JT Foxx’s private equity or the Founders, the rules are the same. JT Foxx will share it with you. Either way, we are excited to share our ideas with you and it would be a pleasure if you want to do deals or have you introduce people to raise capital and get a percentage.

When will the 1-1 Coaching Happen with Steve Mandell?

If you pick this option, our office will schedule a zoom call for 1 hour with Steve.

What’s the biggest difference between Level Dealmaker and Founders Level?

The Founders is the crème de la crème as they say in french. It’s people who participate at the highest level. Not only that but they get priority access to JT Foxx and they also work closely with the deal makers. They also participate in the financial aspects of the deal.

Is there a time limit or renewal fee?

No, once you are in, you are in for life. No other fees are necessary.

If I have a deal, how does it work?

That will be explained to you in the very first coaching call. Myself and every founder will tell you exactly what they are looking for and how they can do business with you. Also, you can do business with any virtual dealmaker. There are so many opportunities and together we are a lot stronger than we are as individuals.

Celebrities with JT



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