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Welcome to Cafe Moonlight Bali

Healthy smoothies, salads, pancakes, fine coffee & flowers. A natural, healthy and brighter life starts from here. We are located in Kerobokan district close to Jl. Petitenget and Jl. Oberoi which are the main streets of Seminyak & Kerobokan. You can find us situated here @ Jl. Braban No.26, Banjar Taman, Kerobokan, Bali. You can call us on 0851 0051 8588 to reserve a table or discuss booking our venue for a part or an event. Please come and visit us to enjoy our healthy food in comfortable surroundings for a lasting dining experience. Our café has a cozy and comfortable atmosphere incorporating natural materials and a beautiful timber concept of harmony with nature. The meaning of the café “Moonlight” is a wish for the light of the full moon to become a signpost to lead you to tomorrow’s happiness.

We offer a menu full of locally sourced produce to create our unique range of healthy drinks, snacks and meals.

We are open from 7am until late for you to experience a variety of healthy eating experiences. We have a wide range of healthy breakfasts, including pastries, fruit salads. Also we have great coffee and herbal teas.

Try our own range of healthy fruit juice and vegetable smoothie combinations to start your day with the correct vitamins and minerals for your body. During the day and into the early evening you can try some of our unique recipes that will excite your taste buds.

Healthy eating is at the core of our concept and service with a smile, we our sure you will enjoy all we have to offer. Enjoy our food, work on your laptop with free use of our fast wi fi . We cater to people who want to dine alone or with friends or family, relax and enjoy some of our unique recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner…

Cafe Moonlight Set Breakfasts

We have a great range of set breakfasts on our menu, all with the option with Tea or Coffee and a choice of a healthy fruit platter or a fresh juice.

Moonlight Breakfast Pancakes

Choice of Sweet and Savoury pancakes, Choose from Sesame & Raisin pancakes, Moonlight Fruit pancake or Tomato and Mozarella pancake. Fresh Juice, Tea or Coffee, Seasonal Fruit Platter

Full Moon Breakfast

Eggs Benedict (Poached egg on top of Ham & multi grain bread accompanied with rich Hollandaise sauce) Fresh juice, Tea or Coffee, Seasonal Fruit Platter

Halfmoon Breakfast

Sliced bacon and fried egg served on multi grain toast with Fresh Juice, Coffee or Tea or Seasonal Fruit Platter

Newmoon Breakfast (American)

Two eggs any style – Fried/Omelet/Scramble/Poached/Boiled. Bacon, beef sausages, sautéed mushroom, tomato, Multi Grain Toast, Fresh Juice, Coffee or Tea or Seasonal Fruit Platter

Crescent Moon Breakfast (Continental)

2 pastry piecess of your choice – Croissant, Danish pastry, served with multi grain toasted bread, with butter and homemade fruit Jam. Fresh Juice, Coffee or Tea or Seasonal Fruit Platter

Sinar Bulan Breakfast (Indonesian)

Indonesian Fried Rice or Fried Noodle, Fresh Juice, Coffee or Tea or Seasonal Fruit Platter

* Fresh Juice : choices of Orange Juice / Pineapple Juice / Water Melon Juice.

Healthy Smoothies and Fresh Juices

At cafe Moonlight Bali, we specialise in providing great combinations of your favourite fruits, roots, herbs and other natural ingredients. Our juices and smoothies are packed full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to give your immune system a boost, they will lift your energy levels. Come and nourish your body with any one of our blended glasses of goodness!

We also offer organic wheat grass grown here in Bali, for those that do not know about this great dietary supplement. Wheat grass is absolutely packed full of nutrients and enzymes. One small shot is absolutely loaded with many of the nutritional elements that you will need to give your energy levels and health a boost for the rest of your day. In fact you would have to consume one kg of assorted organic fruits and vegetables to receive the same dietary benefits elsewhere.

Coffees and Specialty Teas

We offer a wide range of Coffees both hot and cold. We have the Cafe Moonlight Bali Specialty teas, Fruit teas and exquisite Japanese Sencha Tea served with crystalised rock sugar. Whether you like a single or double shot Espresso or prefer a milky Cafe Latte or Cappuccino our Head Barrister can provide that for you. So maybe you feel like an iced coffee with a dash of hazelnut or vanilla syrup or an Afogato with a scoop of ice cream? Well we can tailor your coffee exactly as you like it. Even if you like your coffee in a small cup or a hearty mug we can do that for you as well, your choice just ask..

Sweet and Savoury Pancakes

We have a complete range of sweet pancakes with our chef’s secret blend made with ricotta cheese, We have the Moonlight Fruit Pancake, topped with various tropical fruits: Strawberry, Pineapples, Mango, Banana and Grape. We are sure you will only find The Sesame and Raisin Pancakes in our Café, a very popular snowy pancake embedded with sweet raisins sprinkled with nutty sesame seeds and dusted in light icing sugar.The Apple Ricotta Cheese Pancake topped with caramelized apple made with ricotta cheese. Our unique Snowy Green Tea Pancake with an authentic snowy green tea taste. For the chocolate lovers we have the Moonlight Double Chocolate Pancake draped with caramel and yogurt and lime sauce. This is always popular with the children. We have our own Banana Pancake a classic snowy pancake topped with seasonal Indonesian (pisang) banana.

All of our Sweet Pancakes are great combined with maple syrup and we provide it complimentary by request.

We have our Café Moonlight Chefs Speciality Pancake wraps. You can experience a Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Pancake wrapped and filled with smoked salmon, vegetables, salad and served with cream cheese on the side .We offer a Herb Pancake a wrapped pancake filled with healthy seasonal salad and fresh green vegetables, drizzled with our house vinaigrette .

We have our version of a Healthy Pancake, Café Moonlights own signature healthy pancakes made from the heart and perfect for your body. For the tofu fans we have a Tofu Pancake made with soft Japanese tofu served with Chili Soya sauce. Avocado & Bacon Pancake with Balsamic Tomato Sauce topped with fresh avocado, bacon, served with balsamic tomato sauce. Zucchini Pancake with Chili Soya sauce. A pancake topped with fresh tasting zucchini and served with a side of chili soya sauce.

Tomato & Mozzarella Pancake. A Red tomato pancake filled with melted springy mozzarella cheese inside. Ham Egg & Cheese Pancake. A pancake topped with grilled ham, fried egg and cheese. Shrimp Salad Pancake with Chili Mayo. A pancake topped with fresh shrimp, vegetables with chili mayonnaise. Also for the hungry souls that need to feel full we offer a choice of an extra pancake on your plate. However just let the chef no if you need a bigger portion, no problem we understand our appetites our not a fixed amount. We just want you to enjoy your meal and dining experience in our café. Add on an extra pancake for only 15K idr.

Salads and Lunches

Our menu offers a full range of light lunches and savoury snacks made with locally sourced ingredients and prepared with a smile by our great team of chefs at work in our kitchen. We also have a whole range of desserts fruits and ice creams to satisfy the sweetest of appetites.

You can enjoy sitting in our fully air conditioned Cafe with fast Wi-fi , enjoy our cozy Balcony Lounge or dine in an open lounge/ garden on our Moonlight Terrace located on the Cafe’s 2nd floor. Enjoy relaxing as its sun rays and gentle breeze blow through surrounded by grass and tropical plants.

Enjoy a Mushroom Salad, a mixed mushroom salad with seasonal baby greens topped with soya sauce & balsamic vinaigrette. We have a Fruit & Greens Salad, mixed baby greens, tomato, avocado, orange, pineapple & mango. Our Vegetable Couscous Salad, healthy couscous cooked with mixed vegetables, almonds and raisins served with olive oil. The Moonlight Salad, our Head Chef’s creation, a mixed salad with purple cabbage, coriander, baby leaf, crispy lettuce, with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing. Another favourite, especially with seafood lovers is our Water Melon Prawn & Feta Cheese Salad. A combination of grilled prawns, water cress, mint & rocket leaves topped with feta cheese & balsamic syrup.

The Café Moonlight Caesar Salad, tossed baby romaine lettuce leaves with a choice of crispy beef bacon or grilled chicken and Parmesan cheese with an anchovy dressing. Maybe try the Chinese Style Tofu Salad, a Chinese style salad and tofu mix with coriander and cashew nuts. Maybe share our Stick Salad Basket. Wrapped Iceberg lettuce leaves with cucumber, carrot and daikon accompanied by anchovy chili mayo, balsamic vinegar and olive oil with a separate crispy bacon side dish. We also have extras available: Tuna/Chicken (100 gr) Salmon/Prawn (100 gr) at only 25- 35 k idr.

Light snacks

We have a diverse range of snacks and soups to cater for the most adventurous palettes. We have Smoked Salmon Bruchetta, served on the top of a sliced baguette. Fried Chicken, Japanese Style, a fried boneless chicken leg marinated with salt and pepper. French Fried Potatoes, Favourite snack crisply Fried Potato Wedges served with tomato ketchup. Our Spicy Potato wedges come with sweet chilli & Sour Cream, crisply fried with a slightly spicy taste. Chicken & Vegetable Spring Roll with sweet chilli sauce, spring rolls filled with chicken, mixed vegetables. Rice Crocket Bento, a breaded rice cone filled with Quail eggs and cheese served in a bento basket.

Café Moonlight Fondues , perfect for sharing Cheese Fondue, a rich melted cheese fondue served with broccoli, cauliflower and focacia croutons kept warm over a real flame. Maybe try the Curry Fondue, a Keema beef and pork minced curry sauce fondue served with broccoli, cauliflower and focacia croutons.

Café Moonlight Soups. Natural flavours blended into liquid health. The Onion Gratin Soup made from caramelized onion served with multi grain toast. Seafood Chowder, tomato and herb blend, with bites of prawn, fish and squid. Ratatouille Miso Soup a mixed vegetable ratatouille with miso paste soup. Chilled Water Melon Cappuccino a cold unique soup experience blended with watermelon, tomato, herbs and black pepper.

Evening Meals

We employ simply some of the most experienced, creative and competent Chefs in Bali and in the Seminyak and Kerobokan area. The meals and combinations of flavours that they can seamlessly integrate into a dining and taste sensation is something difficult to capture with words. Just come down one evening alone, with a loved one or a group of friends and family members. We promise that our Restaurant will offer you a unique evening dining experience that will last with you until the time you return again. Satisfaction and enjoyment are what we specialize in.

Moonlight Terrace, sunset parties, food and cocktails

We have installed a wonderful Moonlight Terrace above the Cafe. It offers unhindered sunset views. An open design allows the gentle trade winds to blow through and keep you cool while you wine and dine as the sun goes down and the moon and stars come out. Surrounded by tropical plants and a grass garden suitable for children of all ages to play in. You and your loved ones can enjoy lunch, dinner or an evening meal here relaxing in Bali’s tropical climate. Or if you need a private yet open area for a business meeting or a family party our Cafe Moonlight Sunset Terrace is available for private hire, all services provided..

Available for Parties, Catering and Private Hire

If you need a venue for a corporate function or simply want to hold a part for a family occasion. We can hire our venue for reasonable and affordable prices. We have great chefs and staff experience in providing great food and drink for small and large groups of people. We can take care of all your catering needs so that you have a stress free and enjoyable time at your event. Contact

Please come and visit to us. For sure you will have a good opportunity to start and spend a healthier day. For directions on how to get here.

Have a brighter day!


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